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  1. You will have a tough time finding a decent round of golf here for less than $50. It's even more difficult to find one close to downtown. I'd skip the golf and enjoy being in Downtown Atlanta. As you mentioned, the weather won't be great. On top of that, we got a LOT of rain yesterday which soaked most of the courses that are already hurting from the fall flood. Plenty to do and see downtown. Enjoy the game, it's going to be a classic!
  2. I belong to a private club in GA. We have a cart only policy for everyone except a college team that uses our course for practice and tournaments. At a recent membership meeting, a question was asked to justify the policy. The GM's response was "It's a revenue issue, not a pace of play issue. Anyone who tells you differently is lying." "We generate significant revenue from cart fees and need the revenue to survive." It was the first time I've heard an honest answer to the question.
  3. You will have a great time. The golf is outstanding and May is a fantastic time to be there. Everything should be in bloom, but it won't be too hot. Just don't expect any nightlife. There are 6 or 7 courses in the area. I think I've played all of them in the last 5 or 6 years. All are great...and all are expensive but worth it.
  4. I agree with your comment about the practice rounds. They are THE best way to enjoy the course and the players. I've seen players stop and pose briefly for pictures with fans who ask (with respect). We usually get them through the lottery but have purchased Tues. tickets for about $50 each just outside the gate. Also, the atmosphere on #16 during a practice round is a bit like what you see at the FBR...but a bit more reserved. Plenty of good natured interaction between players and fans. Even though it's great to be there on the weekend, the best place to watch the tournament is at hom
  5. You can also go to lmtt.com. It's a great site that has most of Atlanta's courses organized by geography. You can also get information on each course and what it will cost to play. It really depends on what part of Atlanta you are going to be staying and playing. Most of the nicer courses are North and Northeast of the city.
  6. Wow! What a GREAT present. You and your father are going to have some fantastic memories. I've been lucky enough to go to the Masters about a dozen times. Augusta National is a very special place. They treat all the patrons very well. You will find the crowds to be very respectful. Here are my thoughts on your questions. Time to arrive: Earlier arrival gets better seats but you will be fine even if you arrive later in the day. There are no corporate tents or bleachers. The members (very few) get a small area and the rest is general admission. We usually arrive 1 hour before the fi
  7. I think the show is getting better each week. The first show was rough. I have taken 4 of his tips/drills to the range and they make a difference. I find it more helpful to watch the drill demonstrated (even if it IS rushed) on TV than trying to read it in a magazine. The "3 ball" drill and pistol grip drill have really helped me. I've used them prior to playing a round and found them very helpful. I'm going to use the "band aid on the putter" when I work on the putting green tonight. OK - the show is not for everybody, but I like it.
  8. You will really enjoy the benefits of belonging to a private club. Be prepared for assessments though, they are inevitable. I have lots of people ask me if it's "worth it" to belong to a club. What they really mean is "do you play enough golf to offset the cost" The answer is no. But....what I'm really paying for is access to a great couse, at my convenience, with no hassles. If I want to go out one afternoon and play 6, 9, or 12 holes, I can do it. If I want to take one of my sons to the course late on Sunday to play 9, I can do it. A quick phone call gets me right on the course. E
  9. Almost all the courses there are nice and in great shape. I specifically recommend Cuscowilla. They won't let you play unless you are a member or staying on property. Check their web site for prices and specials. It's worth it.
  10. Last week I purchased an XLS 10.5 - Draw on Ebay (from 3ballsgolf) for $137. Club was in "like new" condition. GREAT club!
  11. Call the course and get a schedule of their charity tournaments, Sign up and play
  12. I just returned from spending a couple days at the Masters. It was my sixth trip to the tournament and I'm a little surprised by this thread. While I won't try to convince anyone that it is the best tournament on earth, I would offer this... 1. The tournament holds a lottery each year for tickets to the practice rounds. Anyone can enter the lottery and, if you win, you can purchase tickets for roughly $30. $30 will get you on to the grounds and course of Augusta National where you can sit or stand a few feet away from the best players in the world. Watch them work their craft and enjoy
  13. I have one that I never use. I bought it several years ago from an instructor. PM me if you are interested.
  14. I typically use 20% of the greens fee as my base line. I work up or down from there depending on how much help they are during the round. I also suggest offering to buy your caddie a drink (gatorade) or sandwich when the opportunity presents itself. Even if they decline, it's usually viewed as a gracious gesture.
  15. Watching Daly play golf and live his life is a bit like watching the Jerry Springer show. You want to turn the channel but you also want to see what is going to happen next. Heck, he might be on one of these days. Now THAT is rock bottom.
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