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  1. my bad. that's right. because Gary can no longer announce for the US Open, right?
  2. I was just watching a News Conference and the players were commenting a bit on the course and how they expected it to play; Tiger said the rough wasn't too bad, and that it should make for the ability to use creativity to score better. One of the press's questions was whether Tiger thought the course might actually play too easy this year, to which he nonchalantly claimed that that would most likely not be the issue. Nonetheless, I don't think it'll be a near-Oakmont status as to the sick-deep rough or bikini-wax greens (stole that comment from Johnny Miller, LOL)
  3. i am a big proponent of walking; of course, i'm a young guy, so that comes with the territory i guess. but i'm with you hansmixer. all good points you made :)