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  1. Thanks everyone. I was unable to find anything new in a 13 degree. But I settled on something close to this http://cgi.ebay.com/TaylorMade-R7-TS-13-3-wood-LEFT-used-stiff-/230610240128?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash;=item35b1710280 But in better shape. Just needs a new grip.
  2. I know right. Nothing like having 200 yards in, on a 380 yard hole while "smashing" drivers off the tee! =) I am going to do a little more investigating this week into club fitting and see where it leads me.. I will update soon!
  3. Is there any companies out there, that are making 13* 3 woods for a left-handed golfer? I know Taylor Made makes an R11 in a 13*. But it looks as if it's only for righties. I came across an R7 Tour Spoon 13* LH on ebay but its in pretty rough condition. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks
  4. Thanks Aro and Larry. Aro, the reason I don't like the flight on my driver is not so much that its a fade/slice. Its that it feels very weak coming off the club. I wind up hitting my 3 about equal to or longer than my driver. But as you said it definitely could have something to do with my set up. I am definitely a fan of consistency, therefore its hard on my mind to not be able to produce the type of shot I am used to hitting with my 12 other clubs. But moreover, what bothers me is I am unable to identify the problem as of yet. Which is why I love the feedback everyone has given me thus far. Cheers!
  5. I have a feeling I am in the same boat as you were in Larry. My Irons have probably 700+ rounds on them. The dilemma I am having at the moment is. I have had the same Tommy Armour 555s since I was in high school that I love.But I would love to go get fitted and in the process buy a new set of irons. But that may well have to wait until after this season. I read on Club Champion's website that a full bag fitting runs about $350 or so? Is it common for people to have their existing clubs refitted or to be fitted for a new set?
  6. Thanks you all for your help. I definately do hit the dymo very high, which confused me quite a bit seeing as I came down from a 10* to a 9.5*. It seems the consensus is that I am playing with a shaft that is too long and possibly too stiff. I have never been fitted before. The benefits of being custom fitted seem to be very close to, if not a necessity?
  7. **Left-handed golfer** I was slicing my driver. So I recently upgraded from an old Great Big Bertha 10* stiff flex which I played while in high school, to a Nike SQ Dymo STR8-Fit 9.5* stiff flex(set to a low trajectory draw setting). Still with the same result. I hit my 3 and 5 woods(stiff flex) both with a soft draw. I hit my irons straight with the exception of blocking one out to the left from time to time. I am getting to the point where the more I hit my driver poorly, the more it negatively affects the rest of my game. Could my troubles have anything to do with the stiffness of the shaft? It feels to me like I have a lot of trouble getting my left arm through the ball at impact, like its lagging behind. Possibly coming underneath as a result.. Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on what I may be doing and what I can do to fix this? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks! Scott
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