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  1. Wally Fairway

    What Mobile Phone Do You Have?

    My S3 died in October - so I upgraded to a Moto g6 play (unlocked). It was $200 out the door, plus $45 on Amazon for a new case & screen protectors. Amazing battery life, although the camera is fine as far as quality there is a slight pause/hesitation when it takes the first photo. Super happy for the price (vs $750-$1,000+ for newest Samsung, Apple, etc) @dennyjones my carrier is Verizon, but you can bring any unlocked phone to their service. I went to Best Buy, because everything directly from Verizon is way over priced.
  2. Wally Fairway

    OK, I Think I'm Going to Watch Pebble Beach

    Oh, it isn't just his full swing - he's amazingly animated on the green as well
  3. Wally Fairway

    2019 Hawaii Open (Sony Open)

    16,928 posts make the likely answer to be yes
  4. Wally Fairway

    Could Brooks Win a Slam? (Update: NO, Duh!)

    Not a slam; the golf slam is winning the 4 major tournaments - Tiger is the only won to have held those titles at the same time, using a calendar to somehow diminish that achievement seems very arbitrary to me. If Brooks (or Spieth) wins even 1 more major then they will be the second player to win 4 majors since Tiger won his last major. (I'm using that to show how hard it is to win more than one. FWIW here is the list of players to win more than one major in the last 10 years> 4 - Rory 3 - Spieth & Koepka 2 - Kaymer & Bubba & Phil
  5. Wally Fairway

    How Much Alcohol Do You Drink?

    I'd guess that I drink a couple of twelve packs of beer a year. Probably half of those are around the holidays - NYE, 4th of July, Labor day gatherings. The rest are single beers after a round of golf or with barbeque or burgers. Footnote - I drink so infrequently that I cannot embrace the craft/micro-brew industry, because there too many that I don't really like, so I won't try them if I'm only having 1. My standard beers of choice are Shiner Bock, Bell's Amber, Alaskan Amber or Bud.
  6. Wally Fairway

    Why Do You Play Golf? A Two Option Poll

    1. Fun 2. Camaraderie 3. Competition (usually meaning betting - maybe low score, maybe just winning a few buck)
  7. Wally Fairway

    Zach Johnson Drops Damon Green

    Maybe Mrs Kuchar can pick up the loop, on a permanent basis. Zach Johnson's emergency caddie? Matt Kuchar's wife Sybi When Zach Johnson's caddie left the course Thursday due to the heat, Johnson turned to a familiar face: Matt Kuchar's wife, Sybi.
  8. Wally Fairway

    Favorite Golf Quotes

    I have 2 uncles who had a big influence on my taking up golf; both were club champions & they both hated that comment. This was one of their responses when the better lucky than good comment would be dropped. The other was "You can't count on being lucky" It took me a while to figure out what they were saying - but I'll still take a bit of luck when it comes around
  9. I agree about the small sample size, and also I'm wondering about how he will define shots taken under pressure. Do only leaders have pressure, when within 2 or 3 shots of the lead, or the cutline, or maybe in late season tournaments when it matters to keep your card or move on into the next playoff event. Defining pressure seems subjective, at least to me; for some it might be a $2 Nassau, or the first tee shot at a busy muni course.
  10. Wally Fairway

    The Loop

    Twitter thread about rating The Loop
  11. I'm happy to see Memorial getting another upgrade. I used to play it quite a bit when I lived in Houston, starting back when you had to get there early Friday morning for the draw for a weekend tee time. Glad they can bring the event back, and back inside the loop. I was fun watching the celebs & seniors play there a few times in the Doug Sanders event, before it moved to Kingwood.
  12. Wally Fairway

    Hero World Challenge 2018

    LOL - I was totally wrong. I should have said where a top10 finish also means a bottom 10, and where everybody gets a top 20 and OWGR points.
  13. Wally Fairway

    Hero World Challenge 2018

    LOL - the "best" part of this event is that a top 5 finish is also a bottom 10
  14. Wally Fairway

    Hero World Challenge 2018

    I like to watch the Hero, nothing better than watching golf when there is snow on the ground However it is one of the events that I have an issue with how they are treated for OWGR. IMO - to give the "Tiger" Invitational winner 48 points is disservice to all the other events recognized. I just don't see winning this as being worth more points than a 2nd place in a tour event, or 3rd in a major; and 2nd place points in this being about the same as 4th in a major & 3rd in a tour event. I mean you are only playing against 15 players, even if they are 15 of the top players in the world.
  15. Wally Fairway

    The Match: Tiger vs. Phil Showdown for $9M

    IMO - nobody cared because it became old and tired, as it ran for 26 years. So I would say that people cared for a while, especially when it started with Jack, Arnie, Player & Watson as the participants. By the end it was KJ Choi, Steven Ames, Phil and Rocco Mediate.

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