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  1. I'm working on a golf outing, and if there was one of those in the area to rent I would totally look into bringing it in one day. and certainly that is a no metal spikes facility (likely no soft spikes either)
  2. yes - my nickname with friends who golf is ...... are you ready for this ..... Wally Fairway
  3. I guess there is no reason for anyone to withdraw before pairings are announced. It isn't like there is an alternate waiting to fill a spot if someone can't make it. And I'm sure they already know in Augusta where I'd think they have some detail discussions about pairings.
  4. I have to ask, as that is an unusual pairing - why them?
  5. My go to escape club for a number of years was a 4-wood (and by wood I mean persimmon). That was replace by hybrids, but I'm thinking about giving it a go again. I may be old but I miss the sound of metal cleats and of a well hit persimmon
  6. Someday I'll make a long (and boring) post about things I dislike about the OWGR, this will be a short preview. Look at the points awarded at the WGC Match Play this past weekend. - Jason Day plays no matches & WDs and earns 1.20 points - Francesco Molinari loses 2up, 5 &3, and WD's and earns 1.2 points - Gary Woodland wins a match 2 & then WDs and earns 2.25 points Winning no matches gets you 1.20 points, halving a match & losing 2 gets you 1.55, winning one gets you 2.25, going 1-1-1 gets you 3.03 and going 2-1 and not advancing gets you 4.55. This compares to regular tour events (using the LA Genesis Open for comparative purposes) T17 - 4.95 T22 - 3.63 T28 - 2.95 T34 - 2.57 make the cut - 1.245 So for WD you get more points than making the cut at a tour event. I know the WGC events are a little different, but to me it just is a case of the rich getting richer. Both in $$$'s and in points which makes it easier to get invited to the next WGC event.
  7. Sergio with a little problem, on his way to losing to Rahm (and "missing the cut")
  8. Boom goes the DYNO-mite!!!
  9. Well you have to consider that sometimes activities such as this lead to someone winning a posthumous Darwin award, so it can actually help weed out the gene pool. To be honest this is kind of what I was expecting from this thread when I opened it, but I has hoping it would be someone Happy Gilmoring from the third deck and falling off the platform - that would be wrong, but funny
  10. Count me in for now (barring a work issue) - although honestly I can likely work part of the day, as all of those courses are within 20 minutes of the office.
  11. I just saw this story - and was going to post it here (waiting for the discussion and distain for "forcing" another club to change policy. And if you don't want to read the article, you might not recognize the Kasumigaseki CC by name, but you will know it as the 2020 Olympics host course for golf competition; and there was pressure on the Olympics to move to another course if KCC maintained their male only policy for membership. Except in this one the Executive Board of the club made the decision after discussions with member (although the headlines say vote, in reading the article I believe it was only a vote by the board).
  12. Age: 58Height: 69+" Where are you from: Jackson, MI How long have you been playing: @45 years Best Score: 73 (+1) Cascades Golf CourseFavorite club in the bag: Driver Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: read many, none that stick out (LWS is on my list to read)Where do you play: public courses, wherever I amBest courses you've played so far: Oakland Hills South, Mid-Pines, Arcadia Bluffs, Cascades (more of a favorites list)Things you enjoy most about golf: the camaraderie when playing with family & friends (and winning) Goals for 2017: play more, score better, get my kids a little more interested in it
  13. Bubba starting off hot today - 4 birdies on his first 5 holes to go +2 on Piercy who is -2 through 5
  14. Apparently May is a busier month than I thought, but as I said make plans and I will try to fit it in. I'm out the first week of May, and out on May 15, May 26, and May 31 unless it was a relatively early tee time on those days.
  15. I was wrong, only one currently on the men's tour, first one since at least the early 2000's (they list players in PGA events, but most were in the Buick Open and I'm guessing Monday qualifiers). The program highlight was in 2009 when Jack Newman played the Masters, as the Public Links champion. The women's programs has had a few on the LPGA, but the one "everyone" know is Holly Niederkohr - you know her when she changed her name for TV to Holly Sonders