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  1. You could look here: http://www.swingsmart.com/ http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-equipment/blogs/newstuff/2012/09/-by-john-strege-the.html http://www.amazon.com/Golf-Sense-3D-Swing-Analyzer/dp/B00A7MLY2Y F&G;
  2. Good info. As an aside, I believe Nicklaus' driver with steel shaft weighed 375 grams but swingweighted at C9. Let's say you try the Momentus X in a couple of clubs. Do you leave the widened hole in the grip you no longer have it in the club?
  3. I'm not sure of their sourcing arrangement, but you can buy Slotline putter kits at diamondtourgolf.com. The prices are good.You can put it together or get a club builder to do so. " ; ^)
  4. How about an eighty buck sleeper shaft from Golfworks (and maybe Golfsmith)? The Aerotech Claymore MX 60 shaft (not the long drive version) was used by Eric Jones in late October when he won the Remax Long Drive competition for 50-55 year old guys. His winning drive was 369 yards, and his longest of the competition was 388 yards. The F5 model is good for swing speeds from 100 to 115 mph.
  5. For new clubs, you can look here: http://www.ralphmaltby.com/system/assets/433/2012_MPF_Additions.pdf For older clubs, you can look here: http://www.franklygolf.com/2009MPFRatingsChart.pdf F&G.;
  6. You could find out if you can return them if you're not satisfied. If you can't try them out, the Machspeed would have the best resale value (even though they are 3 year old clubs).
  7. Sorry about that. The bottom picture looks pretty close to the Yonex graphite fairway wood I have. I thought they were different clubs.
  8. Dynacraft has been a long-standing component brand. It is now under the Hireko Golf umbrella. The other club looks to be a Yonex fairway wood. Most of the head is graphite, and there should be a metal faceplate attached to the bottom of it. F&G.;
  9. You can do a search on Super Concord. They are copies of the original Tight Lies woods. You can buy them new, and they make 9 wood heads and completed clubs.
  10. If you have the cyg hosel, the answer is yes. Just take the hosel and shaft to the club shop. They should be able to determine if they need to tip the shaft for you. They would install the shaft into the hosel and put a grip on. You should also have the Nickent wrench (should have come with the driver) to get the club head off of the current hosel. If you don't, I think a quarter inch allen wrench will work.
  11. I believe you are missing something. One manufacturer's stiff or extra stiff may be another manufacturer's regular. The head is fairly light, about 190 grams. So, an extra stiff won't flex as much using that head. Rock Bottom has a disgusting habit of just installing an unfinished shaft into the Evolver head. By that, I mean when you order the Pershing stiff shaft with the Evolver, they just install it untipped, and it cpm's at about 232, about lady's flex. From what I have read, when you get a Pershing stiff, you need to tip it about an inch to get it to play to stiff flex.
  12. I had a Swing Speed Radar device a few years back. I believe my tested speed when I was 64 (3 years back) was between 80 and 87. I virtually gave up on hitting the 3 wood off the deck (even when I made good contact, the flight was like a line drive with little carry). I noticed that when I made good contact off the tee, the ball went about as far as my driver. So, when I had the opportunity to buy a new Bang-O-Matic 16 degree head for $30 (thanks Martin's) a couple of years ago, I went for it. In case you are not familiar with the Bang-O-Matic, it is a head intended for long drive types (Scott
  13. Well, I'm 5'3". Three woods are difficult for me to hit off the turf, not enough clubhead speed. So, I ditched the three wood, and I carry a couple of drivers. The one I always have in the bag is a 16 degree Bang Bang-O-Matic driver, just a big driver head with 16 degrees of loft. I then also carry a driver that is 9.5 to 12 degrees in loft; I usually pick the one I am hitting well at that juncture. The pioneers in high loft drivers are Bang and Adams. There hopefully are more by now. Another good Bang high degree driver to find used is the Mellow Yellow (good reviews).
  14. Actually, I haven't been out much in the past year or so, but I liked the initial results. I was hitting the ball higher and about a club longer. They have always spun well. Of course, they are forged, so you usually get good feedback on your shot, where the miss (if any) was.
  15. I bought some Comp EZ's new several years ago. A couple years ago, I was in the same boat. I wanted to change out the shafts. As their were only a few options on the tapered shafts, I chose to have the heads drilled out to accept a .370 shaft. I needed more height, so I had Release shafts installed. So, the heads can be drilled to accept a .370 shaft.
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