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  1. Hmm I felt I posted some pretty good videos. Is there something I should do differently that is not in these videos below? I'll grab some new swing videos sometime this week at the range with a stronger grip as well!
  2. @iacasDo you think I could benefit from really grinding my Planemate and all the modules fully, or consider venturing down the Evolr path?
  3. other than some gripping practice at home, I did not have a chance to hit the range for some more focused practice on hinging and takeaway. Played two rounds this weekend, delivering my best round of the season so far (84) and then a 91 today at two different courses I have not played before. My biggest weaknesses are coming from penalties off the tee. I'm still leaking balls to the right, however, this was the first time this weekend where I was playing for the fade rather always trying to play for a draw - that alone really improved both my FIR and GIR on Saturday but not as much t
  4. One thing I noticed during my setup over the past couple of months, was my right shoulder always felt higher/closer to the ball - stumbled upon this old video of yours, and was pretty eye opening. Despite thinking my grip was stronger, having this shoulder metric is a nice additional checkpoint.
  5. Thanks for these - Crazy thing is I feel like I have been strengthening my grip since about a month ago. Will keep working on it to get the feel a bit more comfortable.
  6. No rush man, I know you are a busy guy! Figure I might as well do self discovery in between emails 😄
  7. The more I look it, the more I realize how inside my takeaway is. Started doing some digging and captured this tidbit from Day 1 of the COVID videos. Going to work on this feel tonight of my right palm facing down.
  8. haha thanks man. I was trying to split the post up but it ended up combining every time I replied. Wanted a big massive post to compile everything. Sadly these videos were some benchmarks for me re-enetering this journey, so they contain 3 swings in each upload. 8i DTL 8i FO The shots I seem to hit the most are fades or push fades, with the occasional left miss trying to fix the fade. My issue with a fade, is that I am so used to hitting a draw, and feel like I can control the draw (how much it draws) more. I'm not sure if its the fade I don't like
  9. Well, I guess it is time to remedy that! Despite actively playing golf since my last post, I have not really improved. Rounds in the low-mid 80s for a few years, and more recently, in the 90s/low 100s. Heading into the 2021 season, I knew I wanted this to finally be the year I try to get my HC to the mid-single digits. I recently discovered The Refuge/Nest from NLU, which has reinvigorated not only my love for the game, but the community behind it. In July, I started taking lessons with an instructor I really enjoyed. After the first lesson, my takeaways were mostly set up rel
  10. Hmmm I will have to ask around. I may be able to rent a trackman bay for an hour for the cost of a lesson. Bought the videos just get a visual representation of key #5 drills, very worth it!
  11. Recently picked up the book again to prep for an end of the month golf trip.. question regarding shot zones - how can one do this somewhat accurately without access to a trackman?
  12. I agree on the weight transfer. My initial thoughts when I saw the clips were how un-athletic they looked. Will work on #2 and report back. Thanks for the links!
  13. Wow almost 2 years since I have posted on update! Still hovering around a 10-14, mostly scoring in the Mid 80s, few high and lower rounds mixed in. I have 3 rounds under 80 over the past 2 years. Recently picked up a new set of fitted irons, and decided to focus more on my swing mechanics. Previously when I was posting, I was always dealing with a big fade or slice. Since then, I have worked on my grip, and play a pretty consistent draw now a days. I tend to hit a big push fade if I swing to hard with my 5i - 3 hybrid, but overall I would say the big slices are mostly gone.
  14. Ideally you would be better suited with a Game Improvement iron. Forged/Blades are harder to hit because they are less forgiving and have a smaller sweet spot. Based on your HC index, the irons are going to be tough for you. Tips would be to post a thread in the Member Swing area and learn to swing more on plane in order to maximize your chances of hitting the sweet spot.
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