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  1. If you don't really compress the ball much when you swing, I don't think either of them are worth any more than a Top Flite.
  2. When I hit the drive high on the face, it's always a straight high pull which would be opposite of you. So, taking my extensive knowledge of physics into the answer, I'm thinking you're you're swinging slightly flat with the face a touch open.
  3. Couldn't tell where the ball went, but you looked up way to quick. The swing looked pretty good to me though.
  4. Well, the second time was a charm I guess. I took my hybrid out to the range today for another go at figuring it out. I made a lot of progress. The club really likes a more downward swing angle, more than I normally use with my long irons. Once I got the club to meet the turf and the ball at the same time, the ball really popped. My best hits were fairly straight with just a tail to the right at the end. It was going a little further than my 3-iron as well. Still couldn't hit one good off a tee though.
  5. Every really good drive or long shot I have done, my finish has always just felt right. I don't always realize what I'm doing prior, but at the end, my body is fairly upright, arms extended, and it feels effortless. You almost feel like you're posing at the end, but you can't help it. I sometimes wonder if you could just practice driving by trying to get to that perfect finishing position and not worrying so much about everything else. If you're flipping at impact, you won't finish in the correct position. You most likely will swing flatter and come across your body more, leading to a hoo
  6. This reminds me of what the starter was telling us one day. He posts these pictures on the outside of the starter's booth many days. Just things to think about, pretty cool actually. He had a printout of pictures of Nicklaus, Tiger, and two other golfers (don't remember) showing the moment of impact of their drives. He asked us what was the same in all the pictures. I didn't see it at first, but he told us how they all kept their right elbow tucked in during the downswing. Gives your body a true pivot point to deliver force to the ball instead of just a sweeping roundhouse of a swing.
  7. After the first day, I must say that Tiger looks very strong. He's the one to beat.
  8. Day 1 Leader: David Toms Day 2 Leader: Jim Furyk and Bubba Watson tied Day 3 Leader: Ricky Fowler Day 4 Winner: Playoff between Ricky Fowler and Phil Mickelson...Mick wins.
  9. I bought a used Ping G10 18 degree hybrid, trying to fill a gap between my 4 wood and my 3 iron. I've only been to the range once with it and it was awful. I tried everything. Hitting it hard, hitting it soft, swinging like an iron, sweeping it more like a wood, hitting off a tee, you name it. I couldn't get the thing to go much more than 160yds and it was an ugly ball flight. Lower trajectory than my 4 wood and would just die like a wounded duck. I never got it to go as far as my 3-iron. I'm going to try at it another time at least, but seeing other people struggling with them makes m
  10. I used to live in Florida and went to the course by myself one day to play a round. I got paired up with another gentleman who must have been around 60-65, I was in my late twenties. I'll never forget, he had a set of Cleveland blades which I don't think I had ever seen before. He said he normally played from the blues and asked where I played from. I usually play from the whites, but I told him I'd play from the blues as well (didn't want to let the old man totally show me up). We walked the course and he was fairly quiet during his round. Hardly talked at all. He ended up being the be
  11. I just stumbled across this kit you can buy. Looks like it would be fairly simple to replicate at home. Put some masking tape on the club face and paint a line on a ball. Maybe not giving you exact measurements, but at least giving you an idea if you are too flat or upright. Anyone know of other ways to do this? http://www.golftek.com/lit_docs/LieDetector.pdf
  12. Lots of them dealing with golf balls... - Never use a "water" ball when teeing off over/around water hazards. That's giving up before you even start. - Never putt into a hole with a ball already in it. - Never use a yellow or orange ball. - Never use a ball that you just found during a round you are currently playing. - Never wash a ball and then use it right away at the tee where you washed it. - Never mark a putt with any coin less than a quarter. - If you suddenly realize you are mistakenly playing a Lady Precept, you have to keep on playing it. (Don't ask)
  13. He's a super technical golfer. The way he finishes shots with the club perfectly over his head and parallel to the ground is crazy. I think I'd slice everything if I did that.
  14. Nice free swinging. I agree you've got some good movement in your lower body, but maybe get a little more athletic of a stance for those drives.
  15. I realized a long time ago that hitting 180 balls on the range doesn't add up to much for me. I get one regular bucket. I hit the first few balls with a pitching wedge at the 75 yd target with a short swing. Then I push my wedge up to 100 yds with a full swing. Then I'll usually go through some of my irons for a few shots each. After that I'll play a few imaginary holes. Then work on my fairway wood off the deck (my worst club) and then do 5 to 8 drives. I always finish on the range though with my wedge or sand wedge on full shots. Then I go to the chipping greens and do 10-15 yard lob
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