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  1. We'll be picking it up on Tuesday. Skipped 2007 so, this will be a nice upgrade.
  2. A 33!! well, on a par 3 course. A tough one ( lots of water, hills ) and I was teaching my 5 and 8 year old boys and my wife at the same time. The family that golfs together....
  3. Well, took the family to a par 3 today. Didn't try the no backswing on the shorter holes, but on 2 longer holes ( 7 iron, 5 iron ) I did it and the ball went dead straight. Also, I felt very confident after using it on practice swings. Just seemed to get that position pre-loaded in my head.
  4. I had an instructor use this as a drill last year. Very hard to get used to. I'm going to try it on the range again, if it EVER stops raining here in Wisconsin.
  5. Most events I have played in ( business events = lot of people that don't play much ) end up having the winners -8 to -11.
  6. I would second the recommendation for Bear's Best. Although when I played 18 months ago, there was some distracting home construction going on and a few "under construction" area in between holes. Fantastic layout though.
  7. I've been trying to use my 3I hybrid. It goes 200 yards, but I have a case of the pulls with that club. If I get it straightened out, I think its the perfect club for those shots.
  8. Yep, I bought mine last year. Got a good price on ebay. I really like the putter and think it does a great job of getting the ball rolling ( instead of bouncing ) quickly. My only dislike is that I can't pick my ball up from the green with it (due to the shape ).
  9. I bought my gap wedge to fill a specific distance. I hit my PW about 125 and my SW about 85. The gap wedge is my 100 yard club.
  10. Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I'm definitely counting it !! Someone asked about the course. Its Missing Links in Mequon, WI. As far as Par 3's go, its challenging. Way back when, it was designed as a Jack Nicklaus "Cayman Ball" Course. Those were the funky balls with the dimples that stuck out to make the ball travel 1/2 as far, so you could hit full clubs on a short course. It has since been converted to an above average par 3. http://www.missinglinksmequon.com/ About Us An interesting fact is that Missing Links was designed in cahoots with Jack Nicklaus.* It is probab
  11. So after about 18 years of golf, I finally got my first hole in one, maybe... I took my 8 year old son out to a nice par 3 course here in Milwaukee. On the 4th hole, I knocked one in. 140 yd hole, uphill, so nothing easy. A friend of mine was giving me grief that this "doesn't count" since it wasn't on a full size course during a standard round. Any thoughts?
  12. 4. PW, 50, 55, 60. ok, 5. The foot wedge too !!
  13. I'm not a huge Sergio fan either, but I think any quotes from Sunday night have to be taken in context. I don't think I'd be thinking rationally after just giving away a major.
  14. Sales management for a large mult-national manufacturing company. Luckily this means golf outings and "sales meetings" with customers on the course.
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