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  1. Wally Fairway

    Hole in 1 on a par 3 course

    Depends on the Par-3 course; if it was a pitch & putt type course with holes under 100 yards then probably not. But if I got one on the par 31 course around here that I sometime play I would certainly count it, as they are "real" par 3 holes (blue - 174, 201, 208,168,191, white 139, 160, 165, 145, 158) I typically mix the tees I play when I'm there to hit shots from distances I'm working on & because I hate playing the same yardage/club twice in a round on 3 pars so I would likely play those 5 holes from 174, 160, 208, 145, & 191) - it's a fun way to spend $12 bucks (and there is no club house, so no worry about buying that round) Disclosure - 0 career aces
  2. Wally Fairway

    Champions Tour - Scott Parel (WHO??)

    Because, although it occasionally makes an interesting human interest story, sponsors and fans are not going to watch (in person nor on TV) a bunch of guys they've never heard of. No matter how good they are.
  3. Wally Fairway

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $9M

    @iacas can you add a poll to this thread? Are you going to watch/pay for the Tiger v. Phil event? I'm interested to see what TST a likely to do (FWIW. I'd likely watch it, if I wasn't travelling)
  4. Wally Fairway

    Champions Tour - Scott Parel (WHO??)

    Couple of names come to mind related to unknowns on the Champions Tour. Mike Hill, he is from my hometown (he went to HS with my uncle) - was at best a journeyman on the tour, with 3 wins between 70-77, but he made his mark on the Senior Tour with 18 wins (plus 5 Liberty Mutual Legends teaming up with Trevino). Mike led the Sr Tour money list in 1991. . the other is Walt Zembriski - tried to make it on the tour but had to give it up and became an iron worker. Then qualified to play the senior tour and won 3 events in '88-'89. Those were the early years on the Sr. Tour. They both have player pages on pgatour.com - Champions Tour section - quick estimate Mike made about $10 million in prize money on the Sr. tour, Walts page doesn't have prize money listed
  5. Wally Fairway

    Chess World Championship 2018

    Based on that definition Bridge, Cribbage and War are also sports, heck I guess Rochambeau is a sport too. (and maybe global thermonuclear war - in which case WOPR is quite an athlete)
  6. Wally Fairway

    Tour Pro Tries to Make Hole in One with 500 Balls

    They pick a guy to try it again
  7. Wally Fairway

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $9M

    Phil, obviously
  8. Wally Fairway

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    I guess I disagree when legacy is measured. You can say what someone is best known for as of today. Koepka's is winning 3 majors & 2 in a year, Spieth's is similar although some will say his best days are already behind him. I believe that legacy is more than what an impression is today, it is a longer lasting thing. I thought maybe I was thinking about the term legacy incorrectly, but Webster didn't really help me out So maybe we should have a thread or poll to figure out what we mean by legacy. I'll admit my 20 year comment was kind of off the cuff, but I still don't think you can define legacy without a passage of time. (by the way I also tend to not agree with your portrayal of Cosby, I would say he was known as a comedian, then known as a rapist. I would not have any way to say which he was first. But, again it will take time to know, but as of today I'd vote his legacy is as a rapist as that far outshadows his earlier comedic days. And I grew up watching I Spy, The Cosby show, Fat Albert, my parent bought a couple of his albums (to Russell, My Brother was my favorite)
  9. Wally Fairway

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    What else would Jim Nantz legacy be? Being a college friend with Fred Couples?
  10. Wally Fairway

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    Thanks - but I still think that legacy is not defined before you retire or even the day after. Lots more examples than you mention, and yes most of them are due to negative things (OJ, Madoff, Jenner, Roseanne, Paula Deen, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, lots of folks caught in the #metoo movement, etc), a legacy can also be created by one moment (Chesley Sullenberger) But time does change how people are viewed - Henry Ford, Benjamin Franklin, JFK, Ronald Reagan, Ty Cobb - 'little" details are more or less forgotten. I think it is safe to say that in 40 years Tigers legacy will be all about golf and not his marital issues. But were the question to be asked in 2010, his personal life would have been voted his legacy by many people (albeit non-golfers) and thanks for saying my opinion is not just different but unreasonable and unrealistic; that seems like an open minded point.
  11. Wally Fairway

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    I appreciate that you disagree, but you fail to persuade me about legacy. I'm content to not vote
  12. Wally Fairway

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    IMO the poll is flawed because he hasn't even stopped broadcasting yet. Legacy will be defined in 10 or 20 years, at that time many people will never have heard his broadcasts, but his 63 at Oakmont, in the final round of the Open, will still stand. I think he built his broadcasting career on the foundation of his playing career. You can't take a relative unknown (Brandel, or Maltbee) and make them what Johnny was to broadcasting golf. Therefore I think that his legacy is a HOF golfer/broadcaster, or if you prefer a Broadcaster/HOF golfer - I'm not sure how you separate them. Just my opinion - I'd vote both (or in the case of having to choose, I don't vote)
  13. Wally Fairway

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    False dichotomy My answer is both
  14. Wally Fairway

    StefanUrkel's Random Musings

  15. Wally Fairway

    Who is on Golf's Mount Rushmore?

    What? No Shivas Irons?

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