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  1. If you're looking for a deal Group Golfer has Manistee Golf & Country Club rounds available for $20 (including cart) - this is about 30 minutes south of Arcadia Bluffs, it is also right on Lake Michigan. I haven't played it, but it is on the list - so I picked up some rounds Manistee Golf & Country Club | Michigan Golf Coupons | GroupGolfer.com Shot of the Day Michigan: Manistee Golf & Country Club - 18 Holes with Cart - Jul. 2020 - Built in 1901 and featuring some of the Midwest’s most incredible golf, Manistee Golf and Country Club provides all who come to... Limit 4 per person. May purchase additional vouchers as gifts. Must make tee time; subject to availability. Not valid before 10AM on weekends. Not valid for leagues, outings, course holidays, cash back or with any other offer. Expires 8/1/2021.
  2. Only gloves, here is a photo of my group walking to the first tee (yes they let us play a 5-some)
  3. I just checked the leaderboard, and thought I'd better check in here to see how you are doing (LOL!) Looks like your weekend might be freed up from having to watch the Memorial - maybe now you can make a tee time?
  4. Since this has gone off the rails - how hasn't Poulter been mentioned? Patty Reed, Lexi, Brandel, Johnny Miller....give me some time and I'm sure I can come up with a few more
  5. I'm kinda worried about the outcome of this, based on a fairly small sample size. 10,000 seems small; for reference Boaty McBoatface received over 120,000 votes in another internet voting contest
  6. Denny - I finally got around to checking my group golfer account for the first time since April, and they have extended my vouchers from early May to November 1. Which makes it on me to use them - I'm actually pretty excited having looked them up, it is a little bit like free golf (since I had kind of written this off )
  7. I don't think it is that fine of a balancing act at all - I work in the construction industry, if you want to work on one of our jobs, as a sub contractor, then you have to follow the rules set up for the jobsite. Safety rules have been around for a long time, and they now include Covid questionnaires and taking your temperature daily, social distancing, and on some sites it includes wearing a mask as part of your required PPE. And if you test positive you are not allowed back on the site until you test negative (some sites require you test negative twice)
  8. They are coming to the Mitten, next week. I'm afraid maybe the just pack up and decide to go to Columbus/Muirfield for a month
  9. Not really a problem after this week - tour goes to Detroit, Dublin, OH (Jack's course), Minnesota, Memphis, Lake Tahoe (Cali might balk), San Fran, North Carolna, Boston (8/20-23), Chicago, and then East Lake - 9/17-20 Winged Foot US Open, Ryder Cup (rumored to be pushed to 2021), then the 2020-21 schedule plus the bonus Masters in mid-November. So after this week the tour isn't in NY, NJ or CT.
  10. Checks fantasy roster, everythings okay - get back soon Champ
  11. Not really his putter being on fire - 8 birdies today, the longest being 12', four of them from 5' or closer; so really having his irons dialed in today. Sorry Colin, hope you don't watch this because although haters gonna hate, likewise apparently Jordan is gonna Jordan (including his triple today, which is the struggling Jordan thing)
  12. @colin007 all that hate is gonna burn you up, LOL I'd like to see him win, but even if he does - I don't see him getting back to the top 10. Too many good young players these days, JT seems to be the cream of this crop, IMO.
  13. How has nobody reference Tobacco Road yet? Too many holes with interesting features to just name one or two; my travel group has played it twice as the course we stop at on the way back to the airport after our trip the the Sand Hills. Most like it, a couple hate it - saying all it lacks is a clowns mouth to hit through. It is a very different course built by Mike Strantz, with several holes that are the definition of target golf. But I think it is a fun layout and it generates lots of conversation. You should get up to Forest Dunes, the original course is actually 19 holes - the last hole being a short par 3 with a sandtrap in the middle, when I've played it it seems like if you are on the wrong side of the trap you just pick up, as the purpose of the hole is really to settle any bets that were pushed.
  14. Clubs & bag are in the garage, but it looks kind of like this - it was spiff at a charity scramble last year or the year before. I usually don't keep that stuff, but this turned out to be a great thing to have in the year of the COVID
  15. I've only been out a few times, but I've walked and really enjoyed it. Of course I had to take a bunch of unnecessary items out of my bag to make it more manageable. Agree with the hand sanitizer comment - I have a travel size that has a carabiner clip, so I can us it after every hole if I start to OCD; I do wish ball washers were available, but that will have to wait
  16. I'm in, again Fully expecting a disappointment unlike any other (for about the 20th consecutive year)
  17. I'd love to see one (or more) of them use an autoamatic trolley, but it certainly wouldn't be for free; these guys make bank as a walking advertisement so I think they would use one if the price was right.
  18. #17 The Road Hole, St Andrews, The Old Course a) having a hotel on the flight line, or very close b) the wall across the road is in play c) hell bunker, perhaps having to play away from the pin d) and Sunday typical pin is near the slope from the bunker
  19. Here ya go, maybe this will help get courses open. A COVID compliance device for pins
  20. I hope its that simple, but you are talking about thousands of companies, schools, and events - I doubt they are going to have specific guidelines for each situation. When would you go on a cruise, when should the senior living centers allow visitors, when can K-12 schools open, colleges, major events in stadiums ... and it differs, somewhat, by community as some will be hard hit and others will have much lessor impacts. It is easy for a governor (or sport commissioner) to cancel everything, but I get the feeling you don't turn it all back on at the same time.
  21. Welp - now what do I look forward to? Seriously, my question related to all the schools here closing, and sporting events, conventions, etc. What has to happen for these to reopen? I certainly hope that someone has set "exit parameters" so they don't just look at a calendar and say everything is okay
  22. I guess this is as good a place as any for this. Euro tour is playing in Qatar this week, Nicolai HØjgaard is the first round leader, shot 29 on the back nine with a bogey on the last hole. Is this any good? Also Joost is currently in 2nd place
  23. I'd take winning the Open Championship, it would get me into the other majors and I could play the Open rota until age 60. I get wanting the Olympic experience, but you only have to be highly rated to get into the Olympics as a citizen of the US, UK, Australia, Spain, etc - there will be some not highly rated players from less "developed". And knowing my luck I'd qualify get in this year and have it be cancelled for COVID-19, or have it mean less as 1/2 the field decides not to participate. Here are the current rankings - https://www.igfgolf.org/wp-content/uploads/olympicsMenReallocationReserveList-02_03_20.pdf the 60th ranked player is Udayan Mane, who is #249 in OWGR
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