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  1. Wally Fairway

    Wally Fairway

  2. Having lived in Houston for a few years, I have to add fire ants to the list. I hated those buggers
  3. 10 is too many. All you really need is your trusted 7-iron Sincerely Tin Cup
  4. Wally Fairway

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    It was my last pick with minimum value left, and I still made a horrible choice (but I thought it could be funny) I'm going to use this off week to have a serious talk with myself about how horribly I've been picking lately. Then I will likely continue to make horrific decisions for the remainder of the year
  5. Wally Fairway

    One Word Answer - Standing on the Tee

    Seriously, who only has 1 thought, especially on the first tee?
  6. Wally Fairway

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    I find it "interesting" that the GC fantasy page is showing 86 hours until the start of this weeks contests. Glitch, or can we just make our picks Sunday morning? I noticed this because I went back to make sure nobody I'd picked had WD'd
  7. Wally Fairway

    One Word Answer - Standing on the Tee

  8. Wally Fairway

    Bad Luck - Hitting a Bird in Flight

    In reading the article, it sounds like he just winged him.
  9. Wally Fairway

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    Interesting tournament winner, I was somewhat surprised that about 40 people picked the winner in TGC one & done contest. I was barely aware of Kodaira, and looking at his recent performances (T54 WGC Mexico, MC API, T59 WGC Match play, T28 Masters) there was nothing that would have indicated a break through. Oh well - on to Texas and the Valero Open
  10. Wally Fairway

    Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Again if you go back long enough the Am championships were considered majors. As noted in this article. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/david-fay-history-of-majors There has been an evolution of the game and in the recognition of its best accomplishments. And to your point Jones being the outlier - there are 4 other amateur champions of the US Open, the last of which was Johnny Goodman in 1933. Which is after Jones won his last US Open. Now competition is much different today. The Open Championship has amateur winners, Jones being the last; and the PGA Championship is the only one of the current majors that is open only to professional golfers (unless an amateur were win a PGA event).
  11. Wally Fairway

    Shotmakers - New Golf Television Competition at Topgolf

    I watched a little of it last night, and I was totally bored and kept skipping to other channels (coming back at commercials) I've been to Top Golf once, and it was okay fun. It felt like a combination of league bowling (due to table service for drinks and food) and hitting range balls. They should have a robot ball cart out collecting balls that don't fall into the targets, and you get bonus points for hitting it .... just like at the range.
  12. Wally Fairway

    Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    This should likely be a completely different topic - but the majors used to be the British Open and Am, and the US Open and Am. Then professional golf took off - say +/- 100 years ago with the PGA Championship. But for many years the Western Open and North/South Open and the World Championship of Golf were more prestigious than regular events, much like The Players Championship is viewed today. So when did today's majors become "The Majors" and collectively the "Grand Slam"? Certainly the 1895 US Open with 11 entries (3 of whom withdrew before the start) cannot be viewed is the same light as a major, as is an extreme example of no depth of field. And yet in any list of major champions Horace Rawlins is included.

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