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  1. Swalker – I purchased those little yellow balls, and have been using them, but I have a small backyard and I’ve been hitting them over the hosue and into the neighbors yards, so I’ve had to keep it to small chip shots, good idea though! The Recreational Golfer – Thanks for your top 10! They all seem very logical and more importantly useful for me and my game. I’ll spend some time memorizing this and hopefully some of it will sink in for me next time I’m on the course! Awmgolfer – great idea with the book, and I think you echo a bit from what others have
  2. Saevel – Great idea with the dowels, I don’t know if I’ve been working on too many things lately, but I try to minimize the amount of clubs I focus on and right now I’m working on Grip, Alignment & Ball position. I’m not sure if that is too much at once but I am making progress. Awmgolfer – I’m impressed that you have reached a single digit cap with a 220 drive, you will be insane once you get your distance up. Rustyredcab – I have watched some review for the Mizuno JPX-800 Pros & Mizuno JPX-800’s yerterday
  3. TitleistWI – I’m curious on your posture if there are any specific changes you made that helped you? Mechanics I’m working on and am slowly improving, and as my swing improves so does my game. Alignment and aiming are also coming along it’s currently a big point of interest for me. I just picked up a couple alignment sticks and have started practicing with them, and am starting to understand how to aim properly with different clubs, this was a huge gap of mine. But posture I haven’t changed much at all, I’m trying to keep my chin up and back straight, make sure my feet
  4. Rustyredcab – Thank you so much for your post. I really take a lot out of it. I haven’t picked Moe’s swing but I do have a model that I have just begun studying (two weeks now). So I’m encouraged to hear this worked for you and I will continue on with this. Unlearning really being the key for me, replacing old habits with new ones is a struggle but I enjoy it! Congratulations on reaching 6.1 on your cap, that’s quite the accomplishment! If you don’t mind me asking what did you used to play before the Mizuno JPX-800, and what changes have you seen since you switch
  5. Kieran – I have heard practice drills like hitting different clubs to the same distances, i.e. a 9i, 8i &7i all to the 150 yard flag, to teach you how to hit different clubs to different points, is that what you mean? Or are you referring more to learning your clubs such as if I hit my PW full it goes x yards, a 75% swing goes Y yards a 50% goes Z yards? Also a bit of topic, I see you are also from Calgary, have you found any good instructors around here? I tried lessons at the begging of the year but my instructor was terrible and I’m a bit jaded to them now although I do think with a goo
  6. My question is one for the low handicappers (single digit or better ) out there who used to be mid/ high handicappers. What were some of the key things you learned about the game that enabled you to start scoring consistently in the 70’s or even 60’s. I know the biggest factor has to be simply playing more & quality practice time. But if you could be more specific on things you learned that changed your way of thinking, how you approach the game, swing, strike the ball, select clubs, hit into greens, anything really that helped you get out of the 80’s or 90’s to where you ar
  7. What helped me this year for my slice is moving my right thumb (I'm a lefty) well left on the grip. It's a much stronger grip then I used to use and it helps me use my wrists more in my swing to close to club face, that plus choking down on the grip and having a slower smoother swing has really helped me straighten out my drives.
  8. Thank you for the message I really appreciate it. I think I will take your advice and go see a teaching pro first, have him look at my swing and ask him if he thinks I should go for a fitting right away or wait for a bit while I continue to work on my swing. I don’t think my swing is where it needs to be yet, but it’s coming along and I plan to continue working at it, I guess I’ll see what he says. Thanks!!
  9. I was at the range last night and I ran into a guy I used to work with and we got to talking. Found out he is the club champion and has been now for 4 years running. I asked if he didn’t mind taking a look at my swing and see if he see’s anything. I bought a new hybrid last week (Adams Pro Black 20 degree) and I love the club but I’m having problems hitting it consistently. I’m struggling a bit on the alignment of the club, I’m not quite sure when it is square to my target, the slight offset on the club is going to take me a bit of time to understand at address. So I’ve been playing with
  10. I like the idea, I’ve thought about doing that before. Pretend the range is an 18 hour course and approach it as such. That way you are continuously switch up your clubs and targets just as if you were on the course. A side question to this, for when I am out on the range tomorrow does anyone have a good drill to help improve ball striking? I know the one comment was pick one thing and focus on that while on the range. My biggest issue right now is hitting the ball consistently. I quite often I hit fat or even thin shots. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  11. Thanks guys for all the input! I think first I need to go take a look at all of these clubs and try hitting them. From what we have talked about I do have a couple of favourites now in mind that I’ll probably narrow it down to and then see which one feels better for me. I’m also going to consider replacing my PW with an Eidolon wedge down the road .
  12. I have a question for you guys about the range. I have most of tomorrow off and would like to go spend at least a few hours hitting balls. I played last night and had a lot of frustration with my game due to inconsistency, and feel I need to just go hit balls for a while to work some things out. So my questions to you guys is, what do you do on the range when you practice to keep it challenging and interesting? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t love going to the range, but after about an hour I start to either want to go out on the course or call it.
  13. I'm pretty sure it's not difficult for them to fit a used club. I asked the guy at my shop if he could do the same to my old one and he said sure. But that's the thing with wedges and grooves, I think they loose their bite after awhile.
  14. Fair enough, if they are a last year model they are probably harder to find now. I did find some online though for like you said $89. Same with the black. If you were to pick from the two which would you go with?
  15. Golf4ever – One of the things I’m very curious about, and might discover when I got and hit them myself is what the differences between the CG14 and Vokey’s are? Because of where the wife works I can get a very good deal on the CG14’s, but not the Vokey’s. So if they are both fairly equal, that makes my decision much easier. WUTiger – I’m curious that the Gold Inserts have the old zip grooves that spin more, would that not be a benefit for me? I’m mean I’m no pro golfer and don’t need to worry about those rules so would it be a bad idea for me to use the Gold?
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