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  1. i take the break out unless its downhill then i dont take the risk of flying it past.
  2. yeah the mental momentum carries on,in turn creating confidence.
  3. gaz d


    i started playing when i was about 8 and 8 years on i dont use one,never liked them anyway and couldnt feel the advantage when i hit a few shots with one.
  4. Hitting it well off the first.
  5. gaz d


    Got cut on sunday but it all went downhill today! Shanked a few,duffed a few,the out to in swing got a lot worse which meant so did the extreme fade (aka SLICE) Any help tips for an out to in swing?
  6. Odyessey 2 ball -Very easy to lineup -Nice feel off the face insert.
  7. Lower your handicap in 10 weeks by Nick Wright
  8. just got back from trying them out, i added at least 25 yards to my drive woth the callaways after my first tee shot which i put it out of bounds! the D2 was brilliant,im getting consistent spin on my approach or at least stopping swiftly.
  9. I use an Old Tyre and i have a proper golf hole in the ground, grass isnt the best quality though.
  10. Bought Some D2 Feels today, heading out for 9 to try them now.
  11. The more you play the better and more consistent you become imo.
  12. Top tip- Dont Underclub,Always take one more club than you need
  13. Cameraman for the tour! You are allowed play the course for free on the monday after the event!
  14. there was a poll on this in golf monthly. im not fussed about course wear.
  15. I bought 12 warbirds today because there were no D2's, what do the Callaways play like? and where can i get d2's on the web that will post to ireland within reasonable prices?
  16. i have had the 2-ball for 2 years and i love it,can line it up wrong. Got the R5 a year ago and thats fine. Recently i changed from dunlop ladies irons to my yonex adx 100i's. Dont buy new stuff that often.
  17. gaz d

    My Clubs

    Its a stormy day in ireland so im bored and stuck inside. thought i would wash the clubs and show you all my set.
  18. Theres a few links on the coasts but mostly parkland. Lots of trees!
  19. I wouldnt think your shoes would have much of an effect, only on your wallet. Golf shoes over here are around €80 but i went to spain last month and bought my current shoes, RAM Stuburts for €50. I never really think about the shoes i wear.
  20. I was always wondering what number of post i needed to change my user group,so i went to the member list and figured this out, Here it is incase anyone else is wondering, Correct me if im wrong eric. 500 posts-Club Champ 250 posts-League Member 145 posts-Golfaholic 72 posts-Weekend Duffer 18 posts-Hacker 5 posts-Mini Golfer
  21. Dont think it makes a difference where you go, over here in ireland every pro charges roughly the same, €30 for 1/2 hour €40 for an hour
  22. Never realy buy the mags but might get 'Golf' 2moro.
  23. Yeah, Havret proved that the europeans are just as good as the americans.
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