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  1. Played 9 after work on Monday, lost 0, found 4. So not to start a new thread, but how many balls do you typically find in a round?
  2. The OSU v. Wisconsin debate will be settled on October 26 in Columbus, and then revisited on December 7 in Indianapolis. Just like OU will (should) get another chance to play Texas in Dallas, this time at Jerry's World on December 7 - playing a Conf Championshp game in a conf where they play a full round robin schedule is baffling (but about money & impressing the committee) The season finally starts to get interesting
  3. Not to hijack, but maybe we should talk about Cole Hammer - Univ. of Texas player, on a sponsors exemption this week in Houston, 1st round -5, currently T7.
  4. Maturity, being around upper classmen and playing against college talent not junior talent Training table, getting with a nutrition and workout team It isn't like a year or two in college would kill his chances Kids who try this struggle to play with 25-50 year olds, it takes more than the ability to hit a golf ball to be successful; google Ty Tryon
  5. I would say 1-2 is typical, and I can usually find a couple - depending on the course; though I'll have several rounds that I play the same ball all day. So I don't carry that many, since "found" balls can be used as an emergency replacement. I will have an occasional round where I will lose more, sometimes these include the unexplainable alien abductions like my first tee shot of the year which was fairly well struck to the right side middle of the fairway and was never found.
  6. ESPN article on Romo being good for the game and the Tour https://www.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/27737098/why-tony-romo-good-golf-more-things-mattered-week
  7. Without practice and getting better, as a 10 handicap he can't compete in the local city championship (well may 2nd flight)
  8. I've never really followed the President's Cup that much; it seems like a forced event trying to mimic the Ryder Cup. But the Ryder Cup has history on it's side, and this year playing in December makes it unconnected to the season that ended in August. And playing the matches with a 14 hour time difference isn't going to make me watch many matches live.
  9. While I think Dave is likely correct, if you are seriously thinking about it then practice and play some local am events and some higher level state am events. If you win there, then I think you can decide if you want to take a crack at the Sr. Tour (err I mean Champions). If nothing else you will get better.
  10. Good opening round for Romo, T28 with the projected cut looking to be even. Do you think he makes the cut, or returns to the football booth for the weekend? I'm thinking yesterday's 5 birdies is not the norm and he misses the cut.
  11. Depends on his schedule, I think he's playing the Euro tour this week
  12. Well so much for having a good year, I only have 2 guys who are going to make the cut
  13. Wally Fairway

    59 Alert

    59 alert (maybe lower) Kevin Chappell has 9 birdies in a row (2-10), par is 70 so with 2 birdies on the last 8 holes he shoots a 59
  14. Oops - fat fingered it. Thanks. Even though there are other points that can be made 1st & 2nd in majors, top 5's or top 10's - that doesn't make up the difference in field strength and dominance vs. stronger field. This thread will go on year after year, with new posters, but in the end Tiger is GOAT even if he never plays another event.
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