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  1. You apparently have never seen the finish at the 1999 Open Championship
  2. kind of a douche move, but it looks like Tiger is laughing
  3. I was really hoping to see a 3 or 4 player playoff, but it was good to see Rory keep it together enough to get the trophy.
  4. I've always liked Pine Needles and Mid-Pines when I've made this trip with buddies, not everyone plays 36 a day. But those of us who do, it is almost always on those. I prefer to finish at Mid-Pines and relax/recover in their bar.
  5. Woohoo - I'm in first place this week, early on a Sunday morning. I have to celebrate early, because the real leaders lineups won't even tee off for an hour or more.
  6. @bkuehn1952 keep a few extra days, it's supposed to be 60 by Thursday, someplace nearby will have pin on the greens for that.
  7. Now I'm going to have to do some digging, as I've only been on the board for 8 years. I wonder what other hidden gems I, errr I mean we, can uncover. I hope there aren't any old blackface photo's, or posts that are offensive in a much more PC world.
  8. I've played Hogan irons since 1980, bought my last set in 2004. I'm going to have trouble finding a new set; I guess it maybe time to switch brands - I hope Mr. Hogan isn't put off by this. I've bought Drivers and 3-woods every 3 or 4 years (except when I won one in a TST contest, still playing that one), and I have 3 putters - a Ping Answer that I played in HS (mid 1970's), a Scotty Newport 2.0 that I picked up around 2006, and a Taylormade Spider that I won in a drawing last year. Equipment companies must hate guys like me. I almost forgot, but I received an email about a club fitting event at Pinehurst. If you are looking at an top line experience to get fitted for top of the line club, then maybe this is for you Pinehurst Resort | Golf, Spa & Dining The Cradle of American Golf | Plan Your Stay (866) 310-2630 | Discover a new way to play and relax.
  9. clickable ad in the March magazine for the Golden Passbook, if you are into playing courses around the state, it is a very good deal. Golden Passbook - Michigan Golf Course Coupon Book Golden Passbook is a golf course coupon book for Michigan
  10. 36 days - just to get this up to date. That's right people - 5 weeks from tomorrow. I'm excited, because hopefully it will finally be spring here (5° here this morning - so I'm looking for anything good to look forward to)
  11. Sorry @colin007 - still a strong field, but interest just dropped by 50% (or more)
  12. Sure there are some issues with the FedEx point system, same thing with OWGR points - but I can't come up with a better, more equitable way to do rankings. As @iacas stated, there is no perfect system for rankings - especially when the field is different every week, and the course, and the conditions. They both work, and it doesn't take much effort to follow them; if you don't want to look into the mechanics of how they are calculated it is easy. They post updated standings every week.
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