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  1. Seems like Phil has lost his edge since Tiger dropped off the earth, I always like that rivalry myself.
  2. Depending on the wind and the weather, Usually 6 or a 7 iron, sometimes I might use a 5 if the wind is in my face.
  3. Please explain the tension between TW and SW? All I have read is the reports that it was a parting of the ways between two friends and it was very civil.
  4. I am not sure what people were expecting, Tiger hasnt played since May and people dont want him to get camera time? Never happen. Just wait until the weekend.
  5. I really do not think these Pros need a caddy to tell them which club to hit and how far to hit it, both caddy and golfer are present when the notes are jotted down during practice so I am sure all the caddy is doing is refreshing the golfer memory.
  6. What makes you believe Watson/Norman will win again?
  7. With Tiger in the field im guessing Phil will step it up a bit and win this event.
  8. I dont think age makes that much difference these days with the way these guys train, keep their minds and bodies in shape, back in the day they just played golf, I dont think they ever hit the gym.
  9. Change is good. Padraig will be just fine.
  10. I think you should have left out your first statement of this post. It is obvious you are a Tiger fan. LOL I hope Tiger plays good.
  11. These stats are hogwash IMO, I sat TW will win more Majors and will beat Jacks record.
  12. I am sure TW will play well, Maybe this will spark a flame under Phil's butt to start playing better, Should be interesting.
  13. LMAO!..... That has to be one of the funniest things I have ever read. Thanks for the morning LOL.
  14. I wish Tiger well, Hope he plays good.
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