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  1. A grandslam for sure, it takes 4 different courses over the season.
  2. I really hope Sergio does it. But think Oosthuizen will win it
  3. Teeshot on number 10 Los Arqueros Benahavis Spain.
  4. These where taken at the golfcourse on the Netherlands Island Texel. The caddy book on the first picture said, aim for the lighthouse, the weather was so bad we couldn't see it. On day 2 it was much brighter
  5. don't go there unless your Bubba Watson.
  6. tomvk77

    Joost Luiten

    He had decent chances yesterday, he was within 10 feet 6-7 times. you can't make them all but at least he should have made 3 off them. 36 putts is just way way to many, look at the stats off Speith same amount off GIR's but 9 putts less, and 7 strokes better score
  7. did it really snap or did the shaft just came loose off the head? hard to tell on the picture. Otherwise it is clearly not the head or mizuno to blame but KBS. personally i never had this, i'm a mizuno player for many years now. it sucks tho that you lost the head.
  8. 69 on a par 70. easy course. had 4 birdies and 3 bogeys. it was a practice round on a friday afternoon for competition that next sunday. with 3 of my team mates
  9. tomvk77

    Joost Luiten

    last week he opened with a +1 round and ended up in 4th place, so take it easy ok! right now +2 for his round not looking good at all. fingers crossed
  10. Holmes an Palmer out. Lois Oosthuisen and Brandon Grace in. Interesting pick on Fleetwood he has a huge record on that course.... if he will be able to handle it under this pressure??? lets see, looking forward to it for sure. What about Tiger will he make it into the top 10 or will he miss cut???
  11. I like Rocky Fowlers chances. He likes to play links, and just won in Scotland. Tiger seems to hitting the ball pretty well also, saw some video's him practicing at the course, he pretty much hit all the fairways again. And also with driver. Well my hopes are for Joost Luiten, after a decent finish T4 in Scotland he seems to get a bit off form. Now he should play 3 good rounds and a decent one. In scotland he started with a +1 round in fairly easy conditions, but a sensational second round (63 -7) and a very good third round (66 -4) put him in T3 position for sunday only 2 back. To bad he posted a level par 70 to finish T4 while playing partner Ricky Fowler birdied the last and carded a 68 -2 and won the tournament.
  12. Actually my clubs are traveling about the same distance, for me a 7iron carries about 165yards, don't have the feeling i should hit them further. It's not all about distance you know, consistancy is way more important. I would hate it if my 7iron would go 160 and than 199.
  13. Ernie Els swing putting like speith Mindset Tiger Woods
  14. Out here it's rather the same with club championships. We've got a number off low cappers i mean 2-3 cappers. They somehow all shoot scores high in the 70 ( i play a par 70 course ) we play a 3 round tournament and always winning score is always about 15 over par. I guess it's the nerves a bit. Only ones i saw a under par round, it was a young bloke 14 years old he shot a 69. but also had a 81.
  15. Yeah but putting is all about confidence, if you have a putter in hand you don't feel confident with, pretty sure your not making a lot off them
  16. As i said it's kinda personal. If this is the case don't do a thing about your setup. if this works for you than stick to it.
  17. Well it's personal. i think the gap between pw and sand wedge is to big. I carry a gap wedge 52 and a sand wedge 58. But than i carry a 2 iron lofted hybrid and a 3 iron. if i would rebuild my set i would not carry a 3 iron anymore. 52,56,60 for the wedges
  18. pure shape wise i would not hit those. they look so ugly
  19. It might be a big step to go with the forged ones. But i suggest that you just go out and try them. maybe even more important try to find the right shaft. I play the MP 59's never ever had thought i should play the KBS Tour stiff shafts but so glad i have them.
  20. A good drill is the old head cover drill. Put a head cover under your right arm and keep it there. It may fall down after you hit the golfball, swing the club outside in and it will fall on the backswing
  21. Why are you guys all picking on Tiger for This. if this is true amanda should be the one to blame. She than is the bitch ****ing your husbands friend. She is the one that was married.
  22. Huh? I don't get this? What club are you using the most in a round? Wedge, driver, 3 wood or the putter? as a hdc 4 your average score would be 76 in a par72. If you count 2 putts on a hole that makes 36 putts so almost half of your shots go with the putter, and you suggest that he should be playing with a putter he's not confident with? I think he's smart to go for a putter first. Not totally agree with what he's looking for. Looks like he's a fan off Rory and would like a same putter. I think this is not the way to search for a new putter. I'm about to change my putter, but as mentioned above i don't go after just one try. I think my new putter will be the Odyssey nr. 7. For me it's perfect and easier to keep the putterhead straight.
  23. last year i played quarter finals and my opponent did the same thing, trying to get to me, i'm pretty easy in these things and just don't hear what he is saying. I had a caddy that day he did to, we had a hole par 3 180 yards over water, i knew he always had one more club than i hit. Told to my caddy i'm going to ask for a 7 iron but just give me 6. I hit the 6 iron on the green and he hit a 6 iron ( he trusted on my club selection ) in the water. if you want to get dirty this is a nice way.
  24. JUST LET YOUR GOLF DO THE TALKING! Focus on the shots and finish him off.
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