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  1. gaz d

    New 2-Ball SRT

    thanks gonna have a look today.
  2. gaz d

    Natalie Gulbis

    eewwww!!!!! Disgusting CASE CLOSED!
  3. gaz d

    New 2-Ball SRT

    Anyone have one? I have an old 2ball but might buy the newer one. what is it like? Picture Here
  4. gaz d

    Breaking 90?

    so a summary of the tips from the thread so far... •Keep your ball in play. •PLAY CONSERVATIVELY •never keep score •Avoid aiming at pins •aim at the centre of the green •avoid risks and lay-up when needed •Hit an iron for all second shots on par 5's •When in trouble add 1 shot to the par and get it back in play •Take more club on every iron shot •Eliminate three putts •Have very specific targets off the tee (away from the trouble)
  5. gaz d

    Breaking 90?

    yeah it is pretty hard not to think about it. any tips on that?
  6. Mine is a picture i took of padraig harrington hitting balls on the range at the ryder cup on the friday.
  7. gaz d

    Breaking 90?

    Had a quad bogey after losing a ball on a par 5, a triple after going under bushes on 1 and another triple after getting up against the lip in a bunker. Drives were going well, irons had the odd mis-hit,short game was great just those 3 bad holes.
  8. My course has 2 one on #8 and one on #17 stupidest places ever!
  9. People drop balls wrong, also not declaring a provisional or declaring a ball 'Lost'
  10. gaz d

    Breaking 90?

    I shot 92 today! 3 to much!
  11. I would play with the high handicapper a cheater shouldnt be tolerated, no argument
  12. 92,still 3 away from breaking!
  13. Bedroom (cant leave em in a cold garage!)
  14. gaz d

    Breaking 90?

    Good stuff here! Thanks will try 2morrow.
  15. Worst thing ever, Marking the card on the green!!!
  16. you have to be confident over every putt. i mean golf is a mental game as well right?
  17. Clean clubs,refill water bottle and remove all the bad balls mostly finds outta the bag to keep the weight down.
  18. gaz d

    Breaking 90?

    Im playing off 19 on my course par 71 so never have broken 90 yet! I need to get down to 15 by september so i can play in the weekend comps during school term. Any tips? I know this is very vague but anything to give my some consistent good rounds.
  19. I was bored today and decided i would count each and every golf ball in my possesion! 727 was my final total! Some were brand new i won i have only bought 15 of that lot which were the top flite D2. Anyone else have near as many or more than me?
  20. i had my hole in one on a par 3 aswell! It was a course on a hotel ground but it was on the 1st hole about 95 yards.People were saying that i didnt count which made me feel stupid for even making a big deal out of it.
  21. gaz d

    Junior Golfers

    So most juniors dont have a good situation at there club so........
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