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  1. I have got fitted at the PGA store its great, did the launch monitor and everything. I had a buddy who worked there and he really helped me out. I tried a few different clubs out on my course as well. I have also been to Golf Galaxy and used a launch monitor there as well. Try to find a course that will let you demo clubs and play on there course then they can fit you. Best of luck
  2. Metz

    I saw a guy using 2 balls on the course

    If its slow and I am alone I will play two balls. I play really fast so i can play 18 in under 3 using two ball. Your getting double the play. If its not slow then I will only use one ball. Lawson
  3. I have a ping cart bag as well as a hoofer carrying bag. I find it easy to switch my clubs from one to the other, usually will wait and clean the clubs and transfer. Its been raining so much that it is almost faster to walk than to do the cart path only. Imo I would buy a new carrying bag. After 18 holes you will find it easier to have a double strapped bag that is smaller than a cart bag. Lawson
  4. Metz

    New Irons?

    I used to play with X-12s until this year. I have switched to MP-60s. I have more ball control and they hit pure with a good swing. I cannot be more pleased. I will say that you cannot go wrong with any of the clubs you are looking at. I also have a set of Titleist 735s that a great as well but enjoy playing with the MPs more. Good luck with you choice. Take you time when finding the right fit. Definitely try to play with each set if you can. Lawson
  5. Metz

    irons to grow into

    I have been in the same boat that your in. I am currently a Senior in College and picked my game back up after a 4 year hiatus. I was a scratch golfer in high school. I started playing on my old irons and got my swing and technique back. After a while i realized that I could be better if I had irons with out graphite shafts and a huge offset so i did some research and hitting. I ended up getting the mp-60s. Played with them for 6 months and I am very close to were I was when i used to spend 6+ hrs on my game in high school. Good luck with getting back in the game.
  6. Metz

    My Circa 62 #3...

    I just got the # 6 and I love it. I am about to buy the # 3 and take it to the custom shop. I think all purple or blue.
  7. Metz

    Now Playing?

    in "bat mobile" 68 Nova 454 ss i got Nickelback Rockstar & in truck Randy Rogers - Down and Out
  8. Metz

    Golf Bag?

    I got the small ping cart bag the explorer or what ever its called
  9. Metz

    Longest Personal Drive?

    In the air? not sure but after the roll I have ended 330 yards on a down hill par 4. I was just left of the green on the fringe. Best feeling you can have. My partner though Hit his drive past the hole! I Usually hit my drives no farther that 260.
  10. I wear shoes out quick. I have two pairs of brown shoes that i use right now. A dry pair that are Eccos that are great, and a cheapo pair of brown footjoys that I wear when the course is going to be wet. Like this summer it have been cart path only for the last two months due to rain. So i have had to put a leather cleaner that i use on my boots to keep them in good shape. I have never bought a pair that are over $100. When i start getting more money ( only have internships right now Sr. in College) I will consider the possibility.
  11. Your process of buying new clubs is a lot better than mine. I have recently added a new set of clubs. I played with a set of titleist dci's or callaway x-12s forever, and now decided to try the Mp-60s. I believe that I still would have chosen the clubs but if I would have taken a lesson it would have helped. I will have to try that next time. Also great choice of clubs. The x-20s feel great.
  12. I am skeptic on this one. It might help but I am not having a goofy looking grip on my pretty putter.
  13. My old set of Callaway clubs had graphite shafts and my wedge shafts were steal. In my opinion it never effected my game. I never had problems transitioning between the two shafts. Lawson
  14. Metz

    Scotty Putters...

    I have two Newport 2's. Tel3 (restored) & Pro platinum. I only have good things to say about them. I have never tired the 2.5 but they are very similar its just preference.
  15. Metz

    What Are Your Essential Bag Items

    Other than the regular golf items. Bug Spray, Vitamin Water, cash.

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