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  1. Here is a photocopy of the 1st and 6th holes at Ballinascorney GC
  2. What is the average fairways (FH) and greens (GIR) to be hitting in a round? Today i hit 10/18 fairways and 10/18 greens.
  3. Same here ezmoney! I took a new pro V1 out today and my irons tore the cover to shreds but i was playing so well,i kept going. Lots of bunker marks and one of a wall at the back of a green! but i played to a 13 handicap.
  4. test them....? yes i played a round hitting balls from the distances and pacing some out,the majority were right, others were off by 1 or 2 yards.
  5. Shot +13 on my local 9 hole,played 18 though. 79 on par 66.43pts. best score yet
  6. gaz d

    Plug Ball

    cheers, now that i re-read the book yeah was wrong sorry bout that. Misread the rule.No need to deduct reputation,i was honestly incorrect and was not argueing just stating my findings which were wrong.
  7. gaz d

    Plug Ball

    in the rules i looked up 'embedded ball', it says through the green + in a bunker a free drop is allowed. EDIT I am incorrect in this post,apologies.
  8. gaz d

    Plug Ball

    Whats the conditions for taking a free drop for a plugged ball? Especially in a bunker?
  9. lot of pressure leading in to the final round!
  10. yeah,use the measure tool and put it in yards,
  11. Only 6 balls in my bag each round and 9 tees. Dont ask!
  12. Must buy 3 D2's and see what there like....feel of course!
  13. I used to do it. I would line it up then go to address it and realise it wasnt pointing where i wanted it, this happened so often i just gave up on it.
  14. Have a few of these alright, Putts wont drop and the driver wont stay straight.
  15. Will photocopy a few of the pages and put them up later.
  16. Pro v's the most popular then.
  17. Thursday evening with a friend, 3rd hole, 1 over, 385 yard 90 degree, right hand dogleg. Cut the dogleg over the OB with a 5 wood, 130 to the green uphill, 8 iron in to the left of green, 9 iron from the fringe (15 ft) for birdie!
  18. I was curious to know this. I play off 20 and use Pro V1 because i think they are a good ball for stopping on greens because they are soft but dont knock to much distance of my long game either.
  19. I add my name to the fast play petition and will encourage others to HURRY UP, and will try to play my rounds in four hours or less!
  20. My advice would be once you can hit your drives on off the fairway pretty well,maybe after a lesson or two, just work on the short game then. 80% of shots in a round are within 100 yards of the green.For Most beginners thats where big problems start 3 putts,fluffed chips and so on. So short game is the key i think.
  21. Eye on the back of the ball,left shoulder past my chin and downswing hard and fast!
  22. Crappy 9 hole par 3 in spain longest hole 98 yards and the greens were like my back garden (very bad!)
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