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  1. It seems like they could simply set the "maximum" pace of play at 4 hours for those that tee off before 8:30 am. There would still be enough tee times for the slow and slower golfers. I got paired with 3 older ladies at Blackmoor in Myrtle a couple of weeks ago. All three were obviously senior citizens, hit 4 to 5 shots to reach every green, and one of the ladies used her putter as a cane because she had peripheral vascular disease and congestive heart failure. The four of us played the front 9 in just under 2 hours (what would have been a 4 hour pace). At the turn we ran into double tee box where we were forced to play a snail pace of 2 1/2 hours on the back 9. I would have thought the 4 of us were doomed to play slow, but all it took was playing ready golf and not looking for lost golf balls for more than 30 secs. If 3 elderly ladies and I can play off 2 separate tee boxes and finish in under 4 hours then anyone can. Even Kevin Na, Jim Furyk, J.B.Holmes, and the weekend warrior can do it.
  2. Lessons certainly wouldn't be a bad place to start. You can always see a second instructor if you want a different perspective. Call it injuries or just not having it, but the almighty Tiger Woods seemed to have lost his swing last year. Charles Barkley used to be a single digit handicap golfer but if you looked at him hitting a tee shot you would never know it. Golf is not an easy game. There will be highs and lows, but one year from now it won't matter what you shot today.
  3. RGoosen

    Burnt out

    I haven't felt that way about golf yet. However, I can relate as I had that same issue with tennis. I was a scholarship tennis player and tennis instructor. I got so competitive that winning wasn't that much fun due to pressure and when I did lose a match it was awful. It always felt like a high pressure job after I graduated high school. Then I discovered golf playing Tiger Woods video game. This wonderful sport is only as competitive as you want to make it. You can play higher pressure stroke play events and betting games with other players, or choose the low stress route of "playing against the course" and playing in scrambles only. No matter how low my handicap gets I will never play another stroke play event. The last one I played in I shot 3 rounds in the low 80's and lost to a guy that couldn't break 90 due to his "handicap." I said to hell with that...and I've stuck to scrambles and playing the course ever since.
  4. :) I usually sit in the middle of the fairway with my legs crossed or act like I'm taking a nap waiting on the slow group in front of me. If that doesn't work I just skip the hole and leave them in the dust.
  5. If are a "tinkerer" (as my friend calls me), you can end up with a box full of expensive shafts that you no longer use. I would frequently change shafts out of my driver b/c I could never get the right feel with that club. For example... I have a "stiff" graphite design shaft that feels like a senior flex, I have a "stiff" Kaili shaft that feels like an x-stiff, and I have a "stiff" Ilima and ozik white tie that feel like what my concept of stiff is for a golf shaft. I just find it frustrating as a consumer that I have to buy several 200+ dollar shafts before I find the right one. I know having a standard for a stiff shaft wouldn't completely eliminate this problem, but it would certainly help.
  6. I searched for this topic and I couldn't find any recent relevant topics. Mods feel to merge if there is one. After playing golf for 12 years I find it puzzling that the industry has not come up with a standard for a shaft to be labeled x-stiff, stiff, regular, etc. Some manufacturers "stiff" is another manufacturers "regular". I have have had some of my clubs measured on some sort of frequency device at PGA superstore and by golf course pro shops and found that the letter XS, S, R, ect. didn't always match their reading. Has anyone else encountered this? Does anyone know why the manufacturers have not come up with a method to label clubs XS, S, R with any universal standard?
  7. ^ I am not shocked by any of this. Certainly courses tend to attract clients that have an sense of entitlement. It seems like every survey about golf enquiring about what needs improving lists "pace of play" as the #1 issue. Yet things don't change. Where is the middle ground for what most people consider acceptable pace vs what amount of time can most golfers actually finish their round? I can play as fast as anyone else on here and enjoy my round. However, I can't set unrealistic expectations either. Maybe the emphasis should be on what should we all do to encourage a reasonable pace and let the actual pace take care of itself... - Playing ready golf instead of always playing in turn, two players max looking for a ball (you don't need all 4 players looking), 30 seconds max looking for a ball, carrying extra balls in your pocket (in case you have to tee off again), and playing the appropriate yardage corrisponding to how far you actually hit the ball. It sounds simple, yet things will likely never change.
  8. I agree waving people through on a par 3 seems to be the simplest way to let people play through. So many things could be suggested to improve pace of play, unless people are considerate of others things will either never change or change very little. "There are drivers that are slow and drive in the fast lane but won't move over to let you pass, and there are golfers that want to play the max time for a round at 4hr 20min and don't give a rats behind that you have to wait" Because I realize it only takes one group to slow the whole course down, I will dive over an hour to ensure I tee off in one of the 1st 3 groups of the day to increase the likelihood I will finish in 3-4 hours maximum time. 80%-90% of golfers that will tee off prior to 7:30am. The only time I really get angry is the 4-some with the 1st couple of tee times that want to force everybody behind them to play in over 4 hours.
  9. Tommy 2 Gloves and J.B. Holmes play with rain gloves b/c they sweat too much.
  10. I wanted to question him on it but he was so oblivious to it I thought something was wrong with him. I avoid confrontation at all cost but he was certainly pushing my limits. :)
  11. I don't take myself very seriously and I am all for having a good time. If someone wants to play mulligans, use foot wedges, or pick up 6 footers as "gimmies" then I am all for it if the other guy is having a good time in a casual round. However, I got really frustrated by two golfers we were paired with this past weekend. They spent too much time looking for lost balls, but worse than that... They consistently hit hit multiple tee shots off every tee box. If you can place a second ball from your pocket on the tee and hit it in a timely manner that is cool with me. But why the hell can't you get a brain and keep 3 or 4 balls in your pocket. On at least 4 tee boxes he would hit and gradually stride back to his golf cart to grab a ball and start his Kevin Na routine only to lose another ball. In my mind you forfeit your chance to hit a mulligan off the tee if you can't keep another golf ball in your pocket. Am I wrong?
  12. Watching my concert footage from Guns n' Roses Atlanta. My footage is better but they go over the size limit.
  13. I went to Bourne movie last week. I actually liked it. It certainly wasn't as good as the first 3, but it was worth seeing. Sequels are rarely as good as the original, so maybe I liked it because my expectations were not as high.
  14. I've played the 2 RTJ courses in Mobile and I like them both. Have you played any of the courses in Gulf Shores? I've played Cotton Field's (I think that's the name...Arnold Palmer course), but I have been wanting to try Peninsula and Kiva Dunes.
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