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  1. golfmonke

    Best online handicap calculator?

  2. golfmonke

    Golf Handicap Calculator

    You can use www.golfhandicapcalculator.org
  3. Really, what if u hit 18 GIR? You wouldnt be happy with an even par round???
  4. I think total putts is the most USELESS stat. Did u hit 18 greens and 2 putt every green for 36 or did u miss every green and 1 putt them all for 18, useless to compare. Putts / GIR is much more effective at showing ability, and even that can be tricky to compare because one guy might have an average approach shot of 30' while another might have 50'. But it should be much better when looking at only one person. IMO if u really want to see how u did, record the distance of all your putts, then you can see how u perform at each distance.
  5. golfmonke

    Blades... no not for me!

    With only about 10% of the PGA tour playing a full set of blades, I can't see blades being the best choice for any amateurs bag (for their scores anyway). Having said that having them in ur bag makes u look like a player Now, there are benefits to playing a forged players cavity back over a super game improvement. 1 being the distance is more consistent, if you've got a good swing. Sometimes u get a really juiced shot off of a SGI iron, which doesn't happen anywhere near as often on a "players cavity back" in my experience. They'll also launch lower, many SGI irons launch way to high for higher swing speed golfers. The soles on SGI irons are usually really wide which can make playing off of tighter fairways/lies more difficult. IHMO, nobody should be playing a blade because player cavity backs perform so close to blades, but yet offer score helping foregiveness. Practicing is a different story, I keep a blade in the trunk and practice with it at the range all the time. On the course, i'll take the extra foregiveness .
  6. I disagree. Before I lowered my handicap from 10- 5 I could hit the ball just as far as I do now, sometimes farther Problem was I had an extreme in to out swing and I played the ball back in my stance, which was amazing when I timed one right and hit a low powerful draw that went forever. Problem was most times i'd either push it right, or hook it left. Penalty strokes and chips outs from the woods add up quick. Now I'm happy with 270-280 with a high ball flight played off my front foot with no lefts and my miss is now a fade or slight push which might only go 240 now, but it's still in between the trees. Having said that I almost qualified for local long drive competition with a drive of 330 and I can get my swing speed up to high 120's when swinging for pure distance. I think there are a lot of short ball knockers who are simply jealous and truly think it's so difficult to hit it 300 yards as well as those who hit it 250 and think they hit it 300. But to say that somebody that can hit it 300 should automatically be less than a 10 hdcp is just rubbish.
  7. golfmonke

    How long do your spikes last?

    I would say you should just alter your swing so all of your weight is on your right foot and no weight shift occurs Or, can you try flaring your left foot out a little more toward your target, could be your not flexible enough and your foot is twisting open on your thru swing. If this problem is occuring while you're walking, you could try walking on your heels with your toes held up as you walk.
  8. golfmonke

    Questions For + Handicappers

    According to Dave Pelz..... even the pro's miss their target by 7-8% on average. so from 150 yards that'd be 36ft avg... Personally it seems the PGA Tour guys miss more like 5% within 150yds and maybe 7-8% from outside 150-200 , and 10% from 200+ But either way, + handicaps and even PGA guys aren't sticking it within 15ft 95% of the time. they do, do it often however and i'm sure a few misses by 100 ft factor into that avg as well, so I guess that's why it seems like they drop it within 15ft so often. The only problem with Pelz study I believe, is that he counted the flag as the target, which might not have always been the case. Their target may have often been 10ft to the left/long/short/ or right of the pin.
  9. golfmonke

    Questions For + Handicappers

    Rebby, first of all, awesome post! Lots of info, thanks! I have some questions though... So what exactly were u working on then? Obviously speed control couldnt be the goal, just contact? I know one of my problems is a swing that is too long and loose, I've always done everything trying to do it the hardest or fastest. Which was great for throwing a baseball and football, which earned me scholarships, but not so great for golf I've been trying for years to make my long hard swing consistent, it has never worked. So now i'm working on shortening it and removing my hands, i've done it a few times in the past and always shot my best scores. I"m starting to see that having a swing instructor who knows YOUR swing is the real advantage to having a swing coach, not neccessarily finding a coach who can teach you the "PERFECT" swing. I think i'll start working with my local guy. Please expand , the more details the better The only problem I have with this , is that the only reason you can hit 2 irons , is because you are "longer than most people" :) However, I don't believe the avg driving distance for men is only 205 because of lack of strength/athletic ability, but rather really poor technique and contact. Many of my friends who could hit a baseball as far as me , or close, can't come close to matching my golf distance. However, put both of us just swinging in the air on my speed radar and they are pretty close.
  10. golfmonke

    Questions For + Handicappers

    I dont know about you , but the difference between my average shot from 150 and the PGA Tour guys aren't even close. They drop it in there within 15 feet with regularity, i'm happy to hit the green. While their short games are MUCH MUCH MUCH better than mine, their long game is also better, but only MUCH better I guess.
  11. golfmonke

    Questions For + Handicappers

    Here is something else that I always wondered..... In pitching, chipping and lag putting.... I wondered whether the best guys had some kind of system or whether it was all based on feel. What do I mean? Well for instance lets say you have a 20 foot putt, do you try to take the putter back 6" and if you have a 30 foot putt do you try to take it back 9" for example... conciously trying to control the distance you take it back OR is it purely feel? Same question for chipping/pitching. Another question i've wondered is if there are SAFER ways of playing certain types of short game shots.... My experience has been yes, ones that increase ur margin of error.... For instance I used to chip with the ball off my back foot with a square club face. I would always end up hitting a few fat.... I have since started playing the chips towards the middle/front of my stance with my wedge face open.... this allows me to either hit the chip perfect and it flies higher and farther , but doesnt roll as much, while if I hit it a little fat the open face still gets through/or on top of the turf but the face closes a bit, the ball doesnt fly as far but now rolls out more. Are there other SIMPLER/SAFER ways of playing certain short game shots ?
  12. golfmonke

    Questions For + Handicappers

    Right, I knew what u meant there... btw, what was ur attitude towards shots with your PW, 9 , 8, 7 etc... in terms of where u aimed. For me, anything longer than my 52 degree wedge and i'm aiming to the fat part of hte green. 52 degree and in and I take dead aim, unless there is a lot of trouble to one side. PW, 9, 8 I aim about 10 feet to the safe side of the pin. 7, 6, 5 and I aim about 20 feet to the safe side 4 and below way to the safe side :)
  13. golfmonke

    Questions For + Handicappers

    I know, I was just trying to be funny :) I'm firmly convinced that distance is not my problem... for the reasons i've listed and when I tried out for my college golf team the guys werent much more than 230 yards off the tee but got around in close to even par. Could you go into further detail on how you went about "making sure u get down in 2 from 120 and in"? Thanks!
  14. golfmonke

    Questions For + Handicappers

    Hi , thanks for the reply. Well , if u can hang with Matt Kuchar , I wouldn't be worried about distance either ;) ( I could too and have plenty of max swing speed if needed ~120mph, but have been working on reigning it in and try to swing around 110mph on the course and in practice) I really like to swing for distance , but just have never been able to shoot my best scores swinging for the fences and never been able to practice enough to make that all out swing consistent enough to score... Everytime I spend a few weeks practicing taking my hands out of the swing and swinging 3/4 on the range, my scores come down in a hurry. It's just so boring What were your practice sessions like? Did u have a short game practice plan? Something that won't make me want to slit my wrists from boredom??
  15. golfmonke

    Questions For + Handicappers

    I am currently a 5 handicap and want to get to the next level... I was wondering if you could recollect and report what were the factors that allowed you to go from the mid single digit hdcp level to your current level. A few questions: 1- How much time practicing did you put in during this time? What % of this time went to working on which areas of your game? 2 - Did your distance increase, decrease, stay the same? What about the length of your swing. 3 - How often did you take lessons? ( If any) How did you find the "right" teacher? 4 - How long did it take you to get from lets say a 5 to where you are now? 5 - What do you do now to maintain where you are , how much time do you put into what ever activities you do now? 6 - What was the MOST important factor in allowing you to make this improvement? 7 - What would you say is the least important factor which gets passed on as "a must to improve to scratch or better", but u found wasn't actually that important.

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