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  1. Exactly why I choose not to get a membership...
  2. Depends on the course but most of the times I will play from the Blues.
  3. Haha, I just turned it on and caught Tiger in the sex addiction meeting.
  4. At the end of the article on that page he has a list of references but they are just various golf books. I have not checked them as I do not own any of them and had no real reason for my purposes of using that information. If anyone has those books they may be able to help validate the accuracy of those numbers.
  5. Here is a table that I used for my own analysis found at http://www.probablegolfinstruction.c...ws06-01-04.htm Putt Length / Pro / Hcp 0-4 / Hcp 11 / Hcp 26 3 feet / 1.07 / 1.22 / 1.35 / 1.50 6 feet / 1.32 / 1.46 / 1.62 / 1.86 10 feet / 1.54 / 1.63 / 1.83 / 2.10 15 feet / 1.75 / 1.76 / 1.98 / 2.29 20 feet / 1.86 / 1.86 / 2.10 / 2.43 30 feet / 1.96 / 2.00 / 2.27 / 2.61 40 feet / 2.00 / 2.10 / 2.38 / 2.77 50 feet / 2.10 / 2.20 /
  6. Firefox at work and whatever the newest IE is at home.
  7. I hit the most solid and far shots when I "Feel" I am only doing a 3/4 swing.
  8. Did you know you were sitting 6 over par on the 16th tee or did you figure it out after the round? If you knew, that could have been your problem. I find its always better to know after the fact then to have it in my head before the fact. Added pressure usually never really helps anyones game.
  9. I would suggest an old piece of carpet. You can stain a spot on it to simulate where the ball is and when you swing you will be able to see not only the starting point of your divot, but also the shape etc. I also second Eric when he said that Harvey was talking about a target in the distance, not something on the ground.
  10. Haha, it was a joke. Just seemed like you two were having a pissing contest.
  11. Ok, so I give... So which one of you ended up having the bigger dick?
  12. I used ghin last season when I joined the work golf league but didn't do it again this year. It was a breeze but since I don't play "competitive" golf in a league or tournys I just use my handicap calculation I get from Scorecard. If I get good enough to start playing tournys I will use GHIN.com again.
  13. StrmStlkr

    Rant: Chewers

    Yeah, this happened to me the other day and it was pretty annoying. I also get your complaint on people who dip as I am one of them since I quit smokeing two months ago. I would never even think about spitting on the green and always carry a bottle with me to spit into. I even have a problem with myself if I catch myself spitting anywhere on the course (out of habit being outside). Sunflowers seeds on the green are pretty damn annoying.
  14. Someone please clarify this rule for me. Specifically this part: "If it is determined that the ball has become unfit for play during play of the hole being played, the player may substitute another ball, placing it on the spot where the original ball lay. Otherwise, the original ball must be replaced. If a player substitutes a ball when not permitted and makes a stroke at the wrongly substituted ball, he incurs the general penalty for a breach of Rule 5-3, but there is no additional penalty under this Rule or 15-2. " To me that sounds as if the ball is unfit to play, he may
  15. I keep going back and forth on whether or not I should buy a new set of irons or not. This is my third season of golf and I am currently a 17 handicap and hopefully will be lower soon. I have started to shoot in the mid to lower eighties the last few rounds and feel that I can keep shooting there but my handicap just hasn't lowered yet. I am using a cheap Dunlop set (200 bucks) I bought when I first started and they really aren't in bad shape. The grooves seem to have a lot of nicks in them but the main problem I have with them are the grips are starting to go bad. Originally I had a pla
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