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  1. bump - because this is once again a relevant question. With Rory and Tiger both coming back from injuries. This is still a tough call, I'd lean a little more likely that Rory would get to the slam, but Tiger who looks very healthy will have many more chances to win his 15th.
  2. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    I'm not an 18 > 14 guy, I think there is more the story a binary choice of win or lose. Look at records in majors, wins, seconds, top tens; Jack has a clear advantage, but Tiger was very injury plagued so as you say who knows what Tiger could have done if he had been healthy. He wasn't healthy for much of the time, and still he was very competitive even after 2008, winning tournament but not majors. I seems to me like some people like to cherry pick the stats that favor the player they are trying to make the case for being GOAT; it is like trying to get a definitive answer to who is the greatest basketball, baseball, hockey player (or pick your other favorite sport). There are facts and stats that can be interpreted to support either side of the discussion. And yet this thread will continue, a) because new posters will join TST (a good thing) but not read much of the history of this thread and think that they are making a new point and b) long-time posters will continue to make their point of view known. I'm thinking we can go over 300 pages sometime in 2018!
  3. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Again though, it is hard to compare era's due exactly to the point you make about international players and travel. Who is to say what Bobby Jones could have done if playing golf was a "respectable" career, or Sam Snead look at the events not played due to WWII and if he wasn't hustling (playing money games and exhibitions) to make more money than he did in PGA events. Certainly the competition is much deeper today, primarily because there is so much money available - prize money & endorsements. There is no doubt that Tiger had the best 10+ years on the PGA tour, but IMO it is very hard to compare era's. I love this thread - it is the best thing on the board, and I don't think it will ever die; until there is a new name to consider (Spieth, Thomas, Kizzire, some kid playing junior golf these days ....)
  4. 61 year old collegiate golfer

    Playing for Bellevue University in Nebraska @iacas - maybe you could find someone from TST with some eligibility remaining ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ http://www.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/22005266/espn-golf-nebraska-college-recruits-61-year-old-golf-team
  5. What is really crazy is that they don't believe that next years Super Bowl will be the Lions and the Browns and by next year I mean next decade no make that century, eh maybe millennia
  6. Most Difficult Course You’ve Played

    Oakland Hills CC South Course - played it in the afternoon, they had some charity event that morning. For the charity event they had put the pin placements in the same locations as the Sunday round of the 2004 Ryder Cup. Although I didn't play well most of that round, I finished +1 over the last 4 holes which was great.
  7. I'm active on a couple of other boards that are mainly sports related (I'm there for college football & hoops), and in general I've found if you don't start no sh!t then you won't get any sh!t. But sometimes the pot does need some stirring, and if done right it is fun to sit back and watch it slowly (or quickly) boil over.
  8. Tiger's Swing "Dip"

    Being childish has to do with maturity, not handicap. You should continue to belittle others with different opinions (and data to back it up), stand by your TV watching background and claim the moral high ground. (Then again you haven't posted your handicap, or where you are an instructor, or what books you've authored - so I'll wait before I pass judgement)
  9. Tiger's Swing "Dip"

    I'm pretty sure anyone would take the results that Tiger had with that "excessive" dipping. Are you making comments, or do you feel you have to not only have to be right in what you've said but have everyone else agree with you? (not that there aren't others who also want to be right and have others agree) Why is it so important to you not only that Tiger returns to dominate the tour, but you to question or challenge those who just don't see it (yet)? Life is short - make a post & move on (and get out and play golf - unless your like those of us who are living where snow covers the course)
  10. Northern Michigan trip

    I haven't played the ones you've asked about - I've been to Marquette, but never played Greywalls, & I haven't heard of Turning Stone (google tells me its upstate NY), Island Casino or Sweetgrass. If you are looking for places in the UP - I'd add Brimely as places to look at, they have a casino & I've heard it is a nice course. If you are looking at option in the northern lower peninsula - I'd look at playing Forest Dunes (2 or 3 courses, depending on how you count them), Arcadia opens a 2nd 18 this year, Black Forest and Gaylord (both TreeTops & there are a couple of other good courses), Hidden River Golf & Casting Club. Lots of choices, it really depends on where you want to stay and if it is a "golf" trip, or if you are looking to also play golf on a vacation.
  11. Fowler Playing With Untucked Shirt

    This ^ Next thing you know they will stop wearing shirts with collars
  12. Predict Tiger's 2018 Season

    Pebble US Open by 15, 18 years ago Bested Bob May PGA Championship, 18 Years ago Torrey broken leg US Open, 10 Years ago I'm not saying he can't do it, but you are bringing up events from a really long time ago. The game has changed, the courses have changed and the competition has changed since then - hell Spieth, Thomas, Rahm were 7 or 8 years old when he won the Tiger Slam. I'm with Dave, I'm going to have to see him contend in some full field events before I believe the magic has returned.
  13. Predict Tiger's 2018 Season

    Just out of curiosity - I'll ask why people should have more faith?

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