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  1. i started playing when i was about 8 and 8 years on i dont use one,never liked them anyway and couldnt feel the advantage when i hit a few shots with one.
  2. Got cut on sunday but it all went downhill today!
    Shanked a few,duffed a few,the out to in swing got a lot worse which meant so did the extreme fade (aka SLICE)
    Any help tips for an out to in swing?
  3. just got back from trying them out, i added at least 25 yards to my drive woth the callaways after my first tee shot which i put it out of bounds!
    the D2 was brilliant,im getting consistent spin on my approach or at least stopping swiftly.
  4. I was always wondering what number of post i needed to change my user group,so i went to the member list and figured this out,
    Here it is incase anyone else is wondering,
    Correct me if im wrong eric.
    500 posts-Club Champ
    250 posts-League Member
    145 posts-Golfaholic
    72 posts-Weekend Duffer
    18 posts-Hacker
    5 posts-Mini Golfer
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