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  1. Playing 3 on the weekend because Rickie, Rose & Phil didn't make a tee time
  2. Number 1 everyday (that is every day that I'm not playing a money game)
  3. This is for @colin007 , but be warned it might give you an eyegasm
  4. I have 3 areas that I call my home areas (where I live, where I grew up & where some friends have a summer place that I frequent) and there are there are 20-25 courses within 15 minutes of those areas. That is what I would call my normal drives, for an outing or if someone has a great deal at a destination course...besides that I don't play each course in my home areas every year, so I'd drive that 15 minutes for a normal round.
  5. I'm rooting for a major (or two - hoping Tiger is healthy this season) and another couple of wins; but if I had to make a wager I'd bet 0 majors because although he can win any week it is tough to make that bet for me....hell I'd bet 0 for Brooks too (health being a question there as well) And I'm waiting for @colin007 to vote, so I can see a non-zero on that Goaty, goat goat line
  6. I need to upgrade but the age of my sticks is very old Irons - 2005 Hogan CFT Driver - 2015 Callaway XR 3-wood -2009 Titleist 909 Hybrids - Cleveland Halos (circa 2010-12) Wedges - Gap???, Sand circa 2000-2004 off brand, 60° Vokey 2012 Putter - 2002 Scotty Newport 2.0 (back up putter - received as a gift - 2018 Taylormade Spyder) If they work for you they are not too old; as I tell all my friends (none of whom are better than a 5 hdcp) money is better spent on lessons, the range and playing golf and on beverages after the round
  7. I'd rather not set a new worst score of my life, I will have to live with that forever (hopefully), but I have felt bad and looked bad and I know I can recover and I'd take shooting the best round of golf in my life - which would mean even par or better. Yeah me!
  8. Nobody is saying to to Michigan or Wisconsin in the winter - but they are much more enjoyable to play in June-August than it is in the south, and you get up to extra 90 minutes worth of daylight as well. Then again I enjoy walking the course, and not sweating through my shirt while putting on the 1st hole ... but maybe that's just me. You seem to want to write off some outstanding golf destinations because they have winter, it's fairly simple - don't go in the winter
  9. That is solid advice - as those are also the months to avoid playing southern state (FL, TX, AZ, etc) as the heat and humidity are oppressive; and I speak from experience having lived in Houston for almost 2 decades. Although for Houston the gates of hell usually open in April or May and it doesn't cool off until October, except for a passing hurricane. For more than general concepts the OP should give some sort of budget and time frame for golfing trips - Pebble, Bandon and Pinehurst are great but pricey, there are great courses available everywhere at reasonable prices but you might have to get some local knowledge. I know there are some really good courses in Michigan, but they don't spend on promotional advertising, so they are not easy to find and you don't want to pick randomly because there are also some courses that aren't that great.
  10. There is also a recency bias in that list - Koepka has been great, but before 2017 he had wins in 1 PGA event, 1 European tour event and 2 Japanese tour events. While Rory won 4 majors in the decade, and at least 16 other PGA/European tour events (using the OWGR as my source), so where is Rors on the list?
  11. Easy answer is shoot the 67, - oh wait, before that is my final answer is that for 18, or do I have to play the back nine still to finish my day?
  12. I'm going to take a wild guess and say it is because you birdied a par three (ergo a 2 with a circle) on Pinehurst course #2
  13. Not sure if this goes here or the Presidents Cup thread https://twitter.com/dylan_dethier/status/1204237121147604992
  14. Yup - that's why he was referred to as Llloyd (maybe it was too subtle in my earlier post)
  15. Would rather play 6 days a week - although my caveat would be that I don't think my body would appreciate playing/practicing 7 days a week. At some point my knees, back, elbow would want a day off .... but I'd be willing to give it a try, though the weather might have something to say about it.
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