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  1. Ping purple dot are best suited to golfers between 5'0" to 5'7", with a wrist to floor distance of 31¼" to 32½".

    Not too much to do with your handicap, more to do with your physicality.


    You might need the lie angles adjusted to suit your height.

  2. What follows is an extract from the Wall Street Journal's Golf Journal, written by :-

    "I hit my drives 270 yards." Hah! Maybe once, with the wind behind you, on a rock-hard fairway, when the ball bounced off a cart path and a squirrel advanced it an extra 10 yards. On no subject are golfers, especially male golfers, more deluded than on the distance they hit their drives, with the possible exception of their attractiveness to beverage-cart personnel.

    Here are the brutal facts, accumulated by Dave Pelz over several years of monitoring thousands of players at amateur tournaments. He used the same ShotLink equipment used by the PGA Tour to determine that, in 2011, the world's best players averaged 291 yards off the tee.

    Male amateurs who play to a 30 handicap average drives of 166 yards; 20-handicappers average 183 yards; 10-handicappers average 214 yards; scratch amateurs average 235 yards. So dream on.

    Food for thought, eh? Certainly far more believable than the grandiose claims being bandied about this thread.

  3. Hey guys,

    I am getting back into playing golf after about 10 years. Unfortunately my eyesight is really shortsighted. I wear contacts but have a bit of an issue when on the course in terms of following the ball. In bright conditions can anyone advise the best sunglasses option to help with not only shading from glare but (hopefully) helping with trying to follow the ball in the air? Any advice/recommendations thankfully received!


    Get anything with Polaroid lenses. All the light gets let in - essential for shortsightednessand accuracy of vision, but all the glare is taken out.

  4. Fundamental question, I know, but I have never ask this and it may be part of my problem.....How do you measure the correct distance between yourself and the ball??

    I keep changing the distance based on how crappy my swing may be on any given day.   Thanks all.

    Hold the club in your normal grip horizontal to the ground and with your lead arm fully extended, then bend from the hips (not the waist) by pushing you arse back until the club head is resting in a natural fashion on the ground in your address position.


  5. Well see that was my problem. I went and got a few lessons and started hitting much better. Then I tried to add power into it. Going back to a smooth, fluid swing. It's all about the rotation of the hips, and I get lost in the arms once I start getting comfortable. All in all, the advice worked and I played awesome golf today. Looking forward to tomorrow's round with the guys.

    Seems to me that you are getting there, although with lessons you might get there quicker.

    However, right now the ball is immaterial and the swing is paramount.

    You have recognised a weakness we all have in wanting to crush it and you will be able to do this more often if, as you say, you are focussed on tempo. That is not slowing the swing right down as the club head needs to be moving fast at impact and the faster the better if you want distance.

    Slowing down should be a focus of the back swing and transition; neither of which benefit from speed but do gain assistance from smoothness and control. So try to start your down swing slowly but from parallel to the ground going down, through to parallel going up, cram on all you have got.

    Funny thing is that the faster you (we all) start down the slower you (we all) will tend to be through impact and you (we all) will tend to destroy the control sought after, and associated with, a smooth transition.

    You might benefit from holding your driver upside down and making some practise swings where you try to hear the swoosh of the club shaft as late as possible and certainly not before your impact position.

  6. Absolutely true. And that is one of my biggest issues! I get antsy on the tee box and try to crush it, consequently, I am hitting about 9-10/18 fairways. I guess I just wanted to believe it wasn't ALL me Good advice. I will be more conscious about my driver swing speed when I play Friday morning and hopefully it helps. I will let you know how it goes! Thanks again.

    Never, ever, alter your approach to the game to accommodate a poor swing.

    Focus only on improving your swing, forget your scores - right now they are irrelevant, and your game will show you the benefits in due course.

  7. Originally Posted by Spencer Mulcahy

    Not the new Depp film but playing a round on your own, do many people do it I am not a shy person by any means so I am going to play as much as possible on my own to learn the game in my own time, is it frowned upon or are people not bothered.

    Cheers Spen

    Its the ideal way to focus on your own golf game and not suffer the distractions of socialising when you really should be golfing.

    However, bunting the ball around with friends is fun.

    Depends on what you want to do on the day. Its your choice.

  8. Originally Posted by dchoye

    when I try to chip I sometimes hit with the leading edge  and it blades over the green, other times I hit the ground with the bounce and then it rebounds off the ground with a sharp angle and again I hit with the leading edge and the ball dribbles forward.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Not easy to say without seeing you in action but a best guesstimate would be that you are flipping the club head towards the ball.

    Try to keep the wrist position you adopt at address throughout the entire shot and play, theoretically as if you were, hitting a ball sitting immediately in front (on the target side) of the ball in play.

  9. Perhaps we should all take a step back and ponder on the differences of "hinging and unhinging" through impact - totally destructive, and

    "bowing", a la Dustin's left hand, and "cupping", the opposite to bowing of the left hand, both seen often but without disastrous consequences at the top of the back swing - where nothing gets hit.

    The right hand at the top of the back swing has to cup, assume the waiter's tray carrying position, but that starts almost from take away and flattens out the cupping which is present in the left wrist at address.

    The waiter position of the right hand should be held to some degree, depending on the club being used, through the impact interval to ensure that the club head does not precede the club shaft, and hands holding it, at the moment of truth.

  10. Originally Posted by twoton

    I'm a first time poster, so I thank everyone in advance for your patience with this:

    I've been playing golf for over 25 years and play approximately 3-4 times per year.  Not nearly often enough to be good, in other words.

    For the past 25 years I have been slicing and/or pushing the ball from the tee about 85% of the time.  The only consistency in my drives is that the ball almost always goes about the same distance and lands in about the same place every time (on the driving range), which is between 2:00 and 2:30 (if 12 o'clock is straight down the fairway).  I never, ever use my driver on the course.  I always use a 3 wood because as bad as the 3 wood can be, it's far worse with the driver.

    I have tried repositioning my feet, starting with my hips pointed to the left, repositioning the ball in my stance, altering my grip, shortening my backswing, etc.  My brain knows to square the clubface, to swing inside to out, etc. It simply doesn't translate to the swing.

    So far, the only thing that works consistently is to use an off-set driver I started using this year. With the off-set driver I hit very well and consistently straight.

    That being said, I don't want to have to rely on a 'crutch' like that.

    So:  do I give up on improving my swing and accept life with the off-set driver, or what?

    I haven't taken any lessons because I'm not sure a lesson would help.  Which is why I'm asking.

    Its a club face issue - simply, face open to the path of the club head.

    You might find it helps you learn to square the club face (when you are on the range practising) if you deliberately set up with the face wide open . Your subconscious will come into play as you swing and you could experience dramatic improvement.

    Give it a try. I have seen this work on countless occasions.

  11. I suspect your right hand grip tightening is taking over the entire proceedings.

    Take your grip, as described in your post, then simple take your right thumb off the club - its easy to do and you can still make a normal swing.

    See if this helps.

  12. Cocking/Uncocking is a similar motion to hammering a nail. Vertical plane of motion.

    Hinging/Unhinging is a similar motion to openning and closing a door. Horizontal plane of motion.

    Cocking/Uncocking are essentials of a good golf shot.

    Hinging/Unhinging are totally destructive to a good golf shot.

  13. Originally Posted by jcooper5083

    Thanks for the responses people.

    I cant wait for the R13 range as I will not have this offer of getting all this equipment for under £500 made brand new from the factory.....so based on what you said I managed to get him to give me 1 more day to make a decision, went to my local American golf and tried out the RBZ and R11s range in both stiff and regular shafts and have ordered the following:

    R11s Driver 10.5 degree, Fairway 4 wood, Rescue and 5 - 9 irons + PW & SW with stiff shafts.

    I found these really suited my swing and style best offering the best range of adjustments of the loft etc.

    They are currently being made as we speak and I will have them in 3 weeks

    Thanks all for your advice.

    Enjoy your new toys when they arrive and let us know how you get on with them please.

  14. Originally Posted by jcooper5083

    I know what you are saying about making the decision myself - I had planned to go to my local American golf shop to try these clubs and other brands out but then this offer came along and scuppered my plans a bit so needed to make a decision as cant let this offer go.

    Like I said the cost for all this is well under half price and they are being made and coming directly from the factory.

    You are correct - fast head speed, I dont know exact speed but the coach says it is fast

    Why don't you still go to AG and try both sets, with regular and stiff shafts, and make your own comparison. You don't have to buy them just 'cos you tried them.

    Just tell AG you are looking to upgrade and need help making your decision.

    Then go away "and have a (theoretical) think about it", once you've hit them.

    You will then have a real idea as to which set you need to buy from whoever.

  15. Originally Posted by Shortylook

    which one do you recommend

    Try FreeCaddie


    Its what I've got, its free, and it works fine.

    You can upgrade to the full monty if, and when, you want to.

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