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  1. The first year I moved to Houston a group of us played the course in the Steven Austin State Park, it was nearly 100° and at least 95% humidity - play was slow, there was no water on the course. I was young then and we mainly walked. That was hotter than the round I once played in Vegas, it heated up to about 107° by the end of that round, but we were on carts for that one and of course it was a dry heat.
  2. I voted that he is a little whiny, because I think that is the perception. But really I think it is 2 things - a) he can get down on himself, and he talks to himself (and to Michael) on the course and most of that is picked up these days; and b) he speaks his mind in pressers and isn't a robot with the media. I look at this past weeks final round and I didn't see him being whiny either with his tee shot at #1 (I think he was surprised it didn't jump out of the rough, but I wouldn't call it whiny and his adventure on #13 he wasn't whiny. I think if it was an option I would vote people will always find something to complain about - with Jordan it should be his slow play, due to his pre-shot rituals and resets.
  3. Hey, hey - quiet down with the secret strategies, geez. And my PGA club pro comment was meaning they might be the among the only remaining valid choices for 3rd picks.
  4. I used to post an example of why the bad entries were bad and track how many entries were voided at the time they were made; it was funny and sad all at once. I like that Iacas has included the 2nd set of picks, which will be interesting the week of the event because the field will be finalized. I always thought it was a dilemma to pick early and then others can pick my 2nd or 3rd pick as their first and effectively void my picks, at least now I can wait until the end for the last selection and get some random PGA club pro for the win. I'm a big fan of these contests, because I'm still playing the driver I won when Jordan took the US Open title at Chambers Bay.
  5. I play the My Tour Ball, so that I score better, and win money from my brother!!! 1) Rickie Fowler -13 2) Cody Gribble -13 3 ) Xander Schauffelee -13
  6. I'd guess a year or two and 3 or 4 weeks and we might see it challenged again Augusta, ..... Shinnecock, Pebble, Winged Foot, Torrey Pines Carnoustie, Royal Potrush, Royal St. George's, St. Andrews (unannounced, but likely for 150th) Quail Hollow, Bellerive, Bethpage Black, TPC Harding Park These guys hit it so long that the older (aka shorter) courses that rely on wind & weather for a defense will be at risk. The Masters will stimp their greens to 20 before they'd want to see another 63, let alone something lower. The US Open, typically, makes the course very punitive with rough and fast greens (Erin Hills will push that even moreso) The PGA isn't as difficultly setup as the US Open, but they play longer modern courses that will make it difficult to do Leaving The Open, which on a calm day with a rain dampened course will be at risk of someone throwing darts
  7. A few things - a motorcycle, a tent (then a camper), a couple of cars and a few girlfriends. Golf-wise my laser range finder, my last pair of real spikes, most of the shirts & hats with course logos.
  8. I'm voting Jordan - because he is younger, and to date has stayed much healthier (but who knows what tomorrow brings)
  9. This is an interesting poll, because I think these could be the only 2 guys currently playing that have won major championships that will win the Grand Slam. The last player, not named Jordan or Rory, to have won more than 2 majors (meaning not the same one twice - looking at you Bubba), are ZJ & Kaymer. Then you get Cabrera (too old), Paddy (not gonna happen), Phil (obv the only one with more than a slim chance) and then Goosen. So unless you can throw a dart and pick a young player with one major (Koepka, DJ, ????) then I'd rather just celebrate both Rory and Jordan.
  10. The next 3 courses for the PGA 2017 Quail Hollow 2018 Bellerive 2019 Bethpage Black for the Masters Augusta National, Augusta National, Augusta National Really kind of a toss up - easy to say Spieth after today, but throw out the first 9 of 39 (+5) and he is right in the mix. Sure Rory didn't play great, but neither did Jordan - either can win without playing their best.
  11. bumped, because it is true today ..... without wind & weather the course is almost defenseless. Danny Willett has the worst round of the day (so far) with a 73 - and it looks like the leaders will need to shoot a 65-66 to stay at the top of the leaderboard
  12. C'mon, you played that thing without hassle in MSU's backyard.
  13. Solid start at The Open for Joost, chance to make some people notice and makes some big €€€ too!
  14. my fantasy team would like to thank Phil & JT for going a combined +17 today. Looks like I left 20 points on the bench with just them today. my grand total of points left on the bench, so far for this event is 58.
  15. July is about over, and interest in another outing? Friday was a good day last time, what works for people in August/September? My youngest is in the HS band, so home game Fridays are out for me, and I have to move one up to Marquette so mid August is likely tough for me. Where do we want to play - somewhere near 96/23? AA? Jackson?