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  1. Wally Fairway

    2019 FedExCup Playoff Changes

    BDC looking to validate the need for a 10 stroke handicap, dude is already 12 shots out of the lead about 1/2 way through the 2nd round. He is quickly letting millions of $$$'s slip right out of his hands
  2. Wally Fairway

    2019 FedExCup Playoff Changes

    Do you know if the OWGR (or whoever runs that) has stated how they will treat the tournament? I would call it crazy to award winners points to a player who didn't shoot the lowest score for the event (excluding handicap), but then I think it is crazy that they award points for the Hero Challenge (and several other small things I don't agree with)
  3. All of this seems like to solutions to a problem that is all about money, money being the FedEx bonus and a made up title of FedEx series champion. I think some people confuse the FedEx series champion with the PGA player of the year; they both recognize season long accomplishments but with vastly different methodology. IMO, FedEx is paying a lot of cash to many player, for the right to name a FedEx champion (good for them, good for the tour and maybe good for golf). They should be able to come up with any method they want, within reason, to name their champion. But that is "all" that it is. It certainly isn't the player who had the best year on tour, because take to an extreme if Hideki Matsuyama were to win the Tour Championship and if everything else fell his way and he won the FedEx series, well it is hard to say he had the best year with his only win being this week and only having 3 other top 10 finishes (footnote - 9 players in the Tour Championship field have not won an event this year). So no matter what they do with the FedEx Cup, the only names in the Player of the Year conversation really are Koepka (with 2 majors) and BDC, DJ, JT & Bubba with 3 wins on tour, unless Molinari wins this week for his 3rd win this year (including The Open Championship)
  4. Wally Fairway

    2019 FedExCup Playoff Changes

    IMO - this blurs the results, by making the last tournament and the season event one set of results. The current set up allows the top 30 player with the best week to win the tournament and the person with the adjusted season most points to win the season championship. Look at it this way, if Tiger were to shoot the lowest score this week, but "only" by 5 shots over the field with BDC finishing second then Tiger would not be recognized as winning an event. I wonder how the OWGR will use the 2019 event finish for rankings, that will be interesting - if they ignore the "handicap", or give full winning points for the player who did not shoot the lowest score for the week. I don't know the "right" solution, but this seems to create as many problems as it attempts to fix.
  5. Wally Fairway

    Why am i lipping out so many putts?

    Typhoon - unless you are consistently missing on the same side of the hole (meaning right or left, not high side vs. low side), then I'd guess that speed is 100% of the reason for you having more lipouts. If the greens are faster, or you are hitting it more firmly then a slight change in the speed at the capture point will make you miss putts that you would have previously made. I'd suggest a drill where you hit some putts from 10 - 12 feet away, and put a tee in 8-10 behind the hole. This will help you gauge if your capture speed relative. Read iacas link, very informative relative to putting speed
  6. Wally Fairway

    Spieth in Danger of Tour Violation

    I think that he will also agree to play an additional event or two next season (although that might not get announced)
  7. Wally Fairway

    The $5 Bucket

    Instead of fail, I think the word that describes @nevets88 experience is dissatisfied. If another facility would offer the $5 option then where he currently goes would lose his business, but until that happens it sounds like he will continue to go there and not be happy about the options. Thankfully, where I am there is a range about 5 minutes from my office with the $5/35ball option, that I will go to for lunch a couple times a week (weather permitting). And if I buy the range card, it is something like $125 on the card for $100. I am very satisfied with that experience.
  8. Wally Fairway

    2018 BMW Championship - FedExCup Playoffs

    For those of us not watching?? Flop wedge backwards, hitting a ball while it's moving, insider trading, wearing a button down shirt???
  9. Wally Fairway

    2018 BMW Championship - FedExCup Playoffs

    Tee times moved up today due to rain forecasted later. Tiger has teed off.
  10. Wally Fairway

    2018 BMW Championship - FedExCup Playoffs

    As exciting as it is, let's remember it is Thursday. Rory & Webb at -3 through 6, Rickie & Uihlein only 2 back (Peter at -5 through 9) and lots of golf still to be played
  11. Wally Fairway

    2018 BMW Championship - FedExCup Playoffs

    Golf Channel goes full jinx
  12. Wally Fairway

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    OWGR rankings listed, with totals (not that totals really mean anything)
  13. Wally Fairway

    2018 BMW Championship - FedExCup Playoffs

    Three guys looking for a 2018 PGA tour win (Sorry Rickie - I don't count the Hero Challenge)
  14. Wally Fairway

    Bryson - Play BMW Before the Tour Championship?

    Why quit playing when you are hot? Prize money, OWGR rankings, Player of the Year consideration, plenty of time after the Ryder Cup before the WGC (I figure it will be his next event)
  15. Wally Fairway

    2018 Dell Technologies - FedExCup Playoffs

    Don't forget the 18 player Hero Challenge - that would make the 5th in a row, meaning the Sentry TOC #6 (unless he plays the Shanghai WGC event 75'ish player event)

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