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  1. You are right I have never driven a racecar and my opinion is based just on observation, but I do not see how that makes me an extreme hypocrite. I was also just talking about NASCAR. I just don't see an athletic movement involved, I see it as more of a skill.
  2. Yes, they are athletes. They might not all be fantastic athletes, but they are athletes. If you are out of shape it doesn't mean you aren't athletic. However, NASCAR drivers I will not consider athletes. Driving is not an athletic move, sitting in an uncomfortable seat in high temps for a couple hours, is not an athletic move.
  3. I think it would really depend on the atmoshpere of the match. If both teams are there to socialize and not be competitve I don't think it matters. If everyone was breaking rules or not taking the match seriously, no harm. If this was the only group that was acting like that then it would be a problem and I would be quite upset that they are breaking rules.
  4. I played the South Course after my senior year of high school, which is now 8 years ago. I think they were doing some kind of work on the North course at the time because I also wanted to play it, but couldn't. I thought it was a nice course, nothing really special about it. It was neat to watch the hang gliders like greenmonstah said. There is some really beautiful holes as far a scenery goes. I will also have fun next year telling every one that I played that course when the Open is on. I still have the score card, shot an 84 with back to back doubles coming in. That left a sour taste.
  5. 2003 GMC envoy. Works well for throwing the clubs in the back and also hauling around my bass guitar rig. It was also my first vehicle with four wheel drive, what a god-send. I could not take getting stuck in the snow with my two wheel drive truck anymore. Why do they make two-wheel drive trucks available to people who live were there is ice and snow? And why did god make me stupid enough to buy a truck with two-wheel drive when I live were there is ice and snow? Anyway, love the envoy and am looking at updating to a new model soon.
  6. Jeff Gordon....Oh wait, never mind, you said athlete...(Just kidding(kind of)) Well after much thought it would have to be Tiger Lets examine Football Player.....I really am a wimp, I don't want to be somebody who gets hit all day. Baseball Player....162 games. 1 day off a month. No Thanks. Basketball Player....I would love to be able to dunk on a hoop higher than 7ft. However, it sure seems like they have to run up and down a lot. I am not huge fan of running, unless someone is chasing me. Hockey Player....I love hockey, but no one would see me when I am on VS. Golfer.....Perfect. Play in what ever tournament I want, when I want, and play a game I love. Who better to be than the best...Tiger.
  7. I think Tomlin will do a great job. It seemed like a lot of the Vikes players really liked playing for him. It is a little crazy how fast he became a head coach though. Just two years ago he was a defensive secondary coach. Any way If you would all wear these nice purple sun glasses, have some of my Purple Kool-Aid, and forget everything you know about football you would all see how clear it is that the Vikings will win the Superbowl.
  8. For me it depends. If I want to over dramatize to other people how bad I putted I will count the ones on the fringe, I will also lie and tell them I had more three putts then I really did . I found the key is to blame your bad round on one thing, that way you feel like if you had done that one thing better you could have beaten Tiger. If I putted well or just don't have a reason to complain about my putting then I don't count em'.
  9. The one rule I would change would still be grounding a club in a hazard. However, I like the one about fixing spike marks. I realize it doesn't happen a lot, but new spikes worn by the wrong individual can cause some damage around the cup. I have come across it before and have knocked the grass back down and not thought twice about it. As mentioned, the fairway divot is another one I might consider if I was able to change a rule.
  10. How about being allowed to ground your club in the bunker or hazard. I would love to be able to line up a bunker shot with my club resting on the sand. It seems to me that as long as the ball is not effected by grounding the club no harm would be done. I am unaware of the intetion of this rule but it sure would be nice to take some practice swings in the bunkers to get a feel for the sand.
  11. I just did this the other day. I got some new irons and never had a chance to take them out on the course because we were headed down to our lake. I brought about 20 bad balls and proceeded to hit them in the lake (very well I may add). I hope it doesn't cause any damage to the wild life, never put much thought into possibly hurting anything.
  12. How about the old ping two color balls. I found an old one in my bucket of balls and played it in a round with my buddies for some chuckles. However, I had a really good round so I said I was going to get some on ebay. I thought I could get some pretty cheap since they are so old. Boy was I off, come to find that certain colored balls were going for $100+. Others were still relativly cheap but I wasn't going to spend $3-5 for a 10 year old ball. Any how, they are really cool balls and look neat when you hit them.
  13. dwsell

    Bad Breaks

    This happened at our state section tournament back in my high school days. Kid hits par 4 in 2 has aboout a 25 foot birdie putt coming up. Lines up his put, gets over his ball and lets it go, traveling along fine when....Yup you guessed it, it hits a dog leg. Not a golf course dog leg, but an actual dog leg. I did't see this happen, but my teammate was in the group with the kid. I guess the dog that was sitting near the green and happened to get up and run in front of the ball while the kid was putting. They were not sure what the rule was so he played it where it ended up and wound up with a 3 putt.
  14. Never had it happen to me, but I am pretty sure I would have cried if it had. Well I guess if anything it gives you an excuse to buy new stuff
  15. dwsell

    Hockey Fans

    I am glad you had fun at the Sioux game. Englestad arena is an impressive building. The Sioux is about all Grand Forks has, so we are quite rabid about our college hockey. It would be nice to see Winnipeg get a team again, I had some fun going to Jets games when I was younger. It was a shame that the Jets & Nords left Canada.
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