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  1. A small correction. Retief plays the R9 TP "B" irons which are smaller and thinner than the R9 TP irons. I tried them in our local store and liked the look of them but not the performance. They played like blades and where years ago, I could hit blades easily, now I need a little help and the Pings are better for me. I'm sure pros are asked to play certain clubs to boost sales and as long as the clubs are not a liability, being paid to play a club is always a bonus. I was at a PGA event where one of the pros lost his clubs on the flight and had to play his amateur partner's clubs in the pro-am. After hitting a drive straight up in the air, I asked him how close that driver was to his own driver and he laughed and said "not close at all" so we know their clubs are manufactured differently with different centres of gravity and weighting.