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  1. When the weather permits: http://www.deanfaulder.co.uk/myspace/borat.jpg Otherwise but polo shirt, creme shorts, shoes that look like golf shoes but without hte spikes and a cap.
  2. Ospi

    Short clubs

    Well i only just started playing and im using my dads clubs which he got at a garage sale god knows how many years ago. The problem is these clubs are probably a good 200mm or so short compared to what was recommended to me by my coach. Now i certainly dont have the money to go buy a set of irons so my question is, how bad is it for your game and getting into habits which arnt all that desirable by using short clubs? is it pointless me continuing to train with these irons until i get a set at the proper length?
  3. I usually listen to a bit od led zeppelin or dream theater on the course lol. It just relaxes me and stop me thinking so hard about each shot which usually ends up with the ball going in every which direction.
  4. Ospi

    Beginner advice

    wow $130, thats heaps. Im paying $20 per hour lesson with the pro at my club, its been fantastic so far, 2 down 3 to go but iv alreadly learned so much. YOu really cant go wrong with getting lessons.
  5. Atm im at university studying mechanical engineering, the goal being to become a race engineer in a top level motorsport series.
  6. For me its either straightening up on my downswing and hitting the ball with the butt of the club or leaving the clubface open and slicing the mofo out of it.
  7. I believe this is also my problem, rolling the wrists seems to help, you would think id be good at it from my cricket days but anyway.
  8. Hi all, Well i started to learn how to play this game not 2 days ago so the term "newbie" is an understatement. Had 2 lessons on thurs and friday and within that time iv gone from maybe hitting a ball nicely by fluke once in a round of golf to now being relatively consistent. Anyway ill be practicing at the driving range tomorrow which i look forward to ad i also look forward to a good stay here and learning as much as i can.
  9. Ospi

    Formula 1?

    ahh good to know others enjoy F1. Its my fav sport and iv been following it since i can remember. Been on OK season so far, some great races and some really dull ones (though with currect aero rules this is a given). Nurburgring is next weekend, should be a cracker.
  10. Ospi

    Beginner advice

    I also recommend a lesson or two. I didnt have a clue how to even hold a club then i had 2 lessons (1 hour all up) and the improvement is astounding to say the least. I think its a great way to get the basics right and then you can work on the rest with practice yourself with the odd lesson here and there i guess.
  11. First of all hi all, first post. Anyway im a serious golfing beginner, infact iv only been playing for approx 2 hours :D. Had my first 2 lessons on thurs and friday and before that i played like i was playing cricket or something, a disaster to say the least. So after my lessons iv got my grip, posture and stance coming along nicely. My swing was naturally pretty good which was nice so that didnt need so much work initially. But wow, the slicing bug has definately bitten me. Unfortunately i dont know what all the terminology means in this thread but i think my problem is not rotating t
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