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  1. taylormade feather lite stand bag. i walk the course a lot so i like the lightest bag i could find and this was it. club sorting sucks big time tho. i have 14 clubs and can hardly fit them all in.
  2. i really have no idea i love my warbirds. i have tried out many different fairway woods and none of them have the same results i get out of my good ol warbirds.
  3. update for everyone. He got over it and and i can golf now, oh yeah she hates me and says she will never talk to me again. oh well. at least i can golf again.
  4. i think its funny to chip on the green with my buddys standing there and makeing them jump THEN say fore.
  5. oh shit i forgot to say why i told him lol well i was drunk and it was after a long day of golf, and he lives right behind the pro shop. so im setting there with some guys and we are all telling stories and well i told one that i shouldnt of. just kidna like no no no this one time me and Whitney.......... oh shit MY BAD. I dont think i will go back and try to go golfing for a while now.
  6. i agree very easy, but i used a grip with no rib i think it would be harder to line a grip up if it had a rib in it.
  7. i noticed to got rid of a silight slice i was haveing without them.
  8. ive been useing my 60* mainly out of the sand or really tight lies. i really like the club for that. other than that its the 52* for me.
  9. i have 3 in my bag.i really only use one my 52* vokey 90% of the time the 60* for sand and my PW is like they say kind of a 10 iron.
  10. so your saying i should media blast the back at least and it will bring that back to life? i have never thought of that but what if i pulled the heads off and put them in a tumbler that you use for polishing reloading brass. ? my irons are cast so i dont want to ruin the finish thats left?
  11. actually i have access to just about anything i would need sandblasters very large multi axis mills etc. i was just thinking of polishing them up. at work we have huge polishing wheels but i cant get into the cavity in the back. thats the problem i cant get the brown color out of the textured steel in the back of the clubs.
  12. i was going thru the same thing picked up a new putter and it helped me out. more than anything i think it was mental but the new putter sure has helped me out of my slump. haha if you cant figure out your problem throw money at it untill you get it right.
  13. yeah just put a new set on (lamkins) but the look all scratched to hell beat up and so on. is there any polishing or something i can do?
  14. I have a older set of cobra oversize irons and i really like them a lot but they are starting to look their age is there anything y'all can think of to restore these a bit? i regularly clean them and etc.
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