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  1. FOR SALE: PING I25 5-PW These are blue dot (.5* upright from standard). Really no difference to black dots. Upgraded to KBS Tour 90 stiff shafts. Always kept with iron covers so they are in excellent condition, no bag chatter or nicks. I have had these less than a year. I am asking $425. Can send pics if needed.
  2. Fulmer got lazy! Don't get me wrong, I never said anything bad against the Team. Saban is a helluva coach. I think Kiffen is a disease though........ It's the Fans that make almost everyone hate Bama. Ever listen to Phyllis and all the other Gumps on The Paul Finebaum show? That's the way most act around here.
  3. Tennessee Vol fan here. I hate both Bama and OSU (with OSU being the lesser of 2 evils....LOL). I was pulling and cheering for OSU to pull the win off. I even went to Facebook to rub it in their face. Lo and Behold none were found. LOL! Bama fans are so obnoxious and arrogant. The majority of Bama fans around here in TN are bandwagon fans! These are the ones who jumped ship from UT when they were on their downward spiral. Most can't name 3 coaches between Bear Bryant and Nick Saban. ESPN and many sports analyst kept talking about how strong the SEC West is this year and how weak the SEC Ea
  4. You're exactly right, they have dominated the ranked teams they played. They crushed Maryland, Clemson and Miami. This is my opinion, I think if you put teams like Missouri, Stanford and I'll even throw in a resurrected USC team into the ACC, that they could run the table as well. And would win by a large margin as well.I think Clemson was a little over rated just as Miami was. Clemson only glory this year was beating Georgia by 3, other than that, they played a played a pretty soft schedule, and got exposed by a great FSU team. If any team goes into an offensive battle with Bama
  5. I thought UT would win 7 also. With the way our defense has played the last few games, we'll be lucky to beat Vandy! I believe in Butch Jones, I think he has UT headed in the right direction! We have a total of 30 "verbal" commits with a few more in the works. If Auburn could find a passing game in the next few weeks, they'll have a legitimate shot at beating Bama. I am still not sold on FSU yet. Don't get me wrong Jameison is a great QB, but not sure if they could compete with Bama. Not to take anything from Clemson, but FSU made them look silly and Miami just flopped agains
  6. If I am a 5-star recruit and have a chance of going to any school in the country, I would choose a SEC school. Why? Regardless if we like it or not, we all know that the SEC gets the most attention.Stats speak for themselves, the SEC has been the best conference over the last +/- 10 years. As far as a SEC Network, it's about time they got theirs. Golfindad, I think in the end we are somewhat on the same page. If I had to cherry pick any opponent (right now) to play Bama I would choose: 1. Auburn 2. Stanford 3. Florida St. 4. Baylor 5. Oregon 6. Mizzou 7.
  7. I agree and disagree with this. Since they are ranked in the top 4 that it gives them a shot at playing with Bama. Do you honestly think FSU, Baylor or OSU would beat Bama? I don't think so. If that's the case, why don't we throw Northern Illinois and UCF into the mix? I do however agree with you about Stanford, I think Stanford is the only team (outside of the SEC) that can/maybe give them a run for their money. But I still think Bama wins. I'm just being realistic (remember Notre Dame)! Like I said I'm not a Bama fan. They are the team to beat. Even though they haven't played yet, I think Au
  8. That's a pretty biased opinion considering you failed to mention: All of the teams you've listed have/or will play at least 4 ranked teams. Tennessee has had one of the toughest schedules ever. They played 7 ranked teams, 5 of which were in the Top 10, the others in Top 20. Kentucky has also played a similar schedule. Oregon- played 3 ranked teams FSU- played 3 ranked teams Baylor- will play 3 ranked teams Ohio St- only 2 ranked teams Stanford- You can make a strong argument about them , even though they have lost 1 game they have still played 5 ranked teams,
  9. You are exactly right! There are 1 and 2 loss teams in the SEC that could could beat just about anyone out there. As much as I hate to say this (being a Tennessee Vol fan) there is not team outside of the SEC that could beat Bama right now. The only team I see being able to compete with Bama right now is Auburn, but I still don't see Auburn winning. Slover, This has been a tough 5 years for us Vols fans! I do believe that Butch Jones will bring us back to the top of the SEC. It may be a year or so away but we'll get there. Lame and Fooley has put the University 5 steps back to where
  10. Too Funny! No lessons needed for that kid. He is a 4hdcp and shot a 73 on his 3rd week back from his 5 year hiatus??!!!!! LOL!
  11. We all had to start somewhere. I was once new at the game, and at times here recently still play like I just started playing the game. LOL! Do you have a normal group or people you play with yet?
  12. Cool! Nice to meet ya! Haven't been play too much golf since my swing is out of whack. I may go play a quick 9 at Smyrna GC during the week after work. Where you normally play?
  13. Try the 712 AP1's! When I bought new irons last year, I tried all the irons which included the G20's, i20's, R11's, JPX, RAZR,......etc. The 712 AP1's won out, but the i20's were a close 2nd. I highly recommend them. Very Long and very forgiving. Take a look at the new G25's, they are a really nice iron as well.
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