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  1. Golfers wear hats because squinting in the sun doesn't look good on TV. :)
  2. No, The Masters isn't overrated in my opinion. To me, the event is more than about just the golf tournament. It's about tradition, family and memory. I hear the "Augusta" tune on the broadcast and memories start flooding back of watching it with my dad. I love the fact that traditionally, the final round falls around Easter Sunday (though not this year because Easter Sunday came early). I also love that fact Augusta National demands that only 4 minutes of ads per hour aired on the broadcast. That is true respect for the television patrons. :) As a kid, I remember being sick with the flu in
  3. Golf Channel's "Golf Central" show just announced at the very end of their broadcast (1/15, 1-16-08 cycle) that Vince will return to the network to do anchor work. He also will return to Hosting the 'Grey Goose 19th hole' show. Maybe a little damage control from the Kelly Tilghman suspension, but nevertheless, I'm happy about seeing him again. Here's the story on TGC's site: http://www.thegolfchannel.com/core.a...8&select;=24773
  4. Thank you everyone for the kind comments. I'm still kind of numb from the experience. You could just feel the history and elegance of the place. I'll have to go back someday. In the meantime, check out http://pinehurst.com . It will make you salivate. :)
  5. Happy New Year folks, it's been a while for me. Just wanted to share an experience I had... Around two weeks before Christmas Day, my wife's job in Southern Pines, NC, had their annual Christmas party. The previous year, it was held at a private golf club. This time it was held at the Pinehurst Resort, home of the famed No. 2 course. I didn't realize this until we were on the grounds the night of the party. We enjoyed a free three course meal in the Donald Ross Grill Room. The pro shop had closed before we arrived, so I didn't get a chance to buy any memorabilia. I walked out on the
  6. I played my first ever golf round today. 9 holes at the course near my home. Shot a crowd pleasing 123. Actually, it was 122, but I penalized myself a stroke after noticing that I was playing with the wrong ball during the Par 3 6th hole on my third shot. I stared off using a Top Flite, and ended up with a Titleist. Almost quit the game entirely after the 2nd hole. Thought about selling my clubs for $10 after the 4th. Hole 1, Par 5 430: 9 (picked up) Hole 2, Par 4 330: 17 Hole 3, Par 4 355: 16 Hole 4, Par 4 375: 15 Hole 5, Par 5 525: 20 Hole 6, Par 3 177: 11 Hole 7, Par 4 400: 16
  7. You'll be seeing this all day on ESPN, Pardon The Interruption, and Around The Horn. This is what Woody Austin said: "I went over his round and my round and I OUTPLAYED HIM FROM TEE TO GREEN. I gave up seven shots in one round.... A person in my position cannot give that man that much cushion....and that's why I came up short. I DON'T THINK ANYBODY PLAYS ANY BETTER THAN I DO WHEN I'M ON. I know that's crazy but I think I can hit any shot anybody in the world can hit. But it's hard when you're afraid of him. That's the fight I have everyday." Major Titles: Tiger 13 - Woody ZERO! While I appl
  8. This morning (8/13/07) on ESPN's Mike & Mike In the Morning show, host Josh Elliott was on the subject of Tiger Woods and his hunt for Jack Nicklaus. He stated that the PGA needs to input a testing policy to "eliminate any doubt in our minds, especially in the current sports era that includes Barry Bonds. It would help Tiger's legacy." First off, I think that the PGA should have a drug policy (like any other sport or common job.) However, I don't think that steroids help the golfer in any way. What's the point of being able to hit the ball very hard without any control? Extremely buff muscle
  9. Can someone explain how this point system works? Does it give extra points for wins, appearances, Major appearances, standings in a tourney or what. I fail to see why Tiger is still #1 in points when he hardly plays week to week, while Vijay and Furyk battled on Sunday and consistently play in tournaments while Tiger picks and chooses. He hasn't won since Charlotte this year and has no major wins in '07. What is up with that?
  10. I think there should be drug testing (steroids) in golf, and implimented immediately. The game does not need the dark cloud that pro baseball has engulfed itself in. How disheartening that it would affect some amateurs that want to turn pro if they knew that the only way to compete was to juice. Since golf from its beginnings has frowned upon cheating, you can't turn a blind eye to anything that would give someone an unfair advantage. I can understand, for example, a legal allergy or asthma med that has a minor steroid in it. If it can't be acquired legally from a doctor, it shouldn't make i
  11. Sergio: "Pardon my phlegm." He will not win this playoff. He had it won.
  12. Tiger is the best in today's game. But.... "Jack's record is still...the one to beat." RBS: The Royal Bank of Scotland Group.
  13. I haven't read Barranca yet. I'm just waiting on the inevitable Auberlain vs. Annouih matchup.
  14. I picked up Tales from Q-School not long ago and can't wait to get into it. I also picked up his "Open" book about Bethpage Black. What's funny is that I bought "Open" in paperback, brand new at the Dollar Store for, (ha!) one dollar. They had several copies, and I thought about bumrushing them, and putting them on Amazon. Except someone is selling it for a penny on there. Oh well. Everyone has posted some interesting titles. I'll have to check those out as well.
  15. Hey, guys! Nice to meet you both. I'm happy to be a part of the sand trap family, especially with folks from the Carolinas.
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