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  1. Looking to buy new wedges Mack Daddy 3 VS SM6. Looking for everyones opinion. Thanks
  2. Sounds like a lot of you have had some pretty solid rounds this year. Im heading out monday and hoping to break 80 as it will be probably be my last round.
  3. No I haven't but I did just buy a set of Razr X last year (hear there similar). I'm in LOVE with them. Had a custom fitting with Callaway before I bought them. Very easy to hit and very forgiving for those missed shots. I have probably knocked 5-9 strokes off my game this season.
  4. Have you ever though about used balls? I buy ProV1s online and there pretty awesome. You can get just about any ball you want.
  5. With the season coming to an end here pretty fast (in Canada anyways) just curious to see what some of your best scores were this season? I only Played about 7 rounds this season :( and my best was an 85. Was really wishing to play more but just had a extremely busy summer. Hope some of you broke 80. That was my goal but just didn't happen this year. O well there is always next year.
  6. Playing used balls is great. I recently bought a new sleeve of pro V1s and played a round with them. They are yes a little shinier them some used balls but the is no difference (except the price) that I have noticed. With the used balls (I buy from Knetgolf.com) Im still able to get lots of spin. I was able to suck back a 190 yrd shot 5 ft to the with my 3 hybrid Playing a AAAA Pro V1 USED ball. To me there is no difference. When I hit a bad shot I know all the time it was something to do with my swing not damn ball.
  7. I bought my five year old son his very first hat. I dont know who was more excited he or I. Cant wait to get him out on the Par 3 course next year.
  8. I was fitted for a set of Razr X irons last year. I absolutely love them! Very easy to hit and also very forgiving. After being properly fit for clubs I have shaved off at least 7 strokes off my game. The Raxr X irons are great!
  9. Hi All I'm golfing next weekend with a buddie in Red Deer. I'm from Calgary and he's from Edmonton. Neither one of us have golfed in the Red Deer area and was just wondering if anyone could recommend some decent courses for us to play. I have checked them out online but its so hard to tell. Thanks a lot
  10. I keep them all loose. It is a bit of a pain in the ass when your looking for a new ball and all you can find is crappy ones.
  11. I have always wondered the same. I hit my 7 iron around 150 too. I feel better after reading this.
  12. Vinny Thats too funny. Did you find them on Kijiji for sale. He was very shady looking probably into the drugs. Im guessing you didnt buy them? Also from Calgary?
  13. He has nothing. Told me he left the reciept on the plane. Nothing from the original purchase. I got into contact wirh callaway today and they cant find the serial number in their database. They said it doesn't mean there fake. May have been built at in a fitting van or at a demo day. Also took them into Golftown today and had the guys in there hit em and inspect them. There opinion is there real or the best knockoffs they have ever seen. The golftown employee said he wouldn't buy unless I could get the serial number to check out. Thing Im gonna stay away. I would be crushed if I go
  14. on a found a guy kijiji who is offering a set of Callaway Razr X irons. He told me he bought the at GolfGalaxy in Beverton OR. He gave my the 8 iron to checked out. They came in individually wrapped plastic bags with a sku # and a bar code. If I called GolfGalaxy does anyone know if they could verify them. I have read alot lately on counter fit clubs, but looking for some more things to look for to detect if there real of fake. Any advice would be much appreciated
  15. I know its an old post but im currently looking into getting a set of razr x tours or razr x off callaway preowned. What do you think are better for a 15 handicap. Also how was the experience dealing with Callaway preowned?
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