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    I've actually been looking for the same kind of thing. I'm looking at crystal vases though since the award will be for primarily women volunteers in a Jr. Golf program. Here are some links to specific vases but if you go to the home pages, they offer many different awards. http://www.pacificglass.com/Catalog/...l_Vase_334.htm http://www.pacificglass.com/Catalog/...l_Vase_340.htm http://www.recognitionsource.com/209-20241.html http://shop.store.yahoo.com/customgo...r10hfofov.html
  2. Most of the courses here in the Denver area are doing quite well. The privately owned public courses are raising prices so the munis stay packed. Almost all of them are well taken care of and some, Saddlerock in Aurora for one, have hosted some of the major local amateur and pro events. It's tough to get on some of them unless you are a resident since they give them an earlier call in time than non-residents.
  3. Sergio gets my vote. Is more consistent and handles the pressure better. Not saying that Scott won't be there eventually, but he has to put himself in contention more often.
  4. I'm about the same as Erik. I've played many years, taken many lessons, watched many videos, read many books. I have a very good understanding of my swing and can help most players with a 15 or above. Some of the finer details I can not pick up without video. My selection was 7 and I am a 7 handicap.
  5. Nice article. I understand about Weiskopf. He was one of those players I watched growing up. If Nicklaus couldn't win, I wanted Tom. He had a beautiful swing but couldn't handle the mind game.
  6. A quick glance gives me this top 3: Mickelson Love III Weiskopf
  7. Have to agree entirely with this statement. If people just ease up a bit, they would control their body more and be more consistent. When you hit your driver, just swing hard enough to hit it 50 yds. Same with all the clubs. Swing hard enough to hit the ball only half your normal distance. You'll be amazed at what it can do for you. Brett
  8. Here is another site that might help people out. It shows Moody having won the US Open instead of the Masters. I can't find out if he won anything else. I'll keep searching. http://www.mistupid.com/sports/golfwinners.htm Brett
  9. Here is a quick list of some one hitters since 1970. Some were very respectable on the tour. John Mahaffey 78 PGA Bill Rogers 81 Open Hubert Green 85 PGA Bob Tway 86 PGA Larry Mize 87 Masters Scott Simpson 87 US Open Jeff Sluman 88 PGA Wayne Grady 90 PGA Baker-Finch 91 Open Steve Jones 96 US Open Mark Brooks 96 PGA Paul Lawrie 99 Open This is my top 5 since 1970 5. Ben Curtis 4. Baker-Finch 3. Paul Lawrie 2. Bill Rogers 1. Mark Brooks Here is a great site. http://www.rottina.com/golf/majors/
  10. Have to agree. It seems like it is never his fault for his troubles. Reminds me a lot of my kids when they were 7. Can't wait for the Open in 2007 at Carnoustie. Absolutely 3 of the best finishing holes anywhere and I hope he finds the rough on all 3.
  11. Hey Pete, Where at in Scotland are you from? Brett
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    I worked at a golf course also. Cleaning carts as they came in, shagging balls on the range, cleaning the locker rooms. There are a lot of things to do at a course that even people who need money won't do. I also worked at an Orange Julius. Fast food joints are not fun to work at. I'd rather be outside. BTW, while I was shagging balls, I would go through 100 bottles of beer on the wall about 5 times. Time went by quicker.
  13. Black Sabbath Floyd Van Halen (David Lee Roth) Black Oak Arkansas Eagles My son keeps me up with more current stuff. Can't quite get into the Rap but I do like the Metal Rap like Linkin Park. Top 5 current music would include Metallica Disturbed Nickelback 3 Doors Down Green Day
  14. Hey Flap, I'm in Atlantic City from 7/25 - 8/3 and over the weekend - 30/31 - I am looking for something to do. I could easily drive up to Long Island if you could get a time on the Black. Would love it. Let me know if you are interested. Brett
  15. This is a tough one Erik. I think the most controversies through the years have been created by equipment. I don't know if I could come up with 5 but I would have to say the Haskell ball is one, the center shafted Schenectady putter would be another and more recently the illegal driver controversy - illegal C.O.R. or not. Can't think of many controversies that relate to the rules - maybe the stymie. There was the situation with Stadler when he used the towel to create a stance, also the rock being moved for Tiger raised some stink. Jesper's clothes are always controversial. I'll add some more later if I can think of some. Brett
  16. Believe it or not, even though I live at 5000 ft., my longest drive that I can remember was actually at the Old Course. It was on #4 and there was not much wind but man did it bounce. When I hit it, it felt good but then I saw it hit and it shot up in the air and kept running. It was playing about 420 and I had an 80 yard shot left. Out here in Denver I'm usually hitting it around 280-290 but can get it out to 310 with a little effort.
  17. I wouldn't worry about cleaning them unless you can't read the writing. It just adds to the time you have into them and sometimes it won't increase the value. Just trying to help you keep it simple. Brett
  18. If you want to post a list of clubs that you have or send me an email, I'd be happy to tell you if they have any value. I've been a collector for a while. Just give me as much info that is stamped on the clubs as you can. The balls are going to be tough. There is obviously value in them, it is just a matter of whether it is worth your time. Good used Pro V1's will sell for about $2 on Ebay, but you have the hassle of sorting through them, listing them then shipping them. By the time you are done, you'll have hours invested and only make $20. There may be some older balls from the 40's that have value, but not enough to spend the time on it. The balls that have real value would be autographed or would be from the late 19th century or early 20th. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. Brett rckymtnglfr@yahoo.com
  19. The other one that might be considered would be the Mac Tommy Armour Ironmaster. That is actually what Palmer started with to design his putter.
  20. Even though Nicklaus changed a couple of times in his career, the George Low Sportsman Wizard 600 is what he used for most of the major victories. It is also one of the hardest and most valueable modern putters to collect. Obviously the Calamity Jane is one of the most rare as there were only 5 or so made originally. My list for importance to the game of golf would go as follows: 5. Ping Anser 4. Designed by Palmer/8802/8813 3. Schenectady 2. Geo Low Wizard 600 1. Calamity Jane
  21. Low 9 -4 Low 18 -3 Lowest -5 My low 9 actually happened when I was 14. It was kind of like the Caddyshack scene where the Reverend was making everything(no thunderstorms though).
  22. Have to agree with the other posts. Once you get below 100 or even 90, then a playing lesson might be appropriate. What you will typically get out of the playing lesson will be course management i.e. when not to hit driver, playing safe to the green, things you can't see on the range. Practice, practice and practice some more. It can get tiring but that is the only way to improve.
  23. Hey Erik, Just thought I would let you know that you live in one of the most beautiful areas of the world. I've been through Cruden Bay a couple of times and it is absolutely wonderful as are the people who live there. You are very lucky! As for membership, I have mixed feelings. I enjoy the variety of courses we have but would also like the freedom to go out at 8 PM and play 3 or 4 holes. Most of the private clubs are minimum 20K and 250/mo. There are some semi-privates that go for around 3K/yr. If my family played golf, I might look into the club thing, but since it is only me, I'll probably just stay on the publics.
  24. Having the sun set behind the mountains is just gorgeous. Very serene. I'm not much of a morning person anyway. Not saying that I won't go in the morning. I'm not crazy! Golf is golf no matter what the time of day. I just feel more relaxed in the evening.
  25. Came up with a +3. Forged +8 Foreign coin +5 Fewer than 6 +5 Cell phone -10 Non white tees -5 I still deserve dork status because I always wanted one of those cool headcovers and suction cups!
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