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  1. Ugh - my fantasy team is terrible, no one is at par or better, and cumulatively they are currently +14, most are still on the course. Oh well, there's always next week {price is right loser sound bite}
  2. History says there have been guys who took the money and changed clubs and it didn't go so well - good players, dominant players, Johnny Miller, Freddy Couples, hell the golfdom went bonkers when Phil changed to Callaway for the Ryder Cup. Here is an interesting article from a while after Rory changed to Nike and his struggles. Switching equipment: is it worth the risk? At the start of the 2013 golf season, Rory McIlroy sent shockwaves through the golfing world by switching from Titleist to Nike Golf. The huge risk for... I think these guys can make enough from their endorsement deals from clothing, sunglasses, or advertising, that they should play equipment that is best for their game - be it clubs, ball, shoes, etc.
  3. another vote for marriage and children although really it is more the children, with their sports & activities and then college tuition/room/board/books and most recently grandkids.....what was I thinking???
  4. I got my application completed. My son has a saying about being in the Army, and I've realized it completely and accurately describes my relationship with the Masters ticket lottery. I expect nothing and still I am disappointed. Now awaiting June/July for confirmation of my career hole-in-ones will continue to equal the times I've won the Masters ticket lottery
  5. I know if seems like the PGA just finished, but the US Open qualifying has already started. Couple of links to start this discussion: - the exemption list https://www.usopen.com/qualifying/exemptions.html - the sectional list https://www.usopen.com/qualifying/sectional.html The first qualifier was yesterday - https://www.usopen.com/qualifying/sectional/Dallas-texas.html#!&tab=results With Brendon Todd & Nick Taylor being co-medalists at (-10), and Mike Weir getting a spot as well as Austin Eckroat (the only am to qualify yesterday) General Topics - Tigers 16th major, Brooks goes back-back-back, Phil gets his career slam, DJ, Spieth, Molinari or maybe a first time major winner (Rickie, Rahm, Xander, Kuch,) - make your guess...
  6. note to self - remember to check you line up for guys who are not playing/WD - thanks Marc Leishman, thanks for nothing
  7. @dennyjones posted a thread that you should read/watch if you are interested in just such a thing
  8. 8-track tape player, quadraphonic at that
  9. I'm waiting for some irons made from depleted uranium, with ultra lightweight shafts made from carbon nanotubes and grips of preserved mammoth leather. A driver constructed with a body made from Vibranium and the face of Unobtainium. Actually, as someone who has played Hogan irons since about 1979, I think it might be time to find a new company that makes irons that I could play.
  10. Today I finally made it to the store at lunch, fwiw I didn't take a whole pad of entry forms - but I did get about a dozen. Just enough for family & my golf crew to get new drivers. Go Rory!
  11. He is in the event; I'd put him in the top 120 reasons that I'll be watching (but I won't be watching as I'll be out west in Zion and Bryce Canyon parks next week....might catch some late Saturday and early Sunday; but John won't be playing the weekend so it won't matter)
  12. Good point, not very likely - as there aren't any water hazards on BPB to collect contenders shot, dreams and tears.
  13. Dammitall @colin007 - you owe me a new monitor, because this one has diet coke all over it I will say there is no reason Tiger can't win, there is a reason he is the (betting) favorite - but he doesn't have the course knowledge advantage at BPB that he has from years of playing ANGC, but he can certainly win (at least as of 10 days before the event starts)
  14. I would think they have insurance or a hedge "against" Rory winning, but it will get people interested in their drivers. I mean I'd better figure out if I want an M5 or an M6, right?
  15. Maybe my wife used to enter contests as a hobby, and I would read some of them and it was amazing how many had loopholes. So these things catch my eye, even if I don't get a pad of forms I could easily get 10 -20 entry form by the start of the event. So tomorrow I'm going to AA, there are 2 Dick's in Lansing, 1 in Brighton and 1 in AA, so that would be 4 that would take me an extra 10 minutes. Denny - I'll sell one to you at a bargain
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