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  1. My father does that actually. I've tried it before.. I'm always experimenting with my swing. I've noticed that I usually get more height on my short irons.
  2. Question. I'm confused on my take away. When I first started playing golf, I learned (I think) that I should first move my arms into my upswing/away from my body, then rotate my hips. A few months ago, I started my upswing with my arms and hips moving/rotating at the same time on the takeaway. Doing both of these showed different results. However, my memory is hazy on how each shot turns out, on a different swing. I play golf to much.. So. Should I start my swing/take away with moving my arms away from my body in my upswing (about halfway until my wrists hinge at 90*), then turn
  3. It's only illegal if you don't get caught. Who cares. Hit 20 balls into the house. Then run!!
  4. Good stuff. I got a membership and it's free range balls, play, etc. After I go to the course, and feel like playing more golf at home. I just simply go into my backyard on my small home-made hole :) I simply use a sand pitching wedge off the tee. Hit that onto the green, then putt! It's changed my short game, dramatically.
  5. Buying used clubs is great. However, if you love golf, and play all the time. It might be best to get a set of new clubs. Something up to date, real (if you get from a proshop), no wear, plus you can even get them custom fitted! Getting your new clubs custom fitted is crucial in my opinion... It can save you several strokes.
  6. John, what course did you play at today? I know it's one in a million. But I saw a guy today do the same thing you were talking about for a eagle. He hit it right out of the sand and into the hole. With 3 other people watching.
  7. Interesting. Looks like I'll have to do some un-wanted experimenting, cause taking one day off of golf was tough for me! I'll probably just play every other day and see how it goes from there.
  8. What's going on guys!? So, I am new into this forum, but do have all the forum exp. So bare with me if my style isn't fitting in just yet. Anyways, I play golf everyday now at a course down the road from me. I have a gold membership so it's basically all free :) So, like I said. I play golf everyday now, yet I noticed blisters and such on my right hand. Now, these do hurt a bit of course! From this, I took off on Saturday, then played Sunday. On Sunday, I played 9 holes and shot even. Today, I played again and had some ugly drives and other shots. I believe this is all happening from me playin
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