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  1. Good to catch up on this thread; and some of the idiocy contained therein. Great win for Shane, Saturday was a dominant performance. can't wait to see what he does from here. I feel sorry for those who only watch Tiger, there are a bunch of great players on the tours these days.
  2. Actually it was a 4 putt, he hit the green and left the birdie putt short, if you listen to the announcers the first putt they show here is for par.
  3. I'm pretty sure Rory gets the most improved award for the day, only 14 strokes better - for whatever that's worth Quick look I think Duval finished in 2nd most improved with his 78 {eek}
  4. And he is ranked #5 in the world, despite not playing 40 events (OWGR minimum divisor). With 11 top 10's in the last 2 years (not counting the Hero) - so he definitely has earned the right to be there and isn't taking anyone else's spot. Troll somewhere else, somewhere less informed
  5. I'm thinking they could be paired together; say at the Juniper Island Club. 🙄
  6. I've heard it so many times in the lead up to this - so he was only 18 shots worse than his best round at Royal Portrush, All he hast to do is tie that tomorrow and hes right back in this thing.
  7. No Laying Up put a huge jinx on Duval today (that is if you believe in jinxs) They tweeted that Duval was -2 and Rory was +5 .... then Duval had his "hold my beer" moment
  8. I'm not naming names, and throwing jinxes out there.....but a former Champion golfer of the year is off to quite a start. And I didn't even expect this in the least. long way to go, but still pretty exciting
  9. If you are worried about spoilers you need to avoid message boards, twitter, news sites.....yeah just the internet in general but hey Rory isn't in last place - that's now Duval, but I wasn't watching, how in the heck did he do that?
  10. Tee times posted Tee Times for the 148th Open at Royal Portrush - The 148th Open View the Tee Times for all the players at the 148th Open at Royal Portrush, Northern Ireland. View Tee Times here. Tiger opens with a 3:10 tee time playing with Patrick Reed & Matt Wallace, then goes off at 10:09 on Friday
  11. Weather forecast is turning slightly more towards wet
  12. Not really "Championship" weather in the forecast right now
  13. I'm not assuming anything, I just asked a question. Personally I think golf will be fine - interest might drop for a while, but I expect there to be someone (or a core few) who will become the center of attention. Until they aren't and newer players take the limelight. I don't think we will ever see an explosion of the game like we did - and it wasn't just Tiger coming onto the scene, the Golf Channel launched before his professional career and it extended the game, sponsorship across all sports have grown
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