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  1. polara golf balls

    I played the Polara for the first time last week and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I am 61 and need the excercise. I've played golf for over 50 years now and have quit 3 times out of frustration because of the uncontrolled slice. I have spent thousands on lessons with 5'8" 150lb pros who have absolutely no idea how to work with someone built like me. (See Stadler's comments) I bought USGA approved slice reducing drivers and use USGA approved slice reducing balls with no benefit. This one works. (Remember, they lost the law suit against this ball) Off the tee, you allign the arrow with your target. You still have to make good contact, but if you do, it goes straight. Everywhere else you play it as it lays without any detriment I could see. It does not appear to affect top or back spin, or putting. It does reduce lift when alligned with the arrow. This ball has sparked discussion about a two level USGA system, with a new recreational golf category for people like me. I doubt it will go anywhere because USGA works for the pros and the manufacturers, who make all that money off lessons and lost golf balls. USGA has commented, however, that they can see how it might increase the enjoyment of those like me and actually increase participation, so maybe...... I do not bet on golf, do not play in tournaments and do not compete with anyone out there. I do not give a hoot about a handicap. I frequently don't keep score and use the foot wedge to improve impossible lies. This ball keeps me out of the woods and water on tee shots and keeps me playing at a pace that will not slow down those behind me. In one round, it has improved my set-up and targeting, simply because it goes exactly where you aim it.(I checked this using my regular ball) I have never learned anything from trying impossible shots. I cannot apply a slight draw or fade consistently with any club and never could. I still love being out there and getting the workout. My friends will enjoy seeing me having more fun, and will enjoy playing with me more. Anyone of you tight sphinctered, arrogant nits out there that say I can't do it this way should buy a sleeve of these and insert it in the apperature of your choice. Maybe they can help you stop shanking your attitude.