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  1. Glad if it helps and, curiously enough, I played today with a guy with exactly the same problem. He was playing his first round with a brand new set of clubs - swapped his Callaways for Yonex and was playing them in, so to speak. Well he got frustrated to the point of asking me if it was him or the new clubs. It was him, on several counts, but the grip was the most obvious thing for him to relate to; sadly he didn't and continued to play shite. Nice new clubs though. By the way; your new grip will feel awful for a while but please persevere wit
  2. Nah! Most of us can place 365 days a year over in England.
  3. And Titleist would have us all play them all the time because they are more than twice the price. Go figure, as you guys say, when they are extolling the virtues of a Tour spec' ball to high handicappers with low swing speeds.
  4. What I see is you trying to scoop the ball up into the air with your right hand, totally dominant, and your left hand, which doesn't look to be gripped right from the outset, having no real part to play. The handle lays in the life line of your left hand instead of being, correctly, placed under the heel pad. This weakens the grip in that hand to the point of being virtually redundant.
  5. And here is a little light reading for all those of you (us) who play balls that others bought originally:- http://www.performanceindicator.com/golf/PI_techoverview.pdf Might cause a change of heart, or at least give you something other than your (our) swing to blame.
  6. This might take some of the mystery out of it, or on the other hand........................ http://www.preceptgolf.com/en/scienceballs/index.htm
  7. Click on the link I provided and you will find his rates are published on the site under "Lesson Prices" at the top of the page.
  8. Haven't bought a ball in years. There are more Pro Vs in the woods and rough around my club than almost any other ball.
  9. Catching it thin, or to go right, is usually more of a skulled (topped) shot - hitting the ball higher up than intended as the club face is descending and blading it in the process. a) Ball too far back at address, b) swing centre moving forward in the down swing, or c) swinging too steeply because you are standing too close to the ball at address and standing up in the process to give you room to get the club head down to the ball are all potential causes.
  10. Depends on which side of the sweet spot you miss it. But that is irrelevant as you would have to be swinging awful quick with an awful light grip for a mishit to dislodge the club. The club face should turn inwards post impact as it seeks to lie against the imaginary inclined \ plane line. We all need to grip the club firmly so forget all that holding it like a little bird in your hands malarkey.
  11. T & R are virtually guaranteed winners unless they are facing each other; so why would any Captain in his right mind potentially chuck a point away by pitting his best against the oppositions best. Their respective Captains will play them where they can do most damage and that 'aint head to head IMHO.
  12. Don't you guys have a review system where such pure calls can be overturned (or upheld) by a video ref'? Bit archaic for a multi-million $ industry, if not.
  13. Neither. They are a complete waste of money for higher handicappers. A "lighter" hitter should play a softer ball (so ball manufacturer theory has it) so that greater compression and a better co-efficient of restitution is achieved - more spring like effect off the club face. They will help you get more distance off the tee and cost a lot less. Srixon Soft Feel, Nike Pro Distance Super Soft, Maxfli Laddie, Titleist DT SoLo are just a few samples which would help your game and halve your ball costs.
  14. Check this guy out http://www.xgolfschool.com/michaeljacobs.html Rock Hill Golf & Country Club, 105 Clancy Rd, Manorville NY 11949 You would be making a mistake not to.
  15. Come on, don't hold back because you have no valid argument, say what you really mean.
  16. Good old Erik. True to form. You can always rely on a Yank to do the right thing, once all other possibilities have been exhausted ; so keep on exhausting those possibilities until you finally realise that the Open Championship always has been just the Open Championship. Now, like most other stuff, this has proven to be too complicated over there where Hollywood is reality and real life just a dream, so you have to dumb it down by explaining to your countrymen that it is not the US Open being referred to but the British Open. However, that in itself does not retitle
  17. She ran in the Olympics 800 metres final this evening and (deliberately, so the commentators openly inferred) came second. Had she(?) not delayed her sprint to the line she could have comfortably won gold seemed to be the gist of it.
  18. Glasgow, You might find this from Ernie helpful. Classic in its simplicity, not hard to replicate and a motion favoured by the Pros themselves.
  19. Get in touch with this lad and take it forward from there. http://scratchtoscratch.wordpress.com/about/
  20. 12* driver will get you more distance, generally, than a 10.5* as the carry (not to mention accuracy) will be greater. Not all courses have tour prepared driver landing areas where 60+ yards of roll are virtually guaranteed. Your final sentence is right on the money.
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