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    Short clubs

    your posture MAY be affected but dont quote me on it. personally i wouldnt do it.
  2. gaz d

    What else?

    Im not old enough to drive legally but i go to all the events that happen in ireland.
  3. I always play better with people i have never played with before,especially if they have a lower handicap than me, i feel i need to play well as to not hold them up.if i am playing with someone i know im not under that pressure so dont seem to play as well. I play better in a competition because im under pressure but never as well in a practice round. Sometimes the weather influences me, if it has been bad for the previous few days then you play on a good day your on a bit of a high from the start. what about you?
  4. i prefer the walk but occasionally use a cart for the novelty of it (they are pretty expensive to rent). I know it is faster to use one but i like to have the freedom of walking wherever on the course and not following paths and stopping 50 yards from the green and leaving my clubs because if i take one club then realise the lie is different so i need another one it is an inconvenience.
  5. Me and the guys in my club go over to wales every summer for 3 rounds this year will be the third trip.
  6. once your long game is straight then my advice would be to work on every shot you could have within 100 yards. On par 5's....my rule is always play position, it is gonna take me 3 shots to get there anyway so i may aswell keep it in play.
  7. I carry....... -balls -tees -pencil -towel -ball marker -pitch mark repairer -club cleaning tool -wet gear -drink -chocolate bar -phone -wallet -hat -rule book -strokesaver
  8. Everyone is saying good things about the D2! I cant wait to try one now, they are supposedly very good for the money.
  9. Play the ball a bit further back in your stance. if it is too close to the front you will catch it on the upswing and give it more height over distance.
  10. i have the same problem,my yonex irons rip up everyball i hit, yesterday i was hitting a provisional so i took out a crappy pinnacle and when i picked it up there were shreds hanging off of it!
  11. I personally try to forget about it,move on or just laugh about it. then get on with the game. how do you deal with it?
  12. Tiger,because i wasnt around for the 'jack' era.
  13. What other interests do people off the site have? Im big in to cars,tuning and drifting. Play a bit of social poker now and then.
  14. yeah a bit antisocial to do it while playing a game with others.
  15. i was gonna say.......... Happiness is ...walking to a par 3 with the putter in your hand.
  16. yeah my putting, i had 33 putts for that round which is mostly 2 putts,never 3's
  17. Just normal golfers, i hit those stats today and shot +13 (par 66)
  18. i have an R5 and i love it, huge head you cant mishit and lovely whip in the shaft.
  19. I dont like to ruin a brand new ball,but if im using it in a big competition i put GD my initials each side of the number.
  20. Mickelson is tied with the ''no-namer''(Gregory Havret) at -14 with 4 to play.
  21. i do it sometimes while chipping. it for me just drowns out other distractions like greenkeepers,other golfers and surrounding distractions.
  22. On my course, a 9 hole short par 66. I have parred almost every hole and birdied a couple too. Except the 8th hole,a 367yard,par 4,index 3,very steep green from left to right almost impossile to hold a ball on. I hit it in 2 but it rolls off to the right every time.then i chip on and 2 putt for bogey. I just cant nail it!
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