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  1. Here you go guys: http://artofmanliness.com/2010/05/21/beginners-guide-to-plyometrics/
  2. Is it true that Stack and Tilt will be changing their position on weight being forward from 80% to 60/40?
  3. "That's good, just pick it up"... I overheard JD say this many times at the Dancing Rabbit... Until the 16th hole where he made his opponent putt out a 2 footer that just so happened to be worth about 80k... Long story short he missed the putt! If you give yourself anything you are admitting defeat... IMO
  4. Hey guys, I never changed the title to this thread, I'm pretty sure that was Erik, as I'm not even sure I have the ability to do that. The original title was: Hit it Long or Hit it Long into the Woods: And then someone changed it to Yet Another Thread Started by CuppedTin: And then it went to Plllyyyy..oooommmmeeetttrrriiicccss: And now Plyometrics: Here was my thought process, I have been fighting MMA for the last (3) years and while doing my daily plyo (plyometrics) the other day, I thought it would be a great idea to share since I believe speed in the golf swing can be greatly increase
  5. Great Post... Handicaps are pointless unless you abide by the handicap rules when posting them. Oh, and if you are not playing the ball down every shot then you also might as well not even keep one IMO...
  6. Thanks for breaking it down, it just seems that all my threads get jumped on when I am only trying to help. Kinda like the post right after my thread aking if I was drunk or the one asking if I was on crack... But hey, I'm new to forums and I'm just learning that no matter what your size or background, everyone is a tough guy with something smart to say. But again, my reason for starting the thread was genuine and I'm really surprised that so many people don't do plyometrics or even understand it for that matter.
  7. Good reply man, and to the OP, if you have to tell someone that you are going to bash them than you better be ready to do it. I'm just sayin. :-)
  8. Are you serious? Sorry man, but I'm not like most. I'm not going to sit back and read these bitch responses without replying back... You might, but not me...
  9. Of course you are, it's a big word and chances are it's something you'd never do. Google it and I think you can YouTube "golf plyometrics" for some basic movements... I can pm you a ton of them.
  10. It really depends on how you do the crunches, but you are correct in that crunches alone with not shed fat. But , it is possible to turn cardio in a fat burning exercise as well. I do (5) reps of 100 every morning and night. I've been doing this for over 2 years now and my heart rate still raises 20 percent and I always finish in a pool of sweat... :-)
  11. Thanks man, I edited it to be more clear. And yes, it is designed for fast twitch and with that comes speed and repeatability. The plyo that I do is not geared towards golf which may make it boring, but there are some companies that are showing some plyometrics actually using golf clubs.
  12. Hey, I would like to give this to one of the older gentleman at our country club. He is a great golfer but always complains of grip pressure and wear... Thanks
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