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  1. Yup - that's why he was referred to as Llloyd (maybe it was too subtle in my earlier post)
  2. Would rather play 6 days a week - although my caveat would be that I don't think my body would appreciate playing/practicing 7 days a week. At some point my knees, back, elbow would want a day off .... but I'd be willing to give it a try, though the weather might have something to say about it.
  3. I'll throw in my 2¢ - it is more than 1 of the last 10 years, 2013,14 & 15 were top ten teams, with 2013 being the high water mark at 13-1 (only a bad loss at ND), but there is a lot of unrest in East Lansing as the offense has been stagnant since 2015 and little to no changes in the staff. It is all about expectations, but also looking at career records can be misleading, as you typically throw out the first year or two for regime change and then the last year or two when the downfall happens. MSU is clearly in a down fall with losing 6 or more games in 3 of the last 4 years UM under Llloyd - was great for about 5-6 years, but it was the bad losses that ended his reign (Appalachian St) but Michigan shows it isn't easy to change coaching staffs without ripples in the program - look how Bama struggled for years before Saban took over Harbaugh is harder to quantify because he has stopped them bad losses to inferior teams (under Rich Rod and Hoke), but he has no signature wins and hasn't been to the B1G championship game, other than 2018 have finished in the middle of the division and have not been competitive against OSU. There are high expectation in Ann Arbor, but it getting harder and harder to get back to where they think they should be, as OSU has dominated on the field and in recruiting, it has been 15 years since they won the conference so nobody they are recruiting remembers when they were a dominant program. They are a blue blood, but that doesn't mean much to the Snapchat generation.
  4. I'm pretty sure my last round was October 14, played with my son a week before he shipped out I'd guess my next round will be mid-March, I've played earlier but the weather already seems to be unfavorable
  5. I played a lot when I was young, including the HS golf team - so I think I've played every course in the Jackson & Lansing area, and then as a adult I've played various courses around the lower pennisula. I have a list somewhere - but off the top of my head I'd put the number around 75
  6. Really hard to say without knowing about the wind, speed & direction and if there are traps/water short/long vs. right/left. I will say that with the information available I 'd take #1 - but in reality I'd wake up from the dream and wonder why am I playing for the club championship?
  7. And Tommy is in the top 10, after winning the Nedbank event in South Africa. The higher he is rated, I'm guessing the easier it is to be overrated
  8. Simple answer is players want to play Not the same thing, but look only to the Patriots and 42 year old QB Tom Brady and you will see him play almost every down no matter the game circumstance.
  9. Just checked to see about this weeks tournament and 5 of my 6 selections did not make the cut and the one who did isn't on my play list today. Oh well there is always next week & I can't do much worse than this week
  10. Unusual happening on the European Tour
  11. Yeah - things were better in the old days, when you had to show up at the pro shop at 6:30am to put your name in for the 7:00 draw on Friday morning for a weekend tee time. It was quite a diverse group of people at Memorial, this would have been around '82-'88, then we joined a club for a few years and by the time we were back playing Memorial they had a call in reservation system. These on-line systems seem to get overwhelmed, especially for popular courses or high density population centers
  12. I've said for a long time that I'm playing these days for the camaraderie, but I've played lots of crappy courses with some of my buddies. So my answer is there is nothing like making new friends while we are playing Cypress Point. And I picked that one because of location and I have no chance of knowing someone who is a member; locally I'm still hoping to find a way to play Crystal Downs.
  13. and team events - like the day Wilt Chamberlain and I combined to score 100 points in an NBA game, which was an amazing accomplishment for me because I don't think I was 10 years old yet.
  14. Did they plant more trees before the next round? (google Lon Hinkle, for those not old enough to get the reference)
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