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  1. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    14 days : 21 hours : 32 minutes
  2. Bandon Dunes & KemperSports sued for Sexual Harassment

    yeah I was kind of surprised, I googled "Bandon Dunes" and clicked news to see if there were any more articles and that was the first one that showed up.
  3. Bandon Dunes & KemperSports sued for Sexual Harassment

    Well it looks like that was settled out of court https://www.golfdigest.com/story/sexual-harassment-suit-filed-against-bandon-dunes-employees-kemper-sports-management-settled-and-dismissed
  4. Asian Tour Player Throws Putter Into Trees

    that's right and it is what the club throwing legend said
  5. Tiger Woods Chip Yips (2017 Edition, with Poll)

    I would have voted "Yes" and "I have no idea", but I can't vote because the poll requires me to say yes or no to the 2nd part. And I refuse to pick on or the other as I really have no idea. I really hope that he doesn't have the yips when he returns
  6. Winner of D1 East Lake Exemption into Masters

    C'mon - think about the bigger picture. No harm in the winner from East Lake Cup getting in; as I see that as a stepping stone (along a very slippery slope) to eventually allowing the medalist from the TST Newport Cup getting an invite! Now there is something we should all be able to support {eyes roll}
  7. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    And it is guaranteed OWGR points (if you finish) I don't like how the limited field events OWGR points are "earned" and the Hero Challenge is the perfect example. Finish last in this event and you get about the equivalent of 40'ish in the US Open, win the Hero Challenge and it's like a 3rd place in the US Open ..... these are not anywhere near equivalent things. That being said - it will be good for the tour if Tiger can play; but before we get carried away just remember there is a difference between playing golf and playing 4 competitive rounds on tour.
  8. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    So, what are you guys thinking? Hero Challenge? Torrey? Waste Mgmt? Florida? Augusta? Personally I'll believe it when I see it (or read about it), but he isn't dropping those tweets for nothing
  9. Rules official resigns over ...rules issue.

    I remember a PGA event (maybe a major, can't really remember) where there was an issue as to boundary between green and fringe. If I recall correctly, players were encouraged to get a playing partner or even a ruling from an official if they couldn't tell if they were on the green. Not agreeing with the players or the ruling, but how "poorly" is the course prepared if they cannot tell where the green is and where the fringe is?
  10. What is more likely to happen?

    I voted A, because I think it is more likely that an amateur would win the US Open. I think it would be a standout college player who qualifies as the US Am or McCormack Medal winner exemption and are playing their exemption before turning pro. Still a long shot, but even the top qualifiers from the club pro championship have struggled to make the cut at the PGA in recent years.
  11. The Loop

    They tweeted today that Sunday October 29 is the last day The Loop will be open. So if you wanted to play it this fall you've got 10 days.
  12. Discounted greens fees through the remainder of the season
  13. The Loop

    For any interested, Forest Dunes just tweeted
  14. Whatever happened to.........?

    Is this a trick question?
  15. Whatever happened to.........?

    But he wouldn't have to win that much, he also would have sponsor money (clubs, clothes, shoes, and bag/hat/shirt sponsorships). Where he was career wise he could have made several million a year in non-prize money (maybe more). But if you'd rather spend your time on the party circuit, or if your injuries prevent you from playing at the level to win, then the $20 mil is a very good insurance payoff.

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