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  1. Hello!

    thanks for the encouragement!
  2. Hi, I hit the driving range a few weeks back and went through a couple of buckets, it was fun! I realize that allot of groundwork should be done even before picking up the club, so i was hoping someone could lead me to some free online videos on how to perfect ones swing? thanks in advance!
  3. Hello!

    Hi guys! first off, like my nickname suggests, i am fairly new into the wonderful game of golf. I haven't actually left the driving range at this point, will I ever? hehe I come from a baseball background, so for some reason the driving range apeals to me but at the same time the competitive spirit in me knows the real fun lays at the course. Hope to get some tips from you veterans!
  4. The Ideal Build For Golf

    Hi, Well I'm 6 feet tall, thin build, long arms and I can't swing! hehe Can you expand on how having a long neck helps with your swing? I have to admin I am a newbie at golf and I am actually struggling with keeping my head down throughout the swing (no matter how many times I've been reminded to keep my head down throughout the swing!)