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  1. Junior Golfers

    Just out of said age range, i'm 18, had my birthday in April, but i'm still considered a juinor at my golf club, also we have recently had a large group of young kids join our club, 15 - 20 of them aged 12 - 15, and they are treated as full members, there are no restrictions placed on them and they are allowed to enter all the tournaments, and rightfully so, some of them are very talented(in my opinion) in under a year they are on handicaps of 10 - 15.
  2. How Far Do You Hit The Ball?

    my distances are very inconsistent, if i had to pick a handful of shots and average them out, my distances would be about : driver: 190 - 200m 22 degree hybrid: 170 -180m 7 iron: 130 - 140m p. wedge: 100 - 110m not the longest hitter out there, when i take a full swing i've had a few huge drives, but i've had more mis-hits with the same swing.
  3. What makes you play well?

    i seem to play my best when alcohol is involved, the only tournament i have won was played when i had a terrible hangover from cask wine.
  4. What ball do YOU use?

    At the moment i am using Srixon Z-Urs, only because i won two boxes of them, when i lose them all, i'll just go back to playing with whatever i find.
  5. Embarrising moments at the course!?

    yeah, i learnt alot that day though, don't be afraid to ask your opponent to repeat something if they mumble it the first time, i was told that the other player had just said that it was a good chip.
  6. What is your best golf Moment ?

    i was going to say that for me, nothing can compete with my hole in one, but when i was playing with my brother (12 years old, never played golf before) on friday, seeing him birdie the second hole (102 meter par three) by driving the green with my 3 wood and sinking a 2 - 2 1/2 meter putt without even lining up, that was one of the best experiences i have had on a golf course, i just started laughing when it dropped.
  7. Embarrising moments at the course!?

    During my club's canadian matchplay final in december 2005, on the 15th hole my father and i were one up, i chipped on within a foot, i thought i heard the other team concede (as they were at least two putts away from completing the hole and we were one shot ahead at this stage), i still don't know why i did it, trying to be nice maybe? i picked up the other teams ball and handed it to them (i was walking past and thought i would save them the trouble of walking over to pick it up) that started a run a bad holes and we ended up losing 1 down on the 18th, at the time i was extremely embarrassed and to this day when it is mentioned i still feel as embarrassed.
  8. hello all

    just introducing myself, my name is glenn, i'm australian, i've been playing golf since april 2005, i don't take it too seriously, look forward to sharing all my golfing knowledge with everyone.
  9. Best Shot of the Week

    i wasn't a member of the forum when this happened a couple of weeks ago, but it involed the best shots i have ever played (and probably ever will play) The first 5 holes involved 14 shots for 19 stableford points, if i had to pick one, it would be my tee shot on the 5th hole, a 178 meter uphill par 3, put it 2 feet behind the hole, must of missed the hole by inches when it rolled past. i was on such a high, when i tee'd off on the sixth, i put two balls straight out of bounds, didn't bother me at all.
  10. Your Goals for 2007

    My goal in January was to reduce my handicap from 23 to 18, i managed to get it to 21 early in the year when i was playing once a week, for the last two months i have been playing 2-3 times a week and have lost another 2 strokes. i am scoring well at the moment so i definetly think i will achieve my goal very soon.
  11. Which well-struck golf shot gives you the most joy?

    for me, the shots that bring me the most joy are long putts, and putts from off the green are even better.
  12. How Many Days a Week do you Play?

    my current routine is thursday, friday, saturday. and once a month i play with a social group on sundays.