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  1. but do you strenuously object?
  2. Here is another thing to pay attention to (and it happens on several events each season) This means that the US Open won't get you driving, putting, or any other shot-level bonus's, Meaning fewer points to be had. So if you are picking someone because you think they'll score well with driving scores a bonus, or you take Spieth to get a few of those 5 point hole outs from 100 yards or greater, then you are wasting that pick. But also, this is the first event of the last segment, so everyone is available for you to pick.
  3. Not vaxxed, no official release but reading several stories that the protocol that he was following is that of someone who has not been vaccinated.
  4. Mostly the same guys as you 😉
  5. Players should pay me not to pick them - I had all 6 of my picks miss the cut this week, and I think I was in the top 10 after 2 rounds (which is weird) Bunch of hackers anyway - Rahm, Finau, Day, Zalatoris, Haas & IJP, all guys I hadn't played in this segment.....I should have kept it that way Oh well, off to pick some players to have a bad week in Dallas.
  6. @colin007 - it's not your fault
  7. So I'm watching the webcast, but on mute, so I don't know if this has been talked about on air. By my quick estimation the late groups going off after 3pm might get in 9-10 holes, which means tomorrow's groups will have to go off late and likely we are looking at a Saturday finish to the 2nd round. Was the plan to go off #1 & #10 on Saturday and Sunday? because that is what it looks like it might take to play this thing in the daylight
  8. Here is a webcam you can watch, to see the weather near the Masters (I'm viewing the one on Washington Rd) It doesn't look too bad right now https://www.wjbf.com/weather/skyview-network/
  9. Score are up today - it could be the weather conditionsl https://twitter.com/PGATOUR/status/1322209025791086593
  10. @dennyjones @bkuehn1952 or any other Michigan area golfers I have 2 vouchers to play Leslie Park in Ann Arbor, which expire on November 1 and for several reason I'm not going to be able to use them If you can use them in the next 10 days they are yours - send me a PM and I will send them to you Make my loss your gain
  11. Tell him the same thing we'd tell teammates after practice when they shaved their scores down when they played a shitty round. 103? 103? that sounds about right if you stopped counting on the 15th hole
  12. 2 months until the Masters (then 5 months to the next Masters) Looking forward to seeing this
  13. I love to see this thread bumped, mainly with retread discussions. I think it will continue to be bumped, until it is replaced by the Tiger vs BDC (or Wolff, or Cole Hammer, or some kid who is turning 6 this year) I mean Jack is 80, Tiger is 44, so if generational golfers come around every 40'ish years then maybe it is a kid; unless golf somehow slips to relative obscurity like boxing
  14. And the Masters is the next 2 majors on the schedule. BDC (along with Wolff, DJ and a few others) will play that course as a par 68 (maybe 67) with all the par 5's reachable with a wedge or 9-iron, and #3 being 350 yards is reachable as well.
  15. A disappointment unlike any other
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