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  1. I have a problem. My shots are good on the range. Straight, crisp and comfortable. Even the range balls feels like ProV1s. But take me to a course and everything feels different. It's not an anxiety issue as i usually become comfortable after the 1st tee jitters, but more of a grass vs carpet conundrum. What is it about hitting off fairways and roughs that makes simple layups seem difficult in comparison to the firm carpets at the range? and what can i do to make my shots as crisp as my shots on the range? If i don't hit it thin, i'll usually chunk it. It's fkn frustrating!
  2. Golf Buddy Finder?

    Anyone know a website which allows you to find/meet golfers of the same handicap willing to play? I'm moving away and would like to play with golfers of the same handicap. thanks
  3. Chambers Bay - Tacoma, WA

    Best to get the Oki card www.okigolf.com and play the courses on that. Most are within reasonable driving distance from Seatac and has the best value. THe platinum card allows you to play all six available courses. (i say 6 and not 8, because the other 2 are private members-only courses). The value is terrific: $309 for 6 courses w/ cart. Newcastle Coal creek course is $125 itself. My 6 pick with the OkiCard would be: 1. Newcastle Coal Creek 2. Newcastle China Creek 3. Harbour Pointe 4. Echo Falls 5. Hawks Prairie Links 6. Hawks Prairie Woodlawn You'd probably need more than a weekend to play all those.
  4. Skycaddie or GolfLogix

    Golflogix question: Will the GL work if the annual subscription expires? It says unlimited download of courses for a year. If i spent that year, downloading all the courses i intend to play, will i be able to use the GL for years on end (pending the courses stay pretty much the same)?? thanks sorry if i'm a newb asking stupid questions
  5. Chambers Bay - Tacoma, WA

    From Tacoma here and live about 3 miles from Chambers Bay. Now I may be bias, but it is the most beautiful links course i've seen. I run the 3 mile public trail every week around the course and it's got the most picturesque scenery at each hole. I have yet to play there, but my wife bought me a gift card there for my b-day a while back. Best time would be to play in October when the weather is crisp, the crowd is less, the resident fee is low and greens are soft. Highly recommended to hire a caddie to shave a few strokes off. Only drawback is the high winds that never let down (guess that's all part of the links style).
  6. Hello from Seattle

    Tacoma here. Any fellow PacNW'ers??
  7. Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia

    Hi, new here as well. Born in Jakarta, but not from there. Went to school at UW (Go Dawgs!!!) Been golfing for 9+ years now, been consistent for 4 mo now. lol!
  8. Which ball do you use? or prefer?

    Depends on the course. I'll use the Noodle and the Srixon SF for daunting courses with plenty of water and brush. For wide open courses I'll go with the Pro-V1x.
  9. What'd You Shoot Today?

    i shot a 99. But hey i'm a beginner