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  1. Ben

    (Lots of) Hogans for Sale

    I'll be honest. Just keep those for you personal golf nastolgia. Not to be too blunt, but those won't bring much. If I was smart, I'd have kept every set of clubs (with the golf bag) I ever put into actual play. Those Edges cGraphite shafts and Winn grips aren't exactly what someone would look for when chosing a set of vintage Hogans irons. If you're that desperate for space start Set the auction price at $50 with a ButItNow for $35. And if there's o e thing I learned, don't undercut yourself on shipping. $23 minimum.
  2. Ben

    (Lots of) Hogans for Sale

    Well that's one set I don't have in my collection any longer. I do remember radials being rather abundant on eBay though...
  3. Ben

    Mini Tour play.

    Alive, yes. "Fat and happy" now too, as "they" say. Got engaged in December. She says it's "love weight". 40 pounds heavier is a little more than that. At least I hit the ball farther!! Caddying? Not at the moment. Do have a few things brewing. Nothing set in stone. Golf, what's that? When I set my golf aspirations on the back-burner a year or so ago, I foolishly agreed to take over as First Assistant. Much like most Head Pros and GMs, I'm just way too busy for golf. When I'm not running the golf shop eight hours a day six days a week, the last thing on my mind is sticking around the club even longer. But of course I wouldn't just give it all up. I still got "it" in there, just not quite as sharp as before. There is one other huge driving factor keeping me on my game, the annual ClubCorp Team Championship at Pinehurst. Each ClubCorp property sends a team of four members and a pro to battle each other over three rounds. Course 6, 8, and of course #2! It's actually coming up in just a few weeks! This will be my fourth visit as our club's pro. Not to boast, but... As the traveling pro all I pay for is the extra night spent in my room. We gotta have a practice round and adjust to East Coast time after all! I am obviously extremely fortunate and grateful getting yet another experience like this! So yeah. Standard Time will be here before we know it, and that'll pretty much close out my golf schedule, until Daylight Savings 2018. Enough of me. How's things your way? Nice to see a familiar "face" still.
  4. Ben

    Mini Tour play.

    Got dangit! Just got booted off the server after almost done typing out a reply. I know better then typing that long without copying my work to my notes. As a matter of fact, I know I should just type to Notes to begin with then copy and paste. Gonna regroup my words. Be right back. Hi!
  5. I've got a sizebale collection of Hogan iron sets that have been locked away collecting dust. Are there any Hogan junkies possibly interested? My initial goal was to acquire every set the Hogan company produced. I got pretty dang close. I do have a few sets that I won't part with (the 1972 Apex irons in particular), but like those few gems, I'm willing to hear your offers. Of the sets I would considered parting with, all have matching serial numbers, most sets with the original grips too! Typical 3-E, a few sets with a bonus 2iron. Some, but not many sets without the E. For some reason the Hogan company didn't stamp serial numbers on the hozzles of the Equalizers?? I do have a few pre-Hogan Golf Company era irons, as well as some pretty nice persimmon woods sets buried away. Anyhow, if you are a collector looking for a particular set, or just starting out, shoot me a reply with what you're looking for and I'll check what I've got. Thanks ??
  6. Ben

    Mini Tour play.

    So, who's out there keeping their dream alive?
  7. Ben

    I'm A Caddy

    [sarcasm] Wanna know the best part(s) from start/week one on tour? Friday: Woke up with a sore throat, missed the cut, found out we can't change our 4/1 departure because all flights back to LA are full. Saturday: sore throat turns into full-on Death Cold. Sunday: have to change hotels to something cheaper/closer to the airport, cold just as bad. Although I did manage to get myself out of bed to take in a little bit of Jakarta an do a little souvenir shopping. Monday: check out in 1pm, flight is 10pm. Cold is a little better. What's ahead besides that time in the Soekarno Hatta Intl Airport? 7 hours to Seoul/Incheon Aiport, 7 hour layover, 10.5 hours to LA. And here I am, 8am on 4/1 In the KAL Prestige Lounge at Incheon INTL. The cold has turned into a brutally dry/sore throat cough attack every 30minutes or so. Saving graces. I've racked up 68K miles traveling around with Sam over the last year so I've got Korean Air Morning Calm status which gets me in the lounge, so I've got food and "drink!" on call. Incheon is an AWESOME airport. There are cute girls everywhere. And I've got a Xanax in my pocket waiting for the 10hour part of this journey! 검배
  8. Ben

    I'm A Caddy

    Hahahah let me expand. "Real golf" meaning golf at the highest level. Vijay peaked in his early 40s. Kenny Perry got a second wind in his mid 40s and Tom Watson made it all the way to his 60s I got a taste of golf beyond that when I played in my boot after breaking an ankle. Playing for pars was a lot more fun then I ever thought it would be.
  9. Ben

    I'm A Caddy

    Prolly +4
  10. Ben

    I'm A Caddy

    I think I can answer that. I did get pretty good. At my peak I'd say I was playing to a +2.5. Which, is enough to play a tour, any tour, the problem is getting there. Sam literally had to win QSchool to get a full year of play on OneAsia. (66,69,66,74) Second and third place only got conditional status and maybe seven of the twelve available starts. The PGA Tour QSchool was so brutal because it was over four stages consisting of seventeen rounds. Slip up once and maybe you can recover. But slip up two rounds, and you're all but done. Now was you all may know PGA doesn't even offer a start straight to the big tour. QSchool gets you on the Web.com where you can fight it out for a season before maybe earning a spot to the big time. There is Monday Qulifying and trying to be that Cinderella story. It's very possible. But you've got to pick your spots. the SoCal spots are not the spot for a +2.5. There are so many people trying that route that there is pre-qualifying to get a spot into Monday qualifying. 100s of players playing for 4 spots. Sam shot 66 to get a Monday spot at Farmers. But didn't get passed that. Sam tells me a few weeks back in Texas 10 people got a spot and pre-qual took a score of over par to get to Monday. That's my type of spot. Back to the subject at hand. I honestly think a +2 could do it. So long as that player can keep a steady head. Sam's main coach is Pat Burke, who had spent some time on the PGA Tour. He says shoot -1 each nine holes of golf and you'll be able to have a solid career. Granted that won't win one many events. But think about that, -1 each nine is really all it takes. The main reason why it's me caddying for Sam and not a friend of mine caddying for me as we'll, is that I simply lost the fire. The mini-tours got bigger then what I could keep up with, which is great for the full-time players but I do have a job to keep and bills to pay, although they are quite minimal and I do work on a course to pay those bills. There is a dynamic at my club that doesn't allow me to take time off for my golf and also Sams golf. So I took the time to think which would be best and I chose Sam. Because he can and does treat this like a full time job, and I could see the future of his game and fully believe in his abilities. I am 38, only 38. I figure I've got 17 years of real golf ahead of me so who knows. Maybe my time is still yet to come.
  11. Ben

    I'm A Caddy

    Yeah thanks. He Took it really hard yesterday. But as Stephen Leaney said in out practice round, this is one event of what will hopefully be a 30 year career. The events are about a month apart on this tour. Next is a pretty big one. The Volvo China Open.
  12. Ben

    I'm A Caddy

    Well, that sucked... [Lack of] Anger management combined with frustration combined with uncontrollably sweaty/slippery grips sorta sums up the day. Thankfully we aren't DFL! All was not lost as he did card two pretty solid birdies, and, I managed to sneak a couple "no no, I'm just taking a picture of our golf bag" photos with Yang YE next to us on the range. Oh, and I got some nice color going. Don't ask about the sock line though...
  13. Ben

    I'm A Caddy

    Round 1 and first things first. This bag was like nothing on my back. Maybe it was the excitement of our first round, the mystery of the unknown propelling both of us along today. It certainly wasn't the BLISTERING heat! I was practically running the course. Our comeback finish maybe had something to do with it too. So, paired with Michael Long and Young Kim. Long being a vet in the twilight of a solid steady career of global golf. And Kim being just 22 like Sam and also happened to finish runner-up in this event last year. Long finished at Even. Ran hot and cold all day. And when approachable was more then willing to share stories with Sam. Kim came out blazing. I think he shot -4 on the front finishing at -3 on the day. Sam... We'll as the old baseball cliche goes, it's not how you start it's how you finish. And as Stepehn Leaney put it in the practice round. This is just one round of a career that can quite possibly last another 30 years. Don't sweat a round or two. That being said he finished at +2, 74. +4 after the front and as Sam likes to do, finished strong with a -2 back. We talked at dinner, along with his Dad who is also here with us. We didn't call it nervousness, not really choke, nor over-enthusiastic. He's played plenty of events, has pulled in a few wins and more then often has a solid showing. We're gonna go with, first real tournament and the start of his adult life's work. Sam put it into other words, and I apologize to any female members reading along, he was swinging like a bitch. Once he figured that out, he didn't really catch any breaks for a while. One other key, sweat. I'm lucky, my pals don't sweat at all and I play without a glove. Even today my hands were as dry as could be. My head was another story. Sam's arms on the other hand were drenched. Once we wised up and started wiping down after each shot. Things def made a turn for the better. Here's the breakdown, in pictures. I'd imagine some of you may want to see what our yardage book looks like. So I'll attach the pages that were the shining highlights. "D" with a check mark means driver tee shots hit the fairway. The numbers next to that are the yardages "F" for Front, "P" for Pin and "B" for Back. and maybe a club selection the check in that section meaning he hit the green. UAD is Up And Down. And the last number are his putts. I'll start with the back 9 since that's where we started... Maybe I'll write a little bigger tomorrow; Hole 12, D - 104y 56* - 1 putt Hole 4 , D - 211F/228P 4i - UAD - 1putt That's that. 7:30 tee time tomorrow. We're up and to the course at 5:30... bleh. Time for bed.
  14. Ben

    I'm A Caddy

    Yeah Fluff also Faldo's old caddy Fanny kind of set the unspoken standard of "if they can do it..." I'm very friendly with John Huhs past caddy Zeke. If I had to guess, Zeke is about 5'8" and about 220lbs. He hoofed it around Augusta National which is notoriously hilly. Another prime case of " if he can..." The thing is heavy, but only by a few more pounds. okay, maybe 10 pounds. I've got two rounds under my belt and it's already getting more tollerable. I suppose I could suggest a carry bag for practice rounds, one problem, ain't no room for it in his travel bag. I guess I could sneak a Sunday bag through. Imma email my Callaway guy right now

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