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  1. So far it’s exciting... for me to bad Brendan Steele hasn’t done much... it seems to me the more birdies the better for scoring and hopefully the bogeys stay away as well as compared to the golfers overall positioning on the leaderboard...
  2. For me its 3W anywhere other then the Tee Box....no issues at all using it on the Tee but when needed in the fairway it's 50/50 for me, I know it's a mental thing for me and this season I made it priority #1 to use it more and I have (and with better results) but still not the club of choice in a serious round lol
  3. I’ve always worn mine and as stated previously by someone else you eventually get used to it.. has never been a issue for me
  4. hate to say but we needed a 3rd choice (Neither) cause I don't see either of them happening...kinda like a 16th seed beating a #1 seed in the NCAA BB Tourney. But I will say this imho if 1 of these choices were ever to occur I'd vote for a PGA Club Pro to win....these guys are good and if all the stars and moon align and he's playing well anything is possible I guess.
  5. that's kinda my response this weekend when tuning into coverage of the Safeway Open when I saw his name up on the LB...he actually finished in the top 20 I believe, I remembering thinking to myself "now that's a name I haven't seen in a long time"
  6. Hunter Mahan... he was up on the LB this past weekend at the Safeway but wow he's slowly but surely become an unknown, I don't even see his Ace Hardware commercials anymore
  7. To the OP.... I'm just as you are, kinda of torn between yes they should change it & no keep it the same..but I say keep it the way it is. My reason is the 2nd part of your answer in your original question, for me it wouldn't be exciting to see the 29th or 30th ranked guy win & thus be rewarded for 1 great weekend & that being the last in the Tour Championship, when it's a great possibility he didn't even win a tournament all season. I can live with it being the way it is, after all nothing in life is perfect so all we can do is go with what makes it the closest to the be
  8. when I started I did, but haven't worn a glove for over 15yrs now and can't see any reason why I will either, thankfully have never gotten a blister or blisters either, when I played Mens softball I didn't wear a glove or gloves either...honestly don't think it matters 1 way or the other, personal preference imho and comfortably
  9. I choose #2....but with what we have seen from him lately #1 wouldn't be to far from the truth either and wouldn't surprise me at all. JMHO
  10. Bingo my thoughts too.... realized long ago I'm never going to be a Pro Golfer and on the tour so why go out every round trying so hard to lower it..and placing to much added pressure on myself I also realize that for more then even want to admit it, it's bragging rights. The water cooler discussion for the day amongst buddies and all.. "hey man I'm a __ handicap now what about you?" I don't take golf to serious or myself for that matter to really care, it's not the be all end all of who I am... it's a hobbie and a pleasure of mine that I enjoy... I do applaud all who make
  11. PING is going to help me be fast and forgiving with the new G Driver and Crossover! Adam Scott -14 Bill Haas -11 Justin Thomas -9
  12. thanks GoGolfing for setting this up......can't wait
  13. I joined the PGA Tour web-site (and it has a app as well for IPhone).....if I'm not mistaken you can create your own league as well....a bit different then the format we had on Yahoo....you pick 4 starters and 2 reserves that's it...but still seems nice
  14. Hope I can post this here, was wondering if the Fanasty Golf league is happening again this year and hoping I didn't miss out if so...I had a blast playing last season
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