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  1. 2 My clubs 1 Father and son competition 3 With Golf Societies 5 Total
  2. Who will win in scotland on sunday? Gregory havret has a 1 shot lead at -10
  3. was in the range one day,tee'd up a ball very high and whipped out the 58*..........hit the roof and ball bouncing all over the place! Was playing local course and was called thru by the group in front,long par 4,what happened! knocked my drive down along the ground 70yards or so. boy was i red faced!
  4. www.stackstowngc.com www.ballinascorneygc.com
  5. its pretty hard to hit one because in my local range it goes side to side!
  6. yeah a nice 25 footer is the best,with a load of break,hearing the click of the ball in the cup.
  7. gaz d

    Funny Golf Course

    My second club is like that! 9 holes, par 33, 420 longest hole, 101 shortest, best score 40(+7) for 9 Greens are impossible because they have so much gradient!
  8. A one-ball has no standing on the course according to the rules and have to let all other groups thru. i only play thru people im stuck behind idont go out to play thru people.They have to let you thru if they are holding you up no question about it.
  9. The reason i did it so quick is because my course was covered by google earth if i had not have been it would have taken way longer!
  10. I made a book with all the holes in my course drawn out. I then used google earth and was able to work out distance from the middle of each green to different markers such as trees,bunkers,poles and water. it has helped me a lot as i can judge distance better and i am hitting more greens. i would highly recommend doing this to anyone. it only took me about 2 hours to do. Pictures to come.
  11. Googled 'Slice cures'' and a thread on here popped up so along i came!
  12. 2 days ago.... Par 4-387 yards Driver,6 Iron, 58 degree vokey wedge in to the cup for birdie!
  13. I agree with hurley thats bad after you paying the money you are entitled to a quiet,distraction free and godd quality round.
  14. Found your site when searching for tips on curing a slice! Very good i have to say! Im 16 playing off 20.0. im in 2 golf clubs in Dublin one of which padraig harrington comes from. Look forward to my time here. Gavin
  15. 1/2 during school 5 during summer
  16. Harrington!! (has not much of a chance!) I would say that cos im irish and he comes from my golf club!
  17. Suffering with a terrible slice off the tee lately. im Swinging out to in, thanks for all the tips in here!
  18. -Break 80 -Make 3 birdies in one round -Play at least 3 games a week this summer! (in either of my 2 clubs!)
  19. Shot 87 today off 20 (par 71) so i was happy even though its probably a bad score for most on here.
  20. I hit the 58' Vokey from 20-50 yards out. Otherwise if im within 20 i usually use a 9 iron.
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