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  1. After work I was golfing, and was at a 74 through 15 (I have never broken 90) when it became to dark to play. As long as I played the right holes in order could I continue the round a couple days later, or would it be considered a new round
  2. I know par 6s are rare, but hypothetically if there was one with a big horse shoe and a steep down hill, where a monster hit had a tail wind and cut the corner and got lucky, is there any name that exists. I seem to remember hearing somewhere that the R and A was considering ostrich, but can't confirm or deny it.
  3. How do you not see how that is racist, especially the bolded (and yes he did say it)
  4. It's good they got rid of it. Augusta had a racist attitude towards caddies
  5. Winning an Olympic medal will be seen as huge though, especially considering you will have to get through a qualifying tournament too
  6. In the playoffs GO SENS GO
  7. The Olympics will be thought of as pretty big
  8. Nothing comes to mind Though one lucky moment: First hole slice it into the woods, hear a loud bang, ball comes out of the woods ends up in the middle of the fairway. Second hole slice it into the woods hear a loud bang-bang, ball comes out of the woods ends up in the middle of the fairway
  9. It's disgusting that such a beautiful course has such a disgusting front office
  10. 1: KJ Choi 278 2: Adam Scott 280 3: Rory McIlroy 281
  11. Today when I played I putted really well, but noticed that I was setting up so that the ball was not in the middle of the head, but more towards the toe (probably about a quarter of the diameter of the ball over). Would there be any reason not to putt the ball like that.
  12. How can I get rid of those 2 or 3 really bad holes per round. I am shooting low 90's right now, but fell I could be shooting high 80's (never broken 90) if I could get rid of these bad holes. Most holes I will bogey with par every 3 or 4 holes, and sometimes a birdie or two. I rarely double bogey, but usually I screw up chances to crush my record with terrible holes. For example, last week I shot 47 for 9 holes (par 36) with a 7 (triple) and a 8 (quadruple).
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