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  1. charlotte
  2. redskins are going down the toilet but the panthers may have something this year
  3. i'd loved to work on a golf course...what would i do most jobs are filled with people who need the money
  4. Seeing that most of yall are way past my age i was wondering if you could tell me a past job of yours before you were 16(besides mowing the lawn...i tried but in my neighberhood you get the professionals for the stuff that really matters)
  5. do any other old geysers like music?
  6. I was wondering if anyone owns(or has used) either the Medicus Driver or iron...is it worth it? I think it would be good to get my swing right sooner rather than later.
  7. anything that's fun to grip too make sure i don't get nervous
  8. driver: 220 3 wood: 170 5 wood: 150 3i:never use it 4i:120 5i:130 6i:130 7i:140(grandpa told me to use my 7 a lot, can you tell) 8i:120 9i:100 Pw:70 Lw:60
  9. Hey

    thanks it's only been a year so far
  10. Hey

    ...look at the handicaps evens things out
  11. 1.AC/DC 2.Led Zeppelin 3.Lynryd Skynryd 4.Rolling Stones 5.Jimi Hendrix
  12. 2 year old chocolate lab named Alexia 7 week old black lab yet to be named
  13. list your other passions for sports mine happen to be:soccer, paintball, basketball, rugby, football,swimming
  14. Hey

    what can i say, i'm a lucky guy