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  1. Favorite Cereal

    reese puffs
  2. Jobs

  3. Who's ready for the NFL ?

    redskins are going down the toilet but the panthers may have something this year
  4. Jobs

    i'd loved to work on a golf course...what would i do most jobs are filled with people who need the money
  5. Jobs

    Seeing that most of yall are way past my age i was wondering if you could tell me a past job of yours before you were 16(besides mowing the lawn...i tried but in my neighberhood you get the professionals for the stuff that really matters)
  6. top 5 favorite bands

    do any other old geysers like music?
  7. I was wondering if anyone owns(or has used) either the Medicus Driver or iron...is it worth it? I think it would be good to get my swing right sooner rather than later.
  8. Pocket Items

    anything that's fun to grip too make sure i don't get nervous
  9. driver: 220 3 wood: 170 5 wood: 150 3i:never use it 4i:120 5i:130 6i:130 7i:140(grandpa told me to use my 7 a lot, can you tell) 8i:120 9i:100 Pw:70 Lw:60
  10. Hey

    thanks it's only been a year so far
  11. Hey

    ...look at the handicaps evens things out
  12. top 5 favorite bands

    1.AC/DC 2.Led Zeppelin 3.Lynryd Skynryd 4.Rolling Stones 5.Jimi Hendrix
  13. Do you have any pets?

    2 year old chocolate lab named Alexia 7 week old black lab yet to be named
  14. other favorite sports

    list your other passions for sports mine happen to be:soccer, paintball, basketball, rugby, football,swimming
  15. Hey

    what can i say, i'm a lucky guy