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  1. club fitting

    My wife bought me a club fitting for Christmas this year. With spring soon arriving I'm going to schedule it in the next couple of weeks. Looking for advise on how to get the most bang for my buck. I have not played in a few months, should I get a few rounds in first? Do they look at your swing mechanics? Speed? Body size? All of the above? Thanks for sharing any thoughts.
  2. Should I start over. Post surgery.

    I had a hip replaced. My swing slowly changed before surgery as I tried to protect myself from the pain if I got in the wrong position. After, it took me quite a while to trust the new parts, but I slowly returned to my old rotation. There are some changes, my 150 went from an 8 to a 6, I think mostly because I still don't have a powerful hip turn. At 60,and not inclined to workout, I'll settle for my game as it is now. I've matched my best score at my home course after the surgery, and maybe slowing my swing down a bit will turn out to be beneficial in the long run.
  3. Contradictions

    Putts break to the water, on an island green.
  4. Other, I'm surprised slow play has not had more love. I came to play also, not watch your 6 practice swings. The last one where you look up at your hands, which is useful only if you forgot which one is wearing a glove or how many you have.
  5. Input requested

    Our version is based off your handicap and 36 as a base. I'm a 12, so you subtract that from 36 to get 24. I need 24 points to be even. The points are 4 for a bird, 2 for par and one for bogey. We do not subtract 1 for a double though many do. We have too many 20+ handicappers for it to be fair. So if I got 26 points in the above scoring I would be +2. if you were paying $10 per point it would be 20 bucks. We have found it picks up pace of play, and allows the higher handicappers a chance to win on their own ball vs being part of a winning team. Most time we play 3 or 4 man teams and the D players often feel they don't contribute enough. It is a format that some feel favors the higher number, unless you deduct for the double bogey, but it keeps everybody involved. we will play team quota if we have a number of players that don't let you make 3 or 4 man teams. But buying drinks sounds good too.......
  6. Input requested

    Play your skins game but also have individual quota with the + points worth $ each. Play until the pot is at a level you like then stop. My group also has a pool, buts it was a one time entry fee of $20.00, we have a group of about 30 guys, with about 20 playing at any one time, so the pot was still a nice number.
  7. I need a new hobby

    I find wood working to be relaxing. Nothing too fancy. I grab old pallets for free and make rustic bird houses from them. I have a friend with a table at a flea market, he takes some and sells them for me so I even make a few bucks. Its my winter time, no golf, get off the couch fix. You have find your own thing that brings you inner peace.
  8. Dangerous or Not? Your Opinion Please

    Does the rule only apply if the golfer is in danger? What if its a very friendly dog and your afraid you'll hit him with your swing as he prances around looking for attention? Though as others have said that's a pretty long leash....
  9. Sedona trip

    I'm in the early planning stages of a trip to Sedona in the fall. I would like to get a couple rounds in but my wife does not play. So its not a golf centric vacation. I was looking at the Hilton and was wondering if anybody had any experience's there they would be willing to share, or any other thoughts. Thanks
  10. How do you 'train' yourself to swing less than 100%?

    One drill I had on the range was to try and hit several clubs, usually the PW thru 7, 100 yards. It helped me with my tempo.
  11. Your Best Advice For a Beginner

    Don't start on the tee, start on the green.
  12. Has technology taken from the skill of playing golf?

    Most of us are not good enough to take full advantage of the teck advances. Using a range finder to know your 167 yards out is nice, but I'm not that precise with my irons. I'm going for a 165 to 175 yard swing/club and hoping for the best. I have an old golf magazine around somewhere that has an old timer from the R&A saying courses that use yardage markers are not real golf courses. Rounds played with them should be considered "practice" rounds only.
  13. Playboy to eliminate nude photos from the magazine

    While I get it, the 12 year old boy inside of me is sad.
  14. I'm trying to think of how many true super stars made it as a coach. Tiger can tell them to hit the 6 iron 240 yards out of sand over water onto the green.....damn few could do it.