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  1. I'd love to see one (or more) of them use an autoamatic trolley, but it certainly wouldn't be for free; these guys make bank as a walking advertisement so I think they would use one if the price was right.
  2. #17 The Road Hole, St Andrews, The Old Course a) having a hotel on the flight line, or very close b) the wall across the road is in play c) hell bunker, perhaps having to play away from the pin d) and Sunday typical pin is near the slope from the bunker
  3. Here ya go, maybe this will help get courses open. A COVID compliance device for pins
  4. I hope its that simple, but you are talking about thousands of companies, schools, and events - I doubt they are going to have specific guidelines for each situation. When would you go on a cruise, when should the senior living centers allow visitors, when can K-12 schools open, colleges, major events in stadiums ... and it differs, somewhat, by community as some will be hard hit and others will have much lessor impacts. It is easy for a governor (or sport commissioner) to cancel everything, but I get the feeling you don't turn it all back on at the same time.
  5. Welp - now what do I look forward to? Seriously, my question related to all the schools here closing, and sporting events, conventions, etc. What has to happen for these to reopen? I certainly hope that someone has set "exit parameters" so they don't just look at a calendar and say everything is okay
  6. I guess this is as good a place as any for this. Euro tour is playing in Qatar this week, Nicolai HØjgaard is the first round leader, shot 29 on the back nine with a bogey on the last hole. Is this any good? Also Joost is currently in 2nd place
  7. I'd take winning the Open Championship, it would get me into the other majors and I could play the Open rota until age 60. I get wanting the Olympic experience, but you only have to be highly rated to get into the Olympics as a citizen of the US, UK, Australia, Spain, etc - there will be some not highly rated players from less "developed". And knowing my luck I'd qualify get in this year and have it be cancelled for COVID-19, or have it mean less as 1/2 the field decides not to participate. Here are the current rankings - https://www.igfgolf.org/wp-content/uploads/olympicsMenReallocationReserveList-02_03_20.pdf the 60th ranked player is Udayan Mane, who is #249 in OWGR
  8. I forgot to check before today's round began, it looks like I'll have 5 players miss the cut this week - my starters combined to go +22 yesterday. And I'll name names - for this shitty performance I would like to thank Viktor (+7), Rickie (+6), Brooks (+4) and Billy Ho (+3) with Oosty on the bench at +4; only "local" favorite Brian Stuard (-3) did worth a damn for my fantasy team yesterday. And everyone on the course is on the + side already today. Oh well - next segment starts soon
  9. I know it is easy, because their age are close as was when they came on tour - but Kaufman has medical issues (elbow I believe), Spieth, IMO, has learned that golf is hard, and I'm going to go with comments by Greller who has been quoted that he needs to go back playing more by feel and stop being so analytical. Spieth was always a little twitchy, but it looks to me like he is even moreso - and although his Masters meltdowns are remembered, it should be noted that there were glimpses of that during his star season. Like the Open Championship at St. Andrews where he missed the playoff by one shot - and he hit a huge pull hook on 18 tee and had to play his approach from near the 1st tee. His short putting seems to have slipped, but maybe it is just more noticeable when he is missing them for par then when he missed them for birdie; but absolutely it is his approaches that have gotten worse. He used to drop those 15-25 foot bombs, and now he is having to play more often from over 30 feet away and the magic only goes so far. I'd love to see him get back to being in contention, but the field gets deeper, the competition gets better and I'm starting to believe the Jordan has become a grinder, like so many on the tour; he might catch lightning in a bottle for a week but I don't see him getting back to the top 10-20 in the OWGR again.
  10. I find this a fascinating topic, actually a small subset of the larger question would sports be better without professional leagues? It actually harkens back to a time before professional sports leagues dominated the landscape, and were overtake with sponsorships, billion dollar arenas, and multi-billion dollar broadcast rights. Are we better off with the sports brands - Nike, Adidas, Acushnet, etc. Sure it has made a few billionaires (owners) and the players have an opportunity to become millionaires or mega-millioinairs (Tiger, Lebron, etc). But is this like the Romans going to the Colosseum, and is it sustainable? Sports was around for quite a while before it became a money making franchise; I certainly don't have the answers. But I feel certain that if it were not for the PGA Tour, and the broadcast TV showing of events that there would be far fewer courses, that technology would lag where it is today, both in equipment and course maintenance. It would be a more exclusive sport, with elitism at the country club core. But to address the question posed in the poll - I think it depends on how you define "good for golf"
  11. #2 - I have no interest in playing both ways, so easy choice to reduce my handicap
  12. Koepka calls Reed a cheater in an interview -and that Reed has a problem like the Astros Brooks Koepka thinks Patrick Reed cheated at Hero: "I don’t know what he was doing, building sand castles" - Golf Digest
  13. Seeing how Tiger is doing so far in the 3rd round, and again I wonder if @colin007 is still breathing
  14. Yeah, I'm waiting a few more holes before going into the 59 alert thread, but someone better check on @colin007 to see if he's still breathing
  15. I'm waiting for mygolfspy.com to tell me if these are closest to ProV1's, Velocity, AVX, Pinnacle, TrueFeel, etc. Because I'm pretty certain they didn't come up with 2 completely new golf balls for people who just like to kinda play golf
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