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  1. 10/18 gir on a good day 7 on a bad Never averaged putts probably around 1.9 pr green
  2. Michael Kavanagh,keeps things simple by changing one thing at a time. Used to teach harrington when he was young.
  3. He practices up there a lot so meeting him is a regular occurence but seeing him with the jug is special.
  4. Padraig spent the evening in his home club at stackstown where his career all began.There were hundreds of members along with media and camera crews. I featured on the late evening news which can be viewed HERE Its the first video and im on the right of the shot. Pictures of myself with him and the infamous 'Claret Jug'. Well Done to padraig on a well deserved and long awaited victory of a major.
  5. since i was 4 so........................16-4=12!
  6. Who was the only person to predict he would win!!! Yeah i was! He is from my club, stackstown and hes bringing up the jug tomorrow!
  7. gaz d

    USGA Handicap

    couldnt answer that im from ireland!
  8. So everyone has lots of confidence in garcia then! lol
  9. crazy distances! nearly double my drive!
  10. Driver: 230 yards 3 iron: 150 yards 7 iron: 125yards PW: 95 yards Very short i know.
  11. gaz d

    Junior Golfers

    You have to be off 15 or less to play at the weekend with members in my club, i need to drop 3.1 shots by august 31st!
  12. even pros have an off day or week! It will pass.
  13. gaz d

    My Clubs

    Yeah passes the time.
  14. I clicked no. 2 by mistake! meant 3!
  15. gaz d

    Formula 1?

    F1 isnt as exciting as it used to be imo
  16. gaz d

    Junior Golfers

    yeah we have one thursday am a week for our competition we also get free lesson every 3 weeks but every other day we can only go out after 4.30pm.
  17. A golfer steps up on the tee on the 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass. He takes a new ball out of his pocket,thinks for a minute then switches to an old ball.Suddenly a voice comes from the sky.............. "Wait! Replace that old ball with a brand new one." The guy doesnt argue and tees up the new ball. As he stepped up to the tee once more, the voice came down again: "Wait. Step back. Take a practice swing." The guy once again doesnt argue he swings......... The voice says........... one more. he did.A long silence followed ... Then the voice says.............Use the old ball!
  18. gaz d

    Junior Golfers

    How many junior golfers are on the site? Age 17 or less. What is your club like? Do they organise events for you or do you join in with members?
  19. gaz d


    no stuff like that in ireland, no cart girls, you go shop at the ninth and no porters to carry you club to the car!
  20. gaz d

    Wish me Luck!

    sounded like a hard course! When you play with bad players it doesnt help your game.
  21. lol we joined same day and same age.
  22. I think its the same in scotland and ireland this is the 47th consecutive day of some sort of rain ranging from short showers to full blown thunderstorms. i will be in scotland this w/end but i will be 2 hours aay from carnoustie so i wont be going but will be glued to the tv.
  23. one of my clubs is 9 hole par 33 we play the same tees both times round but the index goes like -hole 1.....index 11 -Hole 10...Index 12 Its easier on the back because you have already played it once and are going to be more warmed up and in the swing of things.
  24. i used to hit the ball clean but that never held any greens so i figured, just hit down and hard to make sure you follow through.
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