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  1. Tim S

    WTB: Ping G25 irons

    Looking for Ping G25 irons, black dot, graphite shafts (reg preferred, stiff ok)
  2. Ebay has millions of buyers--that's what you pay for. IMO it is worth the fee. TST has dozens, at best. Craigslist is good if your stuff is good, but again a limited audience. Retailers like Second Swing, Quickshipgolf, 3Balls, GlobalGolf (same inventory as 3Balls) and the Callaway Preowned shop are all excellent places to buy. Look for their listings on eBay, since they often ask for Best Offers, where their website prices are firm. Today, you have to be a savvy buyer on eBay. Know exactly what you want and what it looks like, right down to the manufacturer's logo and colors.That is why online retailers like those above are best, because they are authorized dealers and get their inventory mostly from the manufacturers themselves. When you sell on eBay, you have to know the rules, your rights, be honest and professional at all times. Take excellent photos (no fuzzy ones) from all angles. Create the ad that you would want to see. Mark up all your prices by 20% then let the buyer talk you down (no need to even at Best Offer to your listing, since all messages give buyers and opportunity to send you an offer). Also, as others have said, package your sold items well. The USPS is your enemy. Know their insurance policy, as well. NOTE: Be careful about talking about your eBay business or any other commercial enterprise of yours on these boards. They are very strict about no soliciting or even mentioning of your business.
  3. Tim S

    Golfer Elbow

    1. See a doctor for an exam and permission to try remedies above and here. I am a golfer, not a doctor, but I have experience with wrist and elbow pain. 2. Take at least a two-week break from golf. Follow RICE...Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. 3. I use the Flexbar Excerciser by Thera-Band. Highly recommended by studies and doctors. See videos online. Some wrist and elbow injuries require strengthening the larger muscles supporting the weak and injured tendons and muscles. After one month of doing a Flexbar routine daily, I am much improved. I'd say 85% stronger. Good luck!
  4. Tim S

    WTT -- Ping Eye 2 BeCu irons for AP2 Irons

    Brilliant. Thank you. BTW, since we're talking cash now, if you'd just like to go ahead and message me an offer on the Pings, please do. My thinking was that I'd get more out of them with a trade for a set of 714s someone hates, but carpe diem, eh? Also, I need to point out the ding in the wedge. It's nothing on the face, but near the edge on the sole. Please see the three attached photos. Thanks.
  5. Tim S

    WTT -- Ping Eye 2 BeCu irons for AP2 Irons

    Thank you for cleaning up this listing. I appreciate your suggestion, but I have tendonitis in both wrists and the graphite and reg flex are a huge relief. And being retired there's no cash for reshafting, which is why I'm hoping to find that needle-in-a-haystack trade. I have some beat up 710 AP2s, which are fine for now, but I have my eyes on the 714s. Long shot, probably. I also have a Method 001 putter I could toss into the deal.
  6. Looking to trade my prized set of 4-SW Ping Eye 2 BeCu irons. Seeking AP2 714 irons. Will consider 712 if great condition. Note: must be graphite shafts, regular flex. PING EYE2 BeCu 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, SW -- 4-PW serial numbers match, verified by Ping as manufactured 12/3/1985. SW added to set. -- 4-PW Blue Dot (1 degree upright), standard length. SW Blue Dot (1 degree upright) +1/4". -- 4-PW: KT-M Steel Shafts. SW: Ping Microtaper -- Right-handed -- 4-9, SW Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips in good condition, PW Karma grip (twin of Golf Pride) in good condition. Note: I removed the dark patina (oxidation) to show the full condition of the clubheads. The patina will return over time. Of course, more info and photos on request. Thanks.
  7. Tim S

    How old are your irons?

    I like the MX 23s. Nice heavy sole and good look. I sold my set of MP-53s a few weeks ago and regretted it so much I bought another set tonight. They speak to me, where other sets just sit there. What can I say. I'm a golf nut.
  8. Tim S

    How old are your irons?

    I agree, bud. I was talking about the Burners he mentioned. Still prefer Mizzy or AP2s.
  9. Tim S

    How old are your irons?

    Not a fan of TM irons. They look like billboards on the highway to Vegas. I hear they perform well, though, but I can't get around their look. Thanks.
  10. Tim S

    How old are your irons?

    I rotate a few sets, one of them being my 1985 Ping Eye2 BeCu irons. Below is a photo. My feeling, though, is that I need a newer more modern set. Plus, I'm a senior who needs regular shafts, graphite preferable. If any of you have trades you'd like to offer, I'm willing to listen. Need forged, love AP2s, Miz MPs
  11. Absolutely. Thanks. I destroyed the putter. It's just bad for the integrity of the golf industry.
  12. Tim S

    Irons for new senior

    I am 68. For the past 18 months I've been on a journey to find my perfect set. I also have wrist tendonitis, which only hurts if I make a flippy swing. I tested clubs against each other---AP1 and AP2 and other newer irons against various older clubs going back to the 1980s. I tested for accuracy, distance, dispersion, and ease of swing and controllability. All informal tests involved my swing and likes/dislikes. I'm 6'3" and hit a driver an average of 250. The irons I eventually settled on are 2002 Ben Hogan Apex Edge forged irons (which look VERY similar to the AP2s and various Mizuno irons, like the MP-53s, and are just as sweet and forgiving). I have Hogan Apex graphite regular shafts at 75 grams and midsize Lamkin Classic grips to help with my tendonitis. The shafts hit the ball high with spin. All my testing was done outdoors (range and course) by myself with no club fitter or sales environment. I am not convinced that today's "advanced" irons hold any benefit for a man my age over the vintage irons I chose. I almost went with the Ping Eye 2 or 2+--which came in 2nd in my testing--but I wanted forged irons. The Maltby Playability Factor (MPF) put these Hogan irons at Conventional, along with the AP2 irons. So they are not GI irons, although that is how the Hogans were marketed back in the day. The Ping Eye 2 irons are ranked Super Game Improvement.
  13. Thank you. You are quite right about the color. The putter cost me $10, luckily.
  14. It's a fake. If you really study it, the bumpers are wrong. The neck is too long. The color fills are sloppy. And the clincher is that the insert screw heads are the wrong type and they are fake (plus, there is no insert, just a white line on the face). See below.
  15. LOL, you jump to conclusions, brother. I game a Ping Pal 4 BeCu putter myself and a set of Hogan 2002 Apex Edge forged irons that kick AP2's ass. This Scotty I bought along with 10 others from an old collector in DC as an investment. This Newport 2.5 is the last one I have left, and I won't put it up for sale if it is a fake and I've been trying for a while to lock down its origin. So I don't give a crap about Scotty putters, to tell the truth. I am a marketing professional, so I don't fall for hype. I just need to know if this is a fake and I can destroy it...or not. If I can't get some learned opinions here, I think I'll just scrap the putter. I 80% think it is a fake. I understand that. I feel the same way about its look. Thanks.

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