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  1. I'm still hoping my Cowgirls will eek out one V against the Philly this year...Stafford will throw for over 400 this week, and I expect Kafka (assuming Vick really is injured by then) to throw for over 275, which should be more than adequate to dismantle my 'Cowbells"...
  2. I think this as well....and I suppose this is what I was trying to imply about my first post about Bennet...
  3. I get it... Definitely Democrats! Conservatives most closely represent Costanza from Seinfeld on the golf course....IME. The reason should be fairly obvious if you have any political knowledge whatsoever.
  4. I feel people are mistaken when I say "swim training program". I, obviously, mean that with no offense, however this morning's workout alone was the better part of 3 miles( including warm-up and cool-down). I suppose it could be said that I am "investigating" whether or not swimming heavily will improve one's golf game. Unfortunately, during today's round I felt something "pop" on my left foot during a follow through. It hurts to swing now, however I can walk fine. The perpendicular motion of my foot seems compromised as well, and I honestly think I may have to get it checked out (can't say th
  5. I'm telling you....you should have just contacted me about "The Trebuchet V1"... This awesomesauce product guarantees over 350 yards of rule neglect per shot...your buddies will quiver with desire...
  6. I shot a 93 today....after shooting 39 on the front nine. On the ninth tee, after my tee shot( I was really trying to let it rip), I felt something pop in the top front of my left foot, and I will more than likely be posting more about this a bit later. It doesn't feel like a sprained ankle, this is quite certainly something I've not experienced before(I've had the "fortunate" life of playing football to learn how to "be a man"....but to this day I still love football). I can still walk fine, but the perpendicular range of of motion is hurting quite terribly. Perhaps a bit more common sense wo
  7. Has anyone noticed his teeth lately? He's either smoking meth or eating the beer bottles after he's finished with them.
  8. No way...haven't you ever seen Punkin' Chunkin'? lol...
  9. Just went and hit the Cobra S2 3 wood with a stiff flex shaft....it felt like crap...but that's just my opinion.
  10. I'm thinking about switching out my driver for a high velocity trebuchet...
  11. And finally, let us not forget the perfect ball to complement all the other **** you've purchased. May introduce you to the Condor S ball..."the ball that flies too far." It even outhit the mighty Titleist Pro V1....because that's relevant. http://www.ngcgolf.com/index.cfm?ccode=GOOGLEG&gclid;=CNrm5Nf7s6sCFQoZQgodmRlLcw
  12. Shorty's got a point, unless you are posting on your dad or big brother's profile. If you want people to take you seriously, don't lie about how well you can or can't play. Quote:
  13. Just got back from Day 3...I actually took a break from the training program and focused on some technique drills today. They were quite a bit harder than I had imagined they would be...guess my swimming stroke isn't quite as solid as my golf stroke just yet...lol.
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