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  1. I very rarely drive with a driver. I prefer irons... I like to hit my 5 iron off the tee. Is that weird? It seems to work for me... The driver is too hard to hit for me right now, I'm at 2 months playing so far.
  2. Can someone link me to, or explain a concise explanation of how to read greens and fairways? Meaning: What does it mean when a green is fast, What does it mean when a green is slow, What does it mean when a fairway is hard, etc. I know fast, means the balls roll faster, but how do you account for that in a swing? Lower the power? Any info / posts are appreciated.
  3. I want to learn how to visually measure distance, particularly on the greens. However, reading the fairway, etc, is definitely useful -- right? Is this a skill of the past now, with GPS, and range-finders?
  4. I live right next to River Oaks, so I've played that, and West Ridge, and Mulligan's two 9-hole courses. Where do you usually play? I'm pretty bad, I think I shot a 55 on a par 35 at West Ridge. Ha.
  5. Having the best gear in any sport matters. Don't kid yourself with a putter. If you learn on terrible gear, you may play with terrible gear.
  6. Yep, that's even how they have them classified on the PING website.
  7. Yeah, I understand it now, sorry for the F-bomb.
  8. If I like a website, a sponsor, etc, why would I not naturally support a source? :/
  9. Is TheSandTrap that desperate for click-throughs that they'd set every area outside the forum body to link to some paid sponsor? Seriously?
  10. Hey guys, I started playing golf about 12 years ago when I hit the driving range with my father a few times. I haven't played since then and recently started picking it up again -- and I've gotta admit I've got the bug hard. Any other Utahns around? Moving to downtown SLC in a bit and looking at the SLC golf course pass, all day every day 1800$/yr for one whole year. Would love to find some folks to play with. Thanks guys, Hunter
  11. This thread makes me wish I had cable... I had DirecTV but when I moved, lost the view of the sky we needed. We're moving in a month and I will resub to directv and get the HD golf channel. 8)
  12. I'm just getting started, but I've heard a lot of issues are mental. How are your thoughts when hitting? Think about it much? Focusing on hitting it straight, etc? Maybe when you are getting lessons, you are "distracted" -- ya know?
  13. What's up guys -- I'm in Sandy too, but moving downtown in August.