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  1. Used to have the same problem.. Just make sure you stay down on the putt and don't look up too soon causing your right shoulder to dip.. That worked for me..
  2. I have a pocket for balls.. A pocket for tees.. Usually have a coin in my pocket to use as a ball marker and don't use a divot repair tool, just a tee. I also just hang my glove from the outside of my stand bag next to where my rangefinder hangs as well.
  3. Wish Texas had a QB worth a flip. Kinda hard to follow Vince and Colt I reckon. They're not all gonna be great, heisman trophy contenders.
  4. Just chip with one less club with using the Reds.. Or go at the hole a little more with them. Either way, seems like the V2 fits your style of play more.
  5. Hope it's not a lowest round of the golf season contest..
  6. You didn't read my entire post. I clearly said that I didn't promote slow play, I only said that you shouldn't have to rush your round. You pay just as much as the next guy so why should you have to rush the next shot? I apologize if my posts are being taken the wrong way, that's not my intention. I'm a very fast player and never slow anyone down but I do have patience. I won't heap and holler at the group in front of me if their foursome is playing slower than my threesome. That's going to happen more often than not..
  7. Nice man.. Maybe I'll try something like that one day.. If you don't mind me asking, what'd it cost you to build it?
  8. Amen.. If I spend 40+ bucks to play golf then why would I want to rush it and finish as quickly as possible? You're there to enjoy your time and the game, not to finish the round as fast as possible so that someone on a 3 and a half hour time limit doesn't get in trouble by the wife.. I'm in no way promoting slow play but I do think we are too rushed sometimes in thinking that we have to finish as quickly as we can. That comparison doesn't even make sense and it definitely doesn't warrant a response.. As for asking the clubhouse if they'll let me "romp around in the woods for free
  9. Wow great job.. That's nice! Any break in it at all or is it pretty flat?
  10. I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this one.. I understand what your course is trying to achieve and I can assure you that if this course was that way then I wouldn't be out in the woods..
  11. If the balls belong to the course and the course wanted the balls then you'd think they'd go in and get them, right? No one has been in the woods where I was in years I would guess. It's a Saturday afternoon and the course isn't busy because it's 100*+ outside so I really don't have to worry about slowing folks down. If the marshal or any other course employees had a problem with it at all then I wouldn't do it, but fact of the matter is that a couple employees and one of the marshals asks me to be on the lookout for certain balls that they like to play and when I find those balls I clean them
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