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  1. Take my games seriously. Break 85 - 86 best score to date Accurate gapping session on wedges Track scores and stats after each qualifying 18 holes Have fun! Think each shot, Lie, Winds elevation etc. not just roll up and swing Don't quit after a bad hole or force a good score to recuperate. Hopefully drop the handicap below 18 by October close of season
  2. A hard to swallow 99 on a new course, Links with fast greens. Par'ed 4 of the last 6 holes to come in with 18 point back 9 (+3 for the 6 holes) Taking the best back 9 prize at least. Down to 19hcp from 20 last year, hoping to go below 18 this year
  3. gaz d

    gaz d

  4. Broke 90 only last month, and carded an 87 yesterday in the Club Lady captains prize to men. Bogey golf mostly with two nice birdies. Played in no different manner than normal, the shots just worked, bounces in my favour and putts dropped. I've Never had so many single putts ! On fire. Left the driver in the bag mostly which kept me safe Roll on breaking 80 now
  5. Shot 88 on my home course Sunday, par 72. 41 points and cut 1.2 shots. :) First time breaking 90 in 5 years, Noted that keeping it safe and on the short stuff as much as possible works, 3 wood can help off the tee if in trouble, bail to the fairway and avoiding the hero shots. a bad hole can be saved with a good short game, up and downs.
  6. 88 today on a course i played for the first time, birdies on 2 x par 4s which is uncharachteristic by my standards! 44 on both nines. Lessons learnt. - Dont always rip the driver off the tee, hit an iron to leave a full shot to the green, - FIR and GIR are essential to make comfortable pars, let alone birdies - Keep it in play
  7. Oh God, Today I drove a green on a 271 yard par 4 Hit 292 last week, What am I doing wrong :(
  8. 89 playing off 17 and its my first game in over 12 months, i was happy enough http://www.howdidido.co.uk/scorecard.aspx?id=28676659
  9. nothing wrong with it except on the green its disgusting!
  10. 250 my longest average around 210
  11. heard these were banned from places due to arguments over dress codes. May havev been said but havent read the thread fully to this point
  12. Keep all the wedges you can! gives your short game more options!
  13. Nothing wrong with it if out on your own for practice.
  14. yeah there is a guy in my club like that, a 'Rules Nazi' and no one like to play with him.
  15. gaz d

    Finally broke 80!

    Well done some score there!
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