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  2. I plan on going out on Tuesday for the first time. I was worried about people coming out that have never walked before and holding everything up. The course i'm going to has very strict rules about masks in the clubhouse, cups are inverted (no touching of the flagstick) etc. So hopefully it will be a smooth experience. I'm sure it could be a S.Show but I've been itching to play so bad i'll just have to deal with whatever happens.
  3. Many of the good courses in my area would be a pain to walk (multiple long cart paths through the woods to the next hole). Plus I think the majority of the casual golfing community enjoys the practicality of a golf cart. Speakers, phone, bag of beer, speed, etc. While there are plenty that are walking because they have to right now, most will go back to carts whenever this goes away.
  4. One thing we did in our league last year is combine skins and low net. So half of the pot goes to gross skins and the other half of the pot goes to low net. This way both spectrum's of the league have a chance at winning some cash.
  5. I doubt there will be that many deals. Golf Galaxy's here in Michigan are still selling three year old drivers for $450-$500 depending on the brand/model. I guess if this lasts well into the summer, maybe we'll see some deals.
  6. I bought a groove sharpener for my wedges. Never tried one before but have heard they can make your wedges spin like new. Worth a shot to see if it saves me $300-$400 on new wedges.
  7. My brother and cousin live in Columbus. They have a tee time for Sunday. Everyone gets their own cart. Cups are raised an inch out of the ground so as to not have to remove the flag. I wish it was like that here in Michigan......All courses are closed. Our governor deemed them non-essential.
  8. I was at the Memorial a couple weeks ago and while JT, Rory and Spieth were on the green, some guys phone rang in front of me. He answered it....and had a "quiet" conversation. I get its 2019....but put your phone on silent!!!!!! The blatant disregard for where he was boggled my mind.
  9. To me it sounds like he said "you got me". When watching it live it definitely sounded like he was getting after his caddie. They must have been between clubs on both shots and he went with his caddie's advice. I didn't really find it out of line. When your getting 10% of winnings, you aren't immune to a little blame.
  10. Yea I just heard Faldo change his mind...that statement was made based on what he said earlier...so I retract that statement.
  11. You guys are nuts. He didn't admit to breaking a rule. He admitted to moving the ball back 2 yards like it was no big deal. If he intentionally broke a rule to gain an advantage, do you really think he would talk about it so nonchalantly? Absolutely not. He was obviously playing under 26-1, keeping the line from the hole to the water...he obviously confused the rule. He didn't lie and say he was trying to play the ball as close as possible to the original spot. He signed the correct card according to the rules officials...it wasn't until after the round was over and he had his interview that they "changed their minds" and got the call right. At the time of card signing he signed the correct card....there is no way he should be DQ'ed with the new rule and no way should he DQ himself. Scenario: It's the NCAA championship basketball game. A player is fouled during a shot attempt with 1 second left and his team is down by one. NO call is made, game over......should they review it after the game is over and call a foul.......then have him come back on the court, make both free throws and change the winner? He made a mistake....it wasn't done maliciously and he has been punished greatly for it....More than I feel, personally, given how it all played out. Please get off your high horses and stop asking for him to "DQ" himself. And I think a lot of the commentators like Nick Faldo are showing very low class when asking for Tiger's head over this.
  12. Well I Paused each shot from the ESPN video. Put them side by side. The ball was MAYBE a couple feet behind his original divot. I didn't see his drop but it is possible it bounced back a foot or too. Watch the video...its not that far away from his orginal divot...and if it was dropped near his divot it is within the rules.
  13. Can Erik tell me what hole he is talking about? You don't explain what hole you are talking about
  14. The penalty on Guan was ridiculous. It isn't consistent with what they have done for other players. If he was on the 6th hole MAYBE...but on the 17th? Makes no sense based on what they have done in the past.
  15. Tiger Woods -17 Dustin Johnson -17 Rory Mcilroy -17
  16. I agree 100%. I would much rather have a beer with Tiger. Phil reminds me of David Sims from Tin Cup (Relax...I'm not saying he hates old people and dogs). Phil just seems a little fake....maybe he is just a nerd, I don't know. But I like Tiger as a player and I like his persona. He has obviously done some bad things in his personal life but I really couldn't give to sh**'s about that. I like him for his game and on TV he seems like someone I would like to have a beer with, and of course play golf with.
  17. Just realized your in the UK....not sure if they have Dick's sporting goods...but take it to any golf shop that has a swing analyzer.
  18. I play a Nike Ignite......it came out in 2003. I have a customized shaft for my swing and I hit it pretty damn far. Eventually drivers do lose their pop....but take your driver to Dick's and compare it on their swing analyzer with a new one. Easiest way to tell....and free.
  19. The OP was completely out of line for all of his actions. He shouldn't have went to the back nine and never should have asked for a refund. He didn't even have a chance to catch up to the HS golfers, they were an entire hole ahead of him. If this is one of the OP's favorite courses then wouldn't he be aware that this was a home course for a golf team? But who cares, the course has other players than you on the course. $20 doesn't get the course all to yourself. You should have either paired up with the ladies or told them to wait. And then you should have played your round behind the HS golfers. I truly think you were out of line for asking for a refund. You are lucky you were offered the $20 credit, because I would have told you to finish your round or leave.
  20. I guess I would explain it as being "out of bounds" you are off the property of the course and can not play the ball from that place. However, the lateral hazard is on the property and you are more than welcome to walk into the hazard and play your ball (or try). I understand that really their isn't much difference...you could essentially play an out of bounds ball as a lateral but I guess hitting the ball off the course property is considered worse and deserves a more severe penalty. I don't exactly agree that it would speed up play if they made out of bounds a lateral hazard. If you know there is OB to the right..and your ball goes that way, always hit a provisional. This will ensure that you do not slow down play. IMO, golf is a game of options. You are on the tee, there is a hazard to the left and OB to the right, you can choose to hit away from the OB if you tend to slice or you can risk hitting a normal shot with the chance of it going OB. It is one of the many things that make golf challenging and I don't think it should be changed.
  21. Most D1 schools are extremely hard to walk on to. I went to Michigan State University and I did try to walk on to their golf team. I was a good golfer in high school...consistently shot in the mid to high 70's in competitive play. And I actually played well in the tryout. However at most D1 schools they recruit their golfers like any other sport. I shot a 74 the first round and it wasn't good enough to even be considered. In order to walk on to a D1 school that recruits and gives them scholarships, you need to shoot under par in order to even have a chance. They have obviously put in too much money and recruiting effort to waste their time on someone who can shoot in the mid 70's one day. I'm sorry but I just don't believe some of your distances. You are either lying or the markers at your driving range are way off. 240-260 with your 4 iron????? Come on....Rory hit's his 4iron 210. (yes he can swing harder and hit it farther if he needs to) Even Sergio Garcia's max 4 iron was 250 yards. Anyways, Its possible to get your handicap from a 20 down to single digits in a year if all you did was golf. Range every day, practice rounds 3,4 times a week. You would probably want to get a swing coach also. And if you hit the ball that far what's the problem that is allowing a 20 handicap? How is your short game? What causes your bogeys, double bogey's etc?
  22. You didn't do anything wrong in my opinion. The guy obviously seems like someone who is looking to cheat or take any advantage he can get. From what you said you did nothing wrong in either situation.
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